Saturday, August 29, 2009

Went back to hometown for 3 days 2 nights. Cycle, chitchat, yamcha, bring gucci to make new friends blablabla.. ahhh days spent in hometown with cousins are always the best :)

i edit to make it blur ard ah cousins, dont scold me xD haha

Some pics of singing k session with sisters and ejin on last thursday.
Go to lauyat redbox the next time you guys wana sing k. We sang from 2++pm to 7pm! weee~ haha! cause I think there were too many empty rooms so nobody ask us to leave! hohoho

they never tell me they were planning to squat. lol

Monday, August 24, 2009

Yesterday, I said I want a doggie and today..................

I BOUGHT A TOY POODLE!! wakakakakaka! yor, but i paid 1k okay!!

she is just soooooo adorable!!


see!! so cute in her cheongsam and ribbon :p

my sis said when you look into her eyes, she looks like khaiwen!! hahaha!


looks like a toy bear!

forgot to tell you guys that her name is...
GUCCI!! nice a not?! haha! high class owner must have high class puppy name marr keke!
was thinking of naming her PRADA but if GUCCI, we can call her AH CI AH CI, so GUCCI was the chosen one!
just hope that I wont get bored and stop playing with her after few days! haha!
welcome to our familyyyy GUCCI :)

oh 1 more thing. sorry to andrew and dicky for ffking last minute cause i wanted to spend time with my GUCCI xD hahaha
she's licking my foot right now :p

Sunday, August 23, 2009

wah i'm so bored these days doing nothing so I have really nothing to update but I still want to update hehe.
after soooo many months, why do I only have 4buckssssssssss for my nuffnang?!??!
anybody knows about HTML thingy?! help me pls oh pls!
I need money to go shopping! :p

For the mean time, just for the mean time, I've finally decided to do dentistry. haha. I dont know when will I change my mind again but theres really not much time left for me to decide.
Didnt know that dentistry need to see corpse too. so i played this very the lame game but very the gross to make me get used to it! haha!

poor little turkey. plucking the feathers. Dig out the organs. Cut the neck. Stuff the turkey. AHH so lame la i know. because i'm just too free. pls oh pls my friends, ask me out! come on come on! I know some of you are having holidays!! haha! The aim of this game is to tell us how cruel is to kill and cook a turkey. So stop eating turkeys and eat chicken!! :) haha any difference? O.o reminds me of andrew's swan hosue turkey! F.Y.I, his family kills one turkey to eat every christmas. tsk tsk :p

I know how you are feeling, all alone with hatred and the pain in ur heart. the feeling of being emotionally tortured. Like being dragged slowly across a bed of razor blades, pain so bad you'd take death with a smile just to get away from it. You've done so much for me and I really want to tell you I appreciate every single bit of it. I'm sorry things did not work out. But i just want you to bear in mind that i appreciate all the things u've done for me, the extra miles you've went just to make me happy. and i hope you will find one who deserves u more, who will give u happiness and joy instead of sadness and loneliness =)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Went back to TAR college today for photography session. I love every single part of TAR College. The trees are tall, the grass are green, the monkeys are active, the canteen food are cheap, the mud are muddy and brown enough EXCEPT the stuuuuupid guards!!
I wonder why guards always have the "slap me plss" look.
I tried to go in for the first time and that 8 po guard asked me to U turn out!
Then the second time i tried wif biiiiangsheng and told the stupid guard that he just wanted to drop me down but she said "turun sini la"!!! seriously a true 8 po!!
anyway, thx bssss for helping me to find a parking =) should have given you discount, pay lesser hor :p

The photography session wasnt the same as the previous year. This year we get to paste our own passport picture on a card and write some blablabla tq tarc etc etc and paste it on a board. The only thing i was waiting for the whole morning was refreshment!!! haha!
i was super thirsty!! just look at the pic below!! the sun so the very the BIG!! and hot!!


AHH! If you are observant enough, I was wearing the same shirt that I wore to Full House. heheheee. CANNOT MEH!! got reason one ok!! hehe! I woke up late so I simply grab something nice to wear, no time ban leng leng la :( I choose clothes need 1 hour lehhh :p

The college informed us to reach at 10am and i reached at 10++. I thought I was very late but who knows I was the first to enter the DK! >.<

Miss Choong. My chemistry lecturer in pink.

Why alex's leg open so big 1?! O.O

The path that we passed by everyday after class....
AHHH!! i miss those time.. muax muax muax!!
wished u came la kerxiny

Then, I rushed to my dentist to get some working experience? not really working experience la i just went and stood there like the statue of liberty. but the dentist was kind enough to explain every single thing that he was doing to me. I finally saw how root canal therapy was like. It was also funny and interesting to look at different patients especially from the top view. Some of them have nose hair sticking out of their nose hahahaha another girl hugged her doll and cried when the dentist extracted her tooth and me laughing at the corner keke!

Forgot to mention one thing. The dentist was very the handsummmm nehh xD When i was bored of staring at the patient's teeth, I'll look at the dentist, wondering why he has such short hair but still look so handsummm nehh :p

Tiring but at least I have an idea of what dentist does everyday.

ok gotta go yamcha with cousins nehh :)
aiyor! lazy to go work laaaaaa tomorrow! :(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I can't put the thoughts that are lurking in the back of my mind into words.
A sharp jolt of unease pierced through my heart when I found out about it.
Many people say that guys and girls can't be best friends?
Hmmm...Is that realy true?
but i have a couple of very good guy friends.
i guess. hehe.
and isit true that it's hard to be friends with your ex again?
The world is not how it used to be.
So are you.
Why oh why isit raining all the time?
It makes me so moody like icecream melted in a cup
or a pair of red shoes lost in the middle of the road.
i'm starving.

red shoe

Monday, August 17, 2009

Yesterday was a super exhausted day cause i've went to 5 different places in 1 day!!
Ningxin baby had a new hairstyle so she inspired me to get a new look too so...
I did this!


Dont be surprise! I kinda like my new look as I always wanted to curl my hair. cause I cant wait for it to get long so.....

aiyo my first time using Flickr and this picture is so BIG
NICE RIGHT?!? just like one of those crazy woman from tanjung rambutan. who cares how other people look at you? just be yourself =)

First, i went to The Gardens.
playing with the mirror outside Coach.



Then, purposely walked to Mid Valley to visit dicky who was working there!! haha! see i so good!
his hair looks like Sunway Pyramid....

so i decided to go to Sunwat Pyramid! haha!

but before that, I went to the New Zealand fair at Subang Sheraton Hotel.
Went in and walked few minutes only. felt so guilty cause the purpose of going out that day was going to the edu fair but not shopping!
Mr.Khoo even texted me and said he saw me! Just talked to him in the phone the other day. Miss him so much!

Accompany khaiweny to get a birthday present for his new girl in Sunway Pyramid xD


Next, sister decided to go to NZX. A very difficult place to find I must say.
It was very empty inside so we went to the only crowded place which was Full House.






my sister with her new look too. haha. She saw mine and fell in love with it so we have the same hairstyle xD
nahhhh.. lazy to create stories already la.

we stole the hair from her.

She looks so innocent without her hair.

siao poS

who on earth will cut this kind of ugly fringe!! haha

Something funny happened when we were walking down the stairs.
My elder sister actually slipped down the stairs and she shouted "WOOOOOOO!" and OMG you guys should see her pose!! DAMN UGLY! haha! imagine a girl with her legs open very widely and her body slanting 75 degrees backward and OMG the waitress was laughing also.

we got too crazy and we opened the toilet door when my sister was inside


The last place i went was Asia Cafe! hehe! my very first time being there!! haha! yalah yalah subang people sure think that i'm so kampung haha but i've heard about AC AC so many times but never been there.

a very happy day!! =)
its very nice to have many many sibilings to accompany you especially when you're still single but not available xD
my brother's turn to fall sick
H1n1 go away, come again another day.
happy 19th birthday kerhuei! =)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ahh i have nothing to update these days. just some outing pics with friends.
but basically my blog is always flooded with pictures compared to words. hehe.
Monday, met up with ningxin baby and yeejin at old town.

an indian baby jumping on the sofa next to us.

ning xin's new hairstyle!! haha! she havent upload a pic of her new hairstyle in her blog so i'm the first to show the world xD
From the pic below, we can see that my sister and ningxin are impatient people because they did not stay still after the "chick chak" sound. hehe
focus on her hair and ignore my fatty arms. She looks younger with this hairstyle right? =)s

The next day, ningxin suddenly called and said she misses me! haha! so we went out again xD went to cowboy in cheras.
Lately, I'm very fond of sports car. I want a nissan fair lady =(

ningxin baby with her bathrobe. Seriously looks like a bathrobe right? :p

girlfriends are always the best

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally!! met up with my college besties after sooooo many months? fuiyoh! If you guys have never been to look out point in the afternoon,I can tell you it is darn hot!! lol. If you're a "skillful" driver like me who dares not drive up the hill, that will be even worse xD

because of the almost 60 degree slope, I decided not to drive up so kerxin, eevon and me climbed up the hill with weiern and family on top looking at us! when we reached the top, we were hot like BBQ hot dogs and sweating like mad cow! super duper hot! haha! however, it was farni which i dont know why :p

but I think we can take better pictures during day time.

just look at the sun!! so bright and big and round and hot and yellow and a little bit orange+red with no clouds.

I think this is the first time i took a picture with miss weiernyyy! wanting to take a picture of her in college is like reaching for the moon xD

i'm starting to miss 3 of you already :( I dont know why eevon want to go indo and leave us behind! haha! when you come back we open a clinic together k! :) wish you all the best!!
At night, ningxin cutie baby decided to come over to my house and chitchat. We've been discussing about boys as usual hehe and fartings in front of your boyfriend haha and many many other stuffs that made us laugh like mad dog this time =)
so tell me people, if you really happen to fart in front of your bf, what will you do?
A. say "excuse me!"
B. stare at him with big round eyes and ask "farting is a sin meh?! why look at me!"
C. blame the people around you.
D. take many many deep breath to reduce the smell hahaha which is my favourite hobby xD

I like her curls!

but her hand is super small compared to mine! haha

so cute like a hot dog wrapped with bread.

2 hot dogs and 2 breads hehe

polka dots

then princess ejin came around 10+ with a big smile on her face! I guess she was too happy to see me =)
It's just so nice to talk to girl friends. They left at 12+ and it actually took ningxin and ejin 10 to 15 minutes to get out of my house thanks to the new lock my dad added. lol.

hope everything is fine ningxin! feel free to find me anytime kay! i'm as free as a birdy....."chip chip chip" lol
btw, can flamingo fly? I think i saw them flying outside the zoo just now. but they can fly merr? o.O