Friday, October 23, 2009

HEY PEOPLE!!! put ur hands in the air! haha! i'm finally back after... dont know how many weeks!I couldnt enter facebook or even my blog in China O.O dont know whats wrong.
Without signing in facebook a day already made me feel so outdated so imagine 3 weeks of not signing in, it's just like I've lost contact with the world. haha. serious 1 lor xD u know that i was living in my own world in China for the 2 weeks, ermm very paiseh to say I didnt get to wish eevon and yeejin and kevin and kenny on their birthdays! hehehe! it may sound like an excuse but it's not k! haha! happy belated birthday to you guys! :)

I have so many things to update and I dont know where to start! hemm. let me just tell you guys what i'm currently doing and will update about my China trip when i'm free :) A lot of interesting things happened when I was over there.

oh! fyi, I've entered Nottingham! that means I have chosen pharmacy!! hehe! why did I suddenly change my mind? argh. I dont know how to answer this question also! maybe I want to spend more time feeding my kids milk at home in the future gua. One thing I regret is entering the uni 3 weeks later! I have SO SO SO SO x10000000 MUCH to catch up!! give me 2 months also not enough. So i'm very the super stress now just like I'm taking my A levels exam. Studying everyday. a big thanku to ah bai kahmen for helping me so much! hehe! and dickson for er showing me around the uni? xD choosing nottingham means I get a chance to go UK too! rujin! happy leh!! hehe! I'm still so not used to using my brain cells everyday. I've been like a sampah masyarakat for a few months, now I have to start studying again :( when I dont study, I miss books. Now i'm studying again, I miss my sleeping time. haha. This is life i guess xD

Another thing is I couldnt find a place to stay yet so I have been travelling everyday. argh. 1 hour distance from my house. Luckily the high ways are always clear so I can speed like an angel. Close eyes to drive also no problem! My driving license has been expired for almost 1 month already! shhh! hehe! ok larrr time to sleep!

eh wait! it's 12am already so it's my baby's birthday!! haha!
lucky lor u i wish u on the day itself unlike them! belated birthday! hahaha!
time to picnic picnic picnic!! :)

(so big + got colour! so this consider as ur birthday gift ah! hahaha)


so this is ningxin! a hot hot chick!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i'm here to help kah ern to update her blog. she is very disappointed that she couldnt on facebook and her blog in china.
here are some pics of Gucci after shaving. Please dont hate her after seeing her pics.


In the process of shaving:


P.s. she is missing somebody ...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kah ern is currently away to China for a few weeks. So she wont be updating. haha.
She said be patient and will spam this blog with a lot of posts :) miss her!!