Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy wesak day!! =)
today is a public holiday!! woohoo people! and i'm fully utilising this holiday by nerding (i hope cuz my neighbour drilling is holes! very noisy!! i'm going crazy!!) at home! =(

so envy my nottingham friends. they're enjoying their 3 months sem break!!!!!
it's not 3 days. not 3 weeks. and it's 3 MONTHS!!! if pregnant the baby also 3 months already!

I've passed the shitty summon to my beloved papa already! hope he'll settle everything for me! hehe! thanks to all the wan dai full people that cared for me and even offered to pay the summon for me! haha!

how nice friends I have right? *wink*

i am you better upgrade the stupid carpark PROPERLY!!! i wan a very high class car park with shades, aircond, even roads and everything NICE!!!!!!!!!!

was having lunch with my dad today and I was complaining how bad is my triple chin =(
I insisted to eat a little bit rice only to reduce my face fats but my dad said I have triple chin is because I studied too much! o.o

cause when you study right, of cuz ur head will be tilted down to face your book. so the gravity kept pulling my chin so TADAA! double chin produced.

study longer.. triple chin is born! serious meh?? o.o *smacks forehead*
so he asked me to tilt my head up whenever i'm free.

he said this law apply to the way you sleep too. you have to sleep with ur face facing the ceilings so that gravity will pull ur skin evenly and less wrinkles produced.

if you sleep sideways, then will have a lot of wrinkles. haha. so cute right my papa? =)

I kinda like this pic but my sis said ugly wor cause my eyes wrinkles very obvious.

Dont like penis!! and testis!! (or a polite way, male reproductive system). there are so many things inside them to memorize!

I really wonder why dental students need to study reproductive and urinatory system!
When we asked our batch rep this ques, he said ..
"cause some people in other countries wee wee in other people's mouth"


yvonne answered : "so baby will come out from mouth also lar?"


I think this is how I get all my wrinkles. I have the habit of pulling my own face. aiks.
oh and my 2 sexy moles beside my eyes. I have friends that have been facing me for 4 years! and they dont even know those moles existed! haha. my moles are so cool that they can become invisible when they want.
and they kept reproducing baby moles beside them x.x
hope they are not cancerous.

so tell me people, am i pweeeeety? lol!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WARNING : this will be a long and rubbish and just to spill everything out post!!

TODAY!!!!!! or maybe this week! is a VERY SHITTY WEEEEEEEEEK! arghhhhhh!!!
ok. the story goes like this.
i am very the piss right now right now in this very second! ARGH!

my wonderful uni ( I dowan to type i am you lar if not people google it then link to my blog not so good right? ) hehe! i still can be sooo thoughtful when i'm so angry!!

ok. my uni. is. a bit. tutttt. i can say.
they closed the parking due to some upgrading work or whatever! I DONT CARE!!!!!
and didnt they think of where should the students park?!?!
and their own basement carpark needs to pay like max rm9 and they expect us to pay everyday ar?!?!?!

ok. fine. and so most of the students parked by the roadside for these few days. luckily the first 2 days of my classes ended early. the summon people (not so good to say the name also, I scared kena sue. hehe) usually come around 12++pm to give out summons to cars that parked illegally by the road side.

Most of the us in uni dont really care and so I followed the trend and stayed calm and steady. I even told my friends KENA KENA LARR!! wahh like so yeng right! LOLLLL.

12.30pm. I received a call from my friend and said the police men are in action right now so it's better if I go take a look at my car.

I very steady de mar! so I went to the bookshop to buy a highlighter first. slowly think whether I should go to check out my car. I even called my friend to ask is it necessary. and I was thinking maybe my uni should be responsible of all these and they might inform police not to give i am you students summon. naive lar me.
walauehhhhhh. what was I thinking at that moment. I have no idea!!!!

When I was reaching my car. OOOO. MMMMMMMM. GGGGGGGGGGG.
The police man was just copying my car plate number! ARGHHHHHHHH!
can u imagine that?!?! seeing the police man giving u summon just right in front of my not so big and not so small eyes!!!!

I faster ran to him and begged him to cancel it cause I will move my car immediately.
and then. something striked me. and I started crying. lolllllll
very the embarrassing I know.Who cries in front of the police when they get summon! xD

few minutes back I was just saying give mah give summon la!! and the next second I am crying. haha. Maybe I cried due to stress + this beautiful sore eyes + the antihistamine the doctor gave me made me drowsy for the whole day. it made me frust enough. haih.

me : boleh tak cancel summon. we tak ada place park baru park sini. pls pls! (bm very rusty ard)
police : sry la. sudah key in computer. kalau kamu wave to us tadi. then saya takkan give summon.


me : berapa perlu bayar summon?
police : tengok summon la.
me : kawan saya cakap tak perlu bayar (i was totally out of my mind!!!!!)
police : o.o kalau pergi within 14 hari ada 50% discount.
me : boleh discount lagi?? tak ada duit.
police : tak boleh la mui! (i hate ppl calling me mui) tapi pergi wat head quarters ada discount lagi (I guess. I was busy crying )

I kept explaining to the police that the very smart uni closed the car park thats why we are forced to park by the roadside (which I dont think is blocking anybody's way) but he said he cant do anything. aiks.

while talking to the police, one of my friend drove his car passed us, stopped and waved to me!!!!!!!!!!!! @.@ he was very lucky that he moved his car in time!!

then the very yeng me just pulled out the summon from my windshield and walked back to uni!!!!!!! (sambil cry lar. hehehehe)

the police man drove his motor beside me and kept looking at me like so helpless only. haih. actually I know he wants to help but he already key in to the dont know what machine he was holding so suan le ba.

I cried so hard that my eyes were so swollen, I didnt dare to go back to class =( luckily yvonne came to the toilet to escort me back! haha! thanks =) it means a lot!

it was a very bad experience. I seriously dont know why I've cried. Maybe this is the first time I kena summon and I dont know how to handle it by myself. Maybe if I didnt see the policeman copying my carplate number and find it out later then I would feel better.

Now I feel like part of my heart is gone! lol. that serious. If I didnt buy the highlighter, if I have longer legs and walk faster, if I didnt hesitate so long. I will be the one driving my car away and waving to the police =(

my dad just naggedddddddddddddddd and nagged. argh.
When I was crying, I rubbed my left sore eyes and then rubbed the right one unconsciously with the same hand x.x
I hope the right one didnt get infected.
I had a bad day. this is the first time I cried in front of my uni friends =(
and it's also the first time I pointed middle finger in front of my uni friends. lol lol lol.
usually i'm not like that 1 ok frensy!! i was too... gek dong u see?
i always remind myself I am a gentle and polite girl. I am a gentle and polite girl. x1000

I am going to take lrt to uni tomorrow!! HEMPH!!!

saddddddd. eyes are hurting again. can anybody cheer me up? =(

Monday, May 24, 2010

People always say that I am VERY PARANOID!
and so.. I accepted the fact that my eyes are fine!

BUT TODAY!! when i woke up! it was even worse!!
I just got back from the clinic.


SORE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now I am going to be sleeping alone, shitting alone, sitting in lecture alone, studying alone, crying alone, laughing alone etc etc etc =(((

cause SORE EYESSSSSS are very contagious!! and the doctor said it's airborne? o.o yeameh. who sleep with me will get it also. die liao lar my husband. haha.
the doctor even gave me 2 days of MCCCC!! asked me not to go to uni!
but I AM A NERD!! nobody can stop me from going to IMU IMU IMU!!!

i think my friends will be keeping a distance from me =(
but i wont blame them! i am a very understanding person.

just like KENNY LIN!! (thanks for accompanying me to the clinic :p)
when i told him it was really sore eyes! he immediately walked away and dont even dare to look into my eyes!! haha! lousy friend!! xDDD

but i guess i will doing the same too if i'm him! hehe!

yer very very very very x10000 sad! haih! sore eyes sore eyes!! make me cant study!! =(

just a reminder.
run when u see me. or else i will touch my eyeballs and then touch yours! haha!

byebyebyebyebye! i bet my sis wont be letting me to touch her laptop anymore! byebye internet world! and facebook! =(

somebody bet with me that my eyes comfirm not SORE EYES worrr. if not i'll get a LV bag! haha!
LV BAG LV BAG LV BAG LV BAG! yeah yeah yeah! muax muax muax!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


bad headache.

no appetite.

muscle cramp.

sleep and sleep but still sleepy.

these are the symptoms I had yesterday.

and this morning when i accidentaly woke up extraordinary early, I have this uneasy sensation. I immediately run to the mirror and see...


I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @.@

lol. from the mirror can see whether i'm pregnant meh? lol lol. my tummy is always bulging.

it was my left eye. OMG!! it was so watery red + pus kinda thingy flowing out and super disgusting and very very red and i was like SHIT SHIT SHIT!!


seriously I dont mind having fever flu cough or whatever. just dont give me SORE EYES!!
super phobia already. I had it once when I was in formmmm 2? wow! i have to lock myself in a room facing 4 walls for 2 weeks! couldnt go to school and have to wear my specs + a sun glassas on top of it! all my family members were so scared that they got infected. it was a really terrible experience.

I was sooo paranoid!! I woke my elder sis up. den younger sis. den father. lol. then showed my maid! everybody was tsk tst tsk shaking their heads, asking me to drink more water and stay away from them! =.=

I was soooooooooo sad. I started smsing my friends! haha! telling them this shity news.

I was praying and mumbling to myself and blablabla telling my eyes that I promise I wont be wearing contacts lenses for 1 week if my eye heals IMMEDIATELY! xD

and... M-I-R-A-C-L-E!!

was mourning until 7am++! the redness subsided it wasnt sore eyes after all! hehehehe!

scaring myself! lol. paranoid me! hehe! but my left eye is still kinda bit bit red right now =(
so I really have to keep my promise and dont wear for 1 week? yerrrrrrrrrrr. haha.
everytime i wear specs to Uni and they'll ask why I look so sleepy. actually I already opened my eyes to the max already lorrrr!

ok enuf of my dramatic story! hehe!
went to Delicious with yi wei, steph, evoney, andrew and dickson for dinner yesterday! =)


at first we planned to go Naili's place which is just behind ampang point. I heard from people that the food not bad? but when we reached, sat there for like 15 minutes flipping through the menu. omggggggg! like dessert! SUPER hot! so we just walked off like that. haha. embarrassing but dont careeee.



the carbonara in Delicious not bad!! =)
LOVEEE carbonara! muax muax!!
oh and if any of you are wondering where is the Pizza Uno I mentioned in my previous previous post. google it or GPS larrr! haha! yer so action.
no laaa. it's near 1Utama. From 1U, go straight, turn left and tadaa! you'll see a kinda lauya shopping centre. hehehe. Centre Point.

the always camera shy dickson jiajia eat a little bit in front of the camera :p
2 spaghetti?

steph's new cute hair style.

nice pic leh! hehe! but andrew not cooperating!! no team spirit.
but the pic would be perfect if the camera man knows how to ZOOOOM :p

fav pic! =)

the galsss muax

steph showing her armpits! ewwww. lol

me showing 1 only.

my cheek very meaty like meat balls


eat ballls!

lick ballssss...

this Delicious is actually situated in a very high class residence. I forgot whats the name of the residence.

super nice and high class lorrrrrrr =( like hotel!

and the residence opposite it!! OMGGG! got their own swimming pool for each unit oh!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! so nice!! shuang shuang then take off everything just jump in your own pool! =( I want I want!

and we saw I dont know how many sports car over there. so common just like how you see protons cars on the road =.=

came to my house for girly girly chit chat session.


sexy yi wei!

shake shake your eyes with uVision!! This is actually a birthday present from us to our papa! but I think we used it more often than him. hehe.

It was a great night that even made me smile while sleeping!! =)

I realised most of my posts are all kinda longggggg hor? is it a bit too draggy? but u all like to read?? dont like den i dowan to update already la!! hahahaha. to update a post, I usually spent like 2 hours oh =( my sweat and blood and saliva and finger muscles moving.

studyyy moooodd! come back to mamaaa =(

I wana join my nottingham frens for karaoke session tonight!!!! =( but I dont know where is cheras selatan and it seems to be a very very far far away place! =( so sad!!!!! HOW?!

falling in love with guys that love ants lol

Monday, May 17, 2010

A special post dedicated to you BABE! xD

small little yvonne was admitted to the hospital yesterday due to viral fever =(
poor baby.

Went to visit her with uni friends this afternoon and I've done a good deed.
Fed her my milk! lol.

I'm sure you'll recover soon after drinking my super MILK! =)
not everybody has the opportunity to taste it! :p

reading our handmade get well soon card!


dont worry babe! you still look as pretty as ever to us eventho u're without your concealer and contacts lens! hehe!


Rest well & get well soon!!!
it hurts to see so many needles poking u!
the lecture hall is soooo quiet without u!
faster come back to MAMA k! haha! MUAX!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to the kindest person in the world!

I finally went back to Nottingham last Sunday!
I havent been going back since I left. Driving through the familiar roads that I used to passby every morning reminds me of all the sweet memories I had. Eventhough it takes almost 1 hour to reach Nottingham, but it was my lovely bunch of friends that made me so eager to reach uni everyday! =)

ehhh. why am I going into an emo mood? LOL!

okay. back to the story.
We decided to give Jill a surprise on the day of her birthday! =)
Jazline jiajia went to her room to borrow some notes first and then..

we sang happy birthday song and popped right in front of her with a birthday cake! =)

Look at her priceless expression! Tears were rolling in her eyes! hehe!

The Nottingham birthday tradition which is using ur mouth to pull out the candle!

and Winnie will always be there to decorate your face with cream! xD


The presents Jill received from her fansssssssss xD

The is COOL!

I have a video of Jill crying and giving out her thankyou speech. hehe.
but she doesnt allow me to upload it so I'll just roughly tell the contents.

Jill said she was really happy to see me again cause she has been missing me day and night.
aww so sweet right.
she was sad that she purposely transferred from IMU to Nottingham just for me and now I shifted from Nottingham to IMU! lol. (fyi, she did Pharmacy in IMU for 1 sem)


ok lar. dont think anybody will buy that. hehe. that's just crap to release my stress.
I am very stress especially thinking that I have 5 more freaking years to go!!! =(

but I really have a video of her crying and stuff :p
get it from me if you want.

group pic. loves. Jill is really nice. Look at the amount of presents she received and you'll know. Nice people receive many presents during their birthday! haha.

Let me recall how many did I get last year?
erm. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. I'm an average person.

Jill is just like everybody's MOM! =) I'm not trying to say that she's old, but she'll always shower you with love and care and give you very useful advises when you're in need. Thanks for being such a nice friend! call me anytime if you miss my kiss :p

Went for Mother's day dinner with winnie, suyi, kahmen and shu kuan after that. We went to 2 chinese restaurants but all of them were full of people with their mothers o.o

it's ok cause..
we found a rm5 note in 1 of the restaurant! hehe! I INSISTED!! to send the rm5 note back to Semenyih police station but winnie and the rest didnt agree
so we used it to pay for our dinner! hahaha

a pic taken without su yi noticing. she wasnt happy and wanted to take another one.

the one before better la hor? haha! JKJKJKJK!! xD

My blur-est friend with her new innocent fringe! so cute! lol


shu kuan pursing her sexy lips to drink liang cha! hehe!
she's gonna be so pissed if she sees this :p


This is the rm5 that we found! I got it back from the change after the dinner!
I personally find it kinda creepy to keep things that we found o.o
it's like.... there's something... something unknown living inside!
can you see the Agung inside moving and smiling to youuuuuuu ?

It was already very late and the sky was very dark while I drove back alone.
the rm5 with the smiling Agung was scaring the hell out of me! I wanted to quickly get rid of it and so I used it to pay for the toll eventho I have a Touch-and-go! hehe!

Friends Forever! MUAXX! you girls made my day & mother's day!

so sorry that I couldnt go for the dimsum with you girls =(
so near yet so far cause I have class! argh.

yer. so sad about yesterday's Thomas Cup! Maybe if Lee CW didnt wear his watch and gold necklace, he can run faster? ehe.

HOHOHO! I'm currently with striking light blue braces =)
i miss you oh =/ how?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

My MOMMY is finally BACK!!! =)
she'll always come back with a new shocking hairstyle!

and this time..
it's GUCCI's hairstyle! lol.


her permed long hair just looks like Gucci's hair.

big hair blocking sis's face.

My mom is also a very FASHION & IN mom!
she wears this big shinny full with diamonds specs everywhere she goes.
and it's without the lens =.=

spot her.....MOLE!! hahaha.
omg she's gonna kill me.
she wears a watch everytime just to cover her mole. faster read this before she forces me to delete!! hehe!

My mom even wears coloured contact lens!

busy mom that does 3 things at a time.
eat pear, do facial mask and soak legs inside hot water.

sometimes 4 things together which includes digging nose! haha.

nahhh... she's just adjusting her mask lar.
the 3rd day when I woke up, she left already. so saddddd.

I finally watch the oh so famous IP MAN 2!!
wow bravo bravo!! a MUSt watch movie!
i so felt like standing up to clap!
and I was so into the movie, I couldnt stop cursing and scolding the TWISTER guy that box Ip Man!

even the personnnnnnnn bside me kept telling me to control my emotions and this is just a movie! haha!

ESPECIALLY you know! when the timer guy rang the belll already, which means TIMES UP!! TWISTER still punch IP MAN! and..
aiya. ok lar. I better not elaborate too much if not those that havent watch will know the story. hehe.

chicken chop! yer how come I look so weird in this pic? o.o

and I finally found my favourite carbonara!! Pizza Uno!

CARBONARA!!! maybe my lauya camera phone couldnt potray how delicious is this. haha.
looks a bit disgusting in this pic.

but it tasted so SUPERB! go try go try!

the BRA BRA that searched high and low with me for this Pizza Uno xD

HAPPY M OTHER'S DAY my beloved mommy! =)

pretty lehhh! if not where I got my lovely genes from. hehehehehe!
my mom is a super blur mom. She just lost her 2184937187468314 camera. AGAIN.
in the car after supper...

mom : I want to tell you all something ahhh..
4 of us : What WHAT what WHAT! faster tell.
mom : nothing la nothing la *giggling*

back home..
4 of us continue asking! " ma tell la!!! TELL US LA!! MA DE!! TELL LA!!"
(my MA DE means MO-THER ahhhh :p )

after 15 minutes, we gave up.

elder sis : eh ma, your eyebrow very nice hor.
mom : err..I lost my camera again.


it's ok la mommy! use your money and buy again lo. hehe.

My mom is a SUPER MOM! =)
loving you always!!