Saturday, July 2, 2011

These are the awesome stuffs that I've mentioned in the previous post!

We are asked to do anything that we like that will make us a better dentist. And so we chose clay making! :) wheeeee

cute muchie right? this is sesame street.
meet er i dunowhatshisname but iknowthegreenmonsterlivesinthedustbin, cookie monster with his cookie and elmo! :D

Big bird and ERNIE too! :D ernie is me! hehe!
btw, can u believe bra has always thought that big bird is a GIRAFFEEEEEE?!?!?! LOL!

I made this too!! teddy bear! took me about 2 hours to complete this.

cute butterfly behind it :)

not forgetting the so popular Angry Birds! super cute right. hehe.
Do you know how much they sell each birdy at the market?

Rm18 !! hehe! one angry bird worth rm18! O.O so exp!

and the last one which was also the hardest one and really tested my patience.
Mini cooper! :3

Guess which one is mine! of cuz is the nicest one riteeee :p

Deng Deng! It may look ugly in this angle but NOOOO its super cute when u see it in real life. haha. Super duper hard to do okayyyyy. took me 2 hours+.

I'm gonna stick it on this photo frame and give it to Bra on his birthday as a surprise! hehehe! dont tell him.
I think this cooper worth rm100+. cause its too hard to make it.

I used to the excess of the clay to make a carrot and sth that look like bomberman I guess?
I'm so creative! hoho.


When I showed Bra, his first response was " U really did it all by urself?"
aww what a compliment :p
My dad said "very nice very nice" too :p

My eyes was really gonna pop out at the end of the day! i'm so freaking serious because my eyes have to be looking at the same thing for hours. we started doing at 12+pm and ended at 7.30pm. continously.

Have no idea whether I can cope to see patients teeth for such a long period in the future anot :/

this is Jon. our class practical genius.


Lastly, group pic :)
The lovely girl beside me is Nikko. She taught and provided us the clay. She's a full time clay maker and she sells her products online!

If you are interested, you can go to to take a look! :)
Of courseeeeee if you wana learn, you need to payyyyyy. hehe. and the fees is not cheap. rm160 for one whole session.

OMG my stupid bro very stupid i was stretching my body and my hands were in front my face and he hit me and my hand hit my face and my teeth went into my lips and i terbite and its bleeding so badly now and im sucking the blood like nobody's business just like Edward suck Bella's blood and the bloody taste is all over my mouth and I wana slap him!!

The end.

A random pic taken during one of our random outing! :)