Sunday, July 25, 2010

Went to Astro Singing Competition last night at bukit jalil.
I love the settings of the stage =)
very colourful.

However, we sat kinda far from the stage so only saw little ants jumping up and down during the whole night xD


People that went with me.

Alvin Gan xD

The fans.

Yoga. Powerful voice but I find him kinda weird. lol.

The ants.

Mamak session after that.

Finally met up with college peeps again after 6 months =D

This time with Claire/Mary and Kai Ying =)
One went to Stpm and another flew to Indo halfway through A-levels.

Gave wei ern a small little tiny surprise for her birthday! =D

oh oh! i forgot to mention that my friday was a bad bad bad friday!
I was supposed to meet rujin, yimay and others for lunch in MV at 12pm.
I left house at 12pm :p
and I wanted to act smart so I used a way that I havent tried before to MV.
it was lunch time and was very jam. that's ok I thought. at least I am near already.
12.30pm I finally reached the Istana area! which I know is very near to MV! but somehow I just dont know which turning is to MV. I kept going straight straight straight and the next second I realised I was heading to Kuantan =.=""""""""

twist and turn and turn and twist. 1 hour later. I'm back to ampang again!! ARGH!!
so I be a good girl, used the usual cheras way to MV this time.

To make things worse, I was stucked at the parking!! no parking at all!!! ahh stupid stupid parking! i kept going round and round like marry go round! I almost burst into tears! after another hour, i FINALLY got a parking. SIGHHHHHHHHH!! sometimes, I just hate Fridays! So I dont agree with
T.G.I Fridays. Thank God It's Fridays?? NOOOO!

On Fridays...
the cinema is always full.
the road is always jam.
the parking rates are always expensive.
I always loss the mood to study.

Watched The Sorcerer's Aprrentice with khaiweny after that so my day wasnt that bad after all. that movie was nice! =) way better than eclipse.

I cant believe that..


I'm so sad. sad. sad. sad. sad. sad. sad. sad. sad. sad.
I'm sure I'll miss those nights that I stayed up late to finish my dramas and wake up in the afternoon.

Go for outings everyday. Watch any movies I like. Do anything I like. omg so sad. my siu lai lai days. everyday at home goyang kaki only.
Sem 2 is a tough sem. We'll be having our major exam. I doubt that I can cope with ths stress =(

Why do people have their 3 months summer break but I dont??
but my sister is finally coming back from Taiwan tomorrow! YIPEE YAYA!!
hope she bought a lot of new clothes for me to show off in uni! LOL

So how did I spent the last day of my holidays?
nothing special. Woke up very late. Had my brunch. Went to damansara with family just to buy supper yummeh bread. Rushed through the korean drama that I have been watching lately. Boys Over Flower.

It's a korean version of F4! I'm kinda outdated cause I heard ppl talking about this drama when I was in college.

I fast foward through the whole drama cause the storyline is almost the same as the taiwan version. Just that the main actor over here is..


I'm starting my class tomorrow and I really have to get over him by today. If not I will be fantasizing everyday. sigh.


if not just HUG ME BABE OH HUG ME!!
my younger sis is also super crazy over him @.@
buy evoney said we cant snatch with her =(
Can I ask my future husband to do plastic surgery and get a face like him?

day dream again.

Few more hours and I'll turn into a nerd again =(

oh ya. congrats to u Kenny for getting I AM U's scholarship =)
it really isnt easy at all to get a scholarship from that kiam siap uni. LOL.
means I'll probably see u around in uni most of the days? ohnoooo. haha.

Monday, July 19, 2010

I know I've posted these pics in fb but everytime I look at them,
it will put a smile on my face =)










This is i-city btw. It's in Klang! Dad was so kind to drive us all the way there, let us took some sampat pics and back to KL again! muax daddy muax!

I dont know. but I find Dragon-i's xiao long bao bao bao so so only =/
see see! I have a new pendant xD

The curry puff in ikea is the bomb man!! BOMB!! hehe! nice and cheap! =D
I like cheap stuffs cuz I am cheap! lol.

Just watched Inception! WOW WOW WOW! @.@
seriously an EXCELLENT movie eventhough I dont know what they were trying to say! hehe!
I kept figuring out whether were they in their dreams? or not?
Therefore, I am reading the movie synopsis right now. lol.
I dont really understand the ending!
Can anybody kindly explain to me? =)

After I stepped out of the cinema, I somehow still feel that.. I am dreaming too? O.O

another excellent thing is the pandan + cincau + soya +milk drink from JOJO pan min!
went all the way to my uni area just now just for JOJO pan min! =D

No matter how happy I am, whenever I'm laughing or smiling, I can still feel that my wisdom tooth is trying to tell me " stop laughing! I'm still hereee!!" =(((

I must get this stupid tooth off my mouth asap!!!!! T.T

Saturday, July 17, 2010

bang bang bang.
I'm hurt.
All my hope just faded like fog in the sunshine.
Now I believe in karma.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

RWAR! this is gonna be my new pencil box! teehee! lol.


say HI to Pucca!


I love to collect cute stuffs! These are all my exS pencil box and purses!
kuma-kuma, elmo and stitch! =)

Maybe because I am cute, thats why?? hahaha.
even Octopus Paul agreed! see! :p


but I have no idea why so many people dont agree :(
somemore say bull shit!! T.Y

I realised my readers are kinda reducing huh?
nvm. i'll still continue to update until the day I....
start uni O.O

you guys gotta check out my new timetable oh man oh man!
EVERYDAY from morning till evening! @.@

super heachache right now.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Yvonne always complain that my blog posts have too many words :p
So let the pictures do the talking this time.




I think her long dress is very ugly but she insisted that it's very nice =.=





I have a dirty and lazy sister.

The end. It was a fruitful day =)

Friday, July 9, 2010

I am so damn sad.
I need to undergo a surgery.
why is it always me?
the doc said 20% of people get this.
he told me this is a process we have to go through.
it is freaking expensive also!
why didnt the insurance cover this?
I wanted to get myself a new handphone and camera =(
guess i can only get it in my dreams now.
I shall meet up with all my friends first :(

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

should I wake up at 2.30am later to watch the match?

everybody in my family are sleeping like pigs now cause they planned to wake up later.
my younger sis even leave her room door wide open so that my elder sis can wake her up later =.=

really so kan joing ar? ehe. I'll try to wake up then.

Today was raining like.. hemm.. how to describe the heavy downpour?
heavy like my fatty brother la! lol.
but actually he's so much slimmer compared to last time.
I'll try to put up his older and current big. Then, you'll realise the power of puberty! =D

Went for dentist appointment today. My dentist shifted to a new place and the place was soooo..
freaking nice! O.O earned so much already T.T


I'm going to do scaling for my teeth tomorrow!
I'm so scared! o.o
This is my first time. I dont want to do it! and it's freaking expensive too =(
but my dentist told me twice that I NEED SCALING!
I think it means my teeth are in a very bad condition and I really need it. haiyo.

I've seen few patients going through scaling and most of them have the same reaction.
You can see their legs like 'chao kan chao kan' abit kept lifting up and down.
it must be painful =(

DSC00281 (1)

After dentist, we wanted to go for karaoke. It has been ages since I last went to sing.
We spent like few hours to decide where to sing.
If we go to ...
Neway - rm5++ for ladies on wednesday but not including tit bits yet. and you know they charge u rm9++ for those small little peanuts.

Greenbox - you will get to eat unlimited snacks!! i love the snacks! and drinks! but only 3 hours.rm10++.

Redbox - rm8++.2 free drinks but no yummy snacks =( and usually we can sing more than 3 hours cuz not many people walk all the way to lowyat to sing.
and another thing that bothered me was...... my friends once told me that the orange+yellow box (I scared they sue me for typing all these craps, so safety first. hehe) there got the tut tut tut u know la.
the cctv thingy.

if you dont know then dont ever find it out.
omg omg dont think about it now.
everybody is sleeping except me and recently I'm having a lot of bruises for no reason and if I ever mention to you guys about me seeing a pharmacy few years back cuz I have this super big mango size bruise on my leg which I dont remember knocking anything. and the pharmacy told me .........

tut tut tut knocked me at night!! and asked me to use what 5 colours flower to bathe!! super OMG man. I was so stunned and faster run home to tell me dad and he said he wana sue the pharmacy for scaring his cute daughter! LOL.

eh a bit our of topic.

at last. we chose.
the tut tut tut. red box! hehe! I dont know why also.

yerrr I just went to cut my fringe yesterday and it turns out to be yer yer yer.
I always tell them. when I put my fringe to the side, I dowan it to be shorter than my eyebrow. They just dont get my message!!

I always wear specs to cut my tut tut fringe. So I'm forced to take my specs out.
then they cut cut cut so happily. I also cant see clearly whats happening.
after wearing my specs back. argh. fringe gone case.

It might look long in this pic. Cuz my sis asked me to faster put my fringe to the side and faster chik chak!!

DSC00296 (1)

I have this kinda creepy camwhore pic which I randomly took it in Redbox.
I didnt realise anything wrong until my sis told me about the girl behinddddddddddddddddddddd X.X

yer. I dont know whether I shud upload it.
I look very sucky in the pic. But I dare not edit it!!
cause I dont even dare to open it!! haha!

omg I'm really scaring myself. I'm having goosebumps now. aikssss!!!



my heart almost fell out ok!!! Nobody can understand how I am feeling right now cause I am alone and I am very scared and if you know me well enuf I am a super paranoid person! if I wake my sis up just to sit beside me and post the pic with me. will she slap me? lol.

I'll go get Gucci first. a dog is better than nothing.

ok. Now. I am. going to post the pic. Then. I'll just publish without double checking.
any grammar or spelling mistake. sorry ya. I'll only correct it again when I see day light.


ha! not this la! :p
it's actually this!!


Sunday, July 4, 2010

yo man! yesterday we had a small little primary gathering at Andrew's mansion before Scott flies back to aussie! =)

we warmed up by playing my fav fav monopoly deal+drinking some alcohol! =D

kevin trying to steal my properties!

the one on the right is Scott Gray! look at his muscles! H-U-M-O-N-G-O-U-S! lol
he's a eurasian and he actually has 3 different passports! O.O so cool

We had KFC for dinner! thankyou andrew for the treat! =)
Played chor dai di ass hole after that.

superman scratching his butt.

the girls.

the guys.


we should meet up more often!
When we meet, we always reminisce about our happy school days.
Eventhough I only spent one year in Lai Meng with them, but it feels like I've known them for decades.
I really appreciate this special friendship =)

tell me what u want.what u want. what u want from me.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

woah. my blog is so dead.
Addicted to monopoly deal and hk dramas these days.
I wana update about Tioman trip but I havent get all the pics.

this is a kinda not as usual trip to an island.
we witnessed a bad incidence when we just arrived.
and this is also the trip where most of my girl friends wore sexy bikini!! lol.
so stay tuned! =)

these are just some of my favourite pics.

damn nice right!!
thats why I want a dslr so badly =(
Took my camera along but there were already 6 dslr! lol.
so no point me taking out my lauya camera and take blur pics.

I want to hug the sun.

luckily I shaved before the trip :p if not you can see dark forest under my armpit in this pic.

I always wish that my wedding will be slightly special. Having it at the beach sounds not bad right =)

but we have to beware of falling coconut all the time. heh.

building sand castle is a must for me whenever I go to the beach.
This is a booby sand castle with nipple on top of it! lolll

My favourite pic! Yi may's and my hand! =)

Was this the limit, then?
I had more happiness than most people ever experienced.
Was there some natural law that demanded equal shares of happiness and misery in the world?
Was my joy overthrowing the balance?