Saturday, January 31, 2009

hemm..for me, i think this new year has been slightly more boring than the previous year.
actually chinese new years are getting less exciting for me eventhough we're getting more ang paus cuz more cousins are getting married. heee hee.
but we used to entertain the adults by dancing singing when we were small. sadly, kids nowadays are so engrossed in their online games. sigh. i think in the next few years those months old baby cousins can even play counter strike d. lol.

this year, i've noticed a huge decline in new year titbits stock! wat happened?! ah ma?! where u hide all the food!?!?! xD

the only thing i like about this year is playing with babies!!

ignore the hole. haha. i've just extracted my teeth thats y :P

zheng duan. he's sooooo kyoottt! After he went back, I still can c him around me. lol.

behind the scene....
actually it's hard to take a picture with babies. They just can't stop moving!!

you see. action! don't wana look at the camera.

I was trying to make her sit still. my arm pit & her belly xD

Trying to catch 2 babies at a time. lol. failed.

have to tam them some more. take pic la take pic la ......

last night i suggested watching the wedding game with my family.
the last time i watched a movie with my mom was like......10 yrs ago? haha! i'm serious okay.
i'm always fond of singapore movies cause they are so funny! especially money not enough 2!
so i was expecting alot of funny scenes!
the movie so so BORING!
not nice really.
dont watch.
no need buy pirated dvd also.

Do we look alike? haha. Oooooooze gonna save us?

Font size

Thursday, January 29, 2009

THE EYE!!! O.o

the normal one.

the fa hiao one!haha!

the cute one! kakakakakaka!=P

the egypt queen!

the most yong sui one! haha! slap her when u c her kay! :P
i miss triang. i miss my cousins.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Q1: How was your first day of CNY?
evoney: Eat, sleep, watch tv. hmm. not so meriah.
kahern: *scratch butt* bully not so cute cousins : D
ejin: WHY MY EYES STILL RED WAN T____T lols. it was ok :D

Q2: What do you like best about CNY?
evoney: Family gatherings and chit chats : )
kahern: See ejin and yeevonne lah. hahahahahaa
ejin: Relatives and home cook food : )

Q3: What is your favourite dish or snack?
evoney: Packet drinks. ( she's so lame hahaha bcos she's not answering the question)
kahern: ''Mao mao chong''(sea cucumber), prawn crackers.
ejin: ALOT leh ! Best dish i had today was the soup with can abalones and pig intestines.

Q4: What do you wish to say to your grandparents but you didn't?
evoney: *sneeze* xing ku ni le.
kahern: I already said everything. I love them.
ejin: Thank you .____.

Q5: Tell me about your favourite CNY clothes.
evoney: Today's outfit :D
kahern: The very thin white coconut tree patterned dress that makes me sexy. ( in the picture i'm wearing : p)
ejin: high-waisted skirt!

TTFN, baaaaaaahhh

Friday, January 23, 2009

ok i've abandoned my blog for a few weeks. lol

but nothing really happened. actually... something did. haha. but...those who see my everyday will know =P

ah so tired my eyes are burning. lately, i've not been wearing contacts anymore. I find it very troublesome having to wear it every morning. I can use the time to sleep instead. but i wana be a hot chick for some reason right now. but my college friends said i look weird in my contacts haha so..aiya duno la.

I realised guys spend a lot more time on their hair than girls. haha. Every morning it just takes around 20 minutes for me to get everything ready. but andrew says the whole process of waking up to getting into the car only takes him 15 minutes. haha.
I've just got my AS and MUET results. so the thing that i've been worrying and thinking about for the last year has finally come to fruition. SHOULD I DROP PHYSICS?!haha! frustration to the max. but then again, frustration and stress has already become synonymous with my name hasn't it? heheh.
very frust la i still have to take IELTS! y must we take so many exams to study overseas? the syllabus is getting harder. I'm getting more and more stressed up. My eye bags are getting bigger but my hair isn't growing. =.= i'm eating lesser and lesser. sigh.... oh man. i am so random. haha! xD


p.s didnt know that half of my 4th new year resolution came true so fast =/
isit better to be with a person u love or a person who loves u?
i wonder whether you can get what i'm thinking .....


Thursday, January 1, 2009

I didnt really go anywhere to celebrate new year!
just stayed at home, watched tv, heard some fire crackers, ran out to see, but was disappointed by a dark sky =(

time flies.

i'm 19 years old this year.

a few years later i'm getting married! hahaha!

i duno wat to write.

but i dowan to go back to college =(

i'm lazy to study! hehe! ok! byebye!

i have brace for my back and braces for my teeth right now.
i am so brave.
i am bulletproof!

but it hurts like crazy!
i felt like bailing the 2nd day i got my braces on.

but i kept wondering.
so many ppl can go through this!
why can't I?
so i guess i'll have to stick to this for the next 2 yrs ? =(

know what time i slept yesterday?
6++am! All because of a small cruel bla bla bla mosquito!!
buzzing around my ears like static on a radio that cannot be turned off.

so i stuck a pair of earphones into my beautiful ears.
what good did it do?
the only thing it did was make my ears uncomfortable. so much for a good night's sleep x.x

i slapped myself and my braces hurt like mad.
no i was not going crazy.
i was tryna kill a mosquito sucking the blood out of my face.