Friday, February 26, 2010

oh my blog is sooo dead!
I'm sooooooo exhausted. and I really mean it!
Have been attending orientation everyday for the first week. every morning, wakes up around 6am and reach home around 12++am! o.o
I havent been seeing my brother for 5 days already! haha.
didnt have a chance to rest properly since I came back from Taiwan.

orientation was fun.. I guess. lol. but very dirty! there's still 1 more week of orientation to go. Seniors kept telling us to enjoy to the fullest during these 2 weeks because after that, we will start stressing about studies o.o so scary.

Now I know how much IMU seniors love their juniors.
see what have they done to us.

my whole body especially my hair was covered with margerine+ink+ i dont know what ingredient they added into a bucket !! STINKS TO THE MAX!!!! o.o


if u think that's bad, try to take a look of my back view!!
AHHHHH!! damn geli lor! i have to walk around in this condition!
everybody was like staring and keeping a distance from me. only members from my group kena so badly cause we were the last group to arrive at the station and so they tried to poured everything on us! =(((


it's like I have fallen into a shit pool right? lol.
guess how many times did I wash my stupid hair?!?

during the wet ice breakers on tuesday night, was covered with flour+egg+margerine+sos.
I washed twice. too sleepy dy lazy to wash.

this time... 7 times!! but my hair still smells like SHIT!! =(
my hair is not even my hair now. Get what I mean? means like when I touch my hair, I couldnt feel anything! LOL! but hair dont have any touch receptors also right? =D

we also did things like passing eggs with legs and put it into ur friend's mouth! lol.

my friend, Cho Ven.
Our faces and hands were drawn with inks too.
Face very important leh! I cleaned mine immediately after that station. Have to use face to earn a living samo! haha! jk! :p

This is Jarita! a very cute and nice girl.

we were the only 2 gals that kena from them. Others said skin sensitive then got away already! =( I'm so stupid! I said I have back problems and they said there's nothing to do with hair! lol!


Faster went to Yvonne's (which is another friend I've known in my orientation group) house to clean up before leaving! SOOO sad la. I have sun burns too!! yer!! so dark again! my whole body so red now! YER YER YER! bu shuang dy! i so hard everyday apply whitening cream and SKII!! now all effort wasted!! =(

a pic of yj, me and evoney. didnt get to celebrate cny with them this year =(

really need to get some rest man. headache headache. head is spinning around like marry go round. wondering shud I go to this sunday's orientation?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

hi people! i'm still alive! hehe! I wana share some pics but there are tooooooooooo many! just randomly pick some with animals la! cow and horse and penguin! =)




I'm so pissed la! i wana check my ielts results but the system keep down down down!! T.T ARGH!! anyways, I will be back on sunday!! everybody happy? hehe! and I seriously miss the SUN!! so damn cold and rain non-stop!! i have to use a hair dryer to dry my shoes all the time!!

sitting at watson to wait for my leg to dry! hehe! i got hong kong leg dy people!! woohoo!! xD


a pic of my dad, went to buy a hair dryer and straight away dry it at the train station!! haha! cool huh? :p


bye people! =)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Greetings from Taiwan! =)
The weather here is damn cold!!
I miss Malaysia's weather!!
Malaysia BOLEH!! oleh oleh oleh!!

wonder hows new year in pahang now? =)

oh and Happy Valentine's Day! Muax to all my babies!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sneak peak of the video!! haha!
nolar! actually I uploaded till 3++am in the morning but keep failing =.=
dont know why.
so I just cut it!! and this is the first few seconds only! haha! it's actually a 4 mins video!
i'm running out of time dy!! byebye people!!
yer a bit lazy to go taiwan lor. I hate to sit aeroplane!! hehe!
okok have a safe journey to me!

Just about to sleep and suddenly...
winnie ting ling ing sent me this video!!
damn touching la =((
just watched for 1 second and it already made me cried like nobody's business! haha!
yerr!! y u all kept making me cry la! xD
but I really appreciate it ah WINNIE!!
winnie just slept for 4 hours last night just to make this video for me!!! =))))
where to find such a sweetie pie like her? haha!
wait your birthday! i sure play piano and guitar for u k!

YER!!i must upload this video before i fly to taiwan!
if not i whole night wont sleep!! i go drink coffee first! hehe!

fyi, i'm flying to taiwan tommorrow afternoon! everybody must miss me kay!
don't think i'm able to access facebook over there =(
so sad! without facebook, i'll feel so outdated!

ok la! I must stop crying and recover to the LAME ME!! hehe!
today when I went to the petrol station with my elder and younger sis, I was sitting in the car while both of them were outside of the car.
Then this 38 worker so hiao come and talk to my two sisS.
he asked them " kamu dua sisters kah?"
then my sisters nodded.
and then stared at me and said "itu mother kamu ar?"

WALAOEH!! got so old a not! o.o =.= """""""
I can tell that he needs a specs.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My last two days in Nottingham =)

wow. I finally put a title for my blog post. haha. So this is basically how I spent my last 2 days with my Nottingham peeps! =)

Other than FUN!! I have no other words to describe how much FUN we had eventho there were times they made me cried so badly. haha.

After lab, went to suyi's room to wait until 6.30pm for my farewell dinner =)
suyi started bringing out all her shirts! haha! see! xD

so we tried on some blablabla.


I found this shirt which I kinda like it and it doesnt suit suyi well, so begging for her to sell to me! hehe! nice a not?! worth rm20 la hor?

so hungry while waiting for my farewell dinner! Didnt know that it was tat night so I borrowed suyi's shirt!


focus on my combination of shoes and slippers and winnie's height (jk!! haha!) and please ignore my triple chin! aikssss!

The people that went!

wow shukuan's eyes so big huh? saw shushi? hehe!

romantic kan? lol. in the end we kissed!

notty suyi putting yucky things in my soup!

forcing her to DRINK IT!! xD


Suddenly,winnie ting asked everybody to be quiet. Thought she wanted to make important announcements, who knows..

Each of them started saying how they felt about me and that made me cried!!

Was too touched la. hehe. and suyi kept saying " don't go don't go!" walaooo cannot stand la. tears just flowed out like fountain. haha.

I've already expected that I'll cry la.

They actually recorded everything down, about what everyone thinks about me =)
aiya. most of them also praising me 1 lar! haha! make me shuang dao.... :p

Afer all the crying, winnie started the fight again! haha! this girl dont love PEACE one lar! LOL!


After dinner, we went back to uni and played, sang, danced, blast music with jazline's car, played guitar and everything crazy you can think of!

Polite pharmacies! xD

Meteor rain!!
hahahaha. fake eh? nottingham meteor rain is like that 1! :p

suyi with heels also cannot reach my lips :p


syok sendiri! haha! actually she's just playing a G chord! xD

After that, so random that they asked me to stay overnight and soooo jazline drove us back to my house at ampang, grabbed some shirts and back to semenyih again! haha! free hor us?

chit-chat,eat,drink until 2+++!

siew nee thinking of dickson!

The next day, everybody was like walking zombies!
lack of sleep!

suyi putting in all her effort to open her EYES to the maximum!! got difference than usual a not? haha!

my turn

melissa and chang soong.

another melissa!

shukuan and michelle.

sadnya. last lecture.


and I got a lot of kisses from them before I left.





okay. this is superb. lips to lips from sophia!! haha!
another lips to lips from winnie! her first kiss I guess?

guess whats this?

a hand made card from them to me!!


and another sweet letter specially from shukuan!

It was really a very memorable day for me! tears kinda rolling down again while reading the card and letter! but don't worry! those are tears of joy =)
happy that they really appreciate my presence!

I'm not gonna cry anymore cause I know I still will be back!! ok frensy!! wait for me ya! =)
and in case... my ielts couldnt get band 7!! make sure you all finish all my reports OK as you all promised!! LOL!
if I really go back again. diulian man! haha! take care girls! no one will ever replace all of you in my heart! muaxxx! we've really been kissing a lot these days! LOL! thanks for the pics phia! :p