Saturday, February 19, 2011

I've typed this and have been saving it in my drafts least 2 weeks? hehe! very outdated but nvm la!

these pics are in FB already I guess. so I've just picked some er nicer ones?

So this was how I spent my valentine's day :)
with uni friends in genting.

this cupid is a guy!


super man!

I'm so proud of myself!! it was my first time trying this!! WOOHOOOOO! :D

my eyes got very small on the 2nd day due to the cold weather that made my contacts so dryyyy.

we actually saw a lot of couples up there! hugging each other while queueing, this la that la. some even.. busy french kiss playing with each others tongues and forgotten to move forward until the worker there have to keep "EXCUSEEE MEEE" them!!! eewwwwwwwwwwww

okayyy. this is the updated one.
very very very busy 2 weeks of orientation. and it has finally come to an end. happy? sad? i dont know. just trying to occupy myself to keep my mind off some stuff :/

orientation = get yourself DIRTTTYY! :D



will post up pics of finale night when I get the pics! hehe! it was a slumber party so everybody was wearing pajamas! so kyoooot.

Attended biiang's 21st last night. Had lotsa fun meeting with the 38 gangs + soon kie is back from Japan!! and other secondary school mates :)

For me, high school is always the best. ahhh. how I miss those times :(

before biiang's party, I was in uni for the mafan Student Ambassador photo shooting. argh. It was such a pain in the ass. everything was so dragggggy. It supposed to end at 4pm but 5pm things werent settle yet.

In the end I have to drove like mad and even took the high way back cause supposed to meet up with evoney & co. at 5.30pm. and I was involved in a small accident? I dont know whether it's counted as accident anot but i was SUPER DUPER OMG angry with motorists!!!!!

I think that Malaysian motorists are mostly COLOUD BLIND!! they dont know how to see the traffic light colours!!!!!! it was a green light for me and I just drove straight la! Before I reach the junction, 1 stupid motorist flew passed me just at the opposite road. I honked him like crazy and when I was about to reach the junction another colour blind motorist beat the red light and sped just like the motorist I honked. We kinda clashed into each other and luckily I managed to hit to brakes real hard if not I tell you he will fly to Penang dy!! he stopped awhile and look at me den continue speeding. I was like WTH?!?! O.O!!!!

ok. enuf of angry stuff. back to happy things! :)

see what we gave ah biiiang! hehe!

a box filled with chocolates and sweets? hehe!

and a super sexy boxer underneath!
like this pic cause everybody are smiling very happily ! :D

but ah biiang doesnt know how to wear a boxer! haha! he was asking whether he needs to wear a underwear inside and stuff. LOL!

Jersey from his friends. I can see that he was very shocked and happy when he received this. even happier than seeing our boxer :p

See his bu gan yuan face when he take pic with us :p

not forgetting his....sexay handsome brother!! look! he has muscles!! :D
we were eye-ing this guy and when biiang told us thats his brother we didnt believe at all! lol lol lol lol. sry ah! haha.

loving u gals as usual! :)

Happy 21st again biiiiiiiiang! you've always been a great friend to me! :)

These days I have been reaching home not earlier than 12am O.O
super lack of slep ahhhh lalalalala.


我们有着同样的笑容,可惜的是 也有着同样的脾气。
Hope this wont be the last pic of us to appear in my blog :(

Gud nite peeps! :)

ohnooo. dead blooggie.
super hectic life!!! class are always from 8am to 7pm!
@.@ untouched notes are piling up!

I'm already very busy with studies but dont know why so "ke po zi" joined IMU student ambassador. not that I like my uni =.= Just attended some grooming session this morning. sigh. have to go uni even on a Saturday morning.


this grooming session teaches u how to sit, stand, talk, greet in an appropriate way. blablabla.

of course there are pros and cons for being an IMU student ambassador. we always get free stuff that are all in high quality! free tea! free lunch! everything free! but we have to sacrifice 70 hours to work for them in return :(
have to work for education fairrrrrr mannnnn. come visit me? :)

so much to update I'll just talk about 孔明燈 first?

received a sudden call from yvonne the other night. She said they need a place to 放孔明燈. I went out of my house to look for some empty space and said OKAY!

this is chun tean. he is a very gentle man! :)
bad fringe day.


people that popped out from nowhere.

my mom joined us too. lol.

I was so super scared while watching the 孔明燈 rises. the wind kept blowing it to my neighbour's direction and it almost burn their trees!!! O.O I couldnt imagine what would happen it that really happened.


luckily everything went well! :) weeee.

they left at 12am and we had class on 8am the next day. lol
I forgot which day it was. but it seems to be sleepy days everyday for me this sem.
I slept in lecture halls a few times already which it didnt happen before the last 2 sems.

there was one day, I couldnt remember exactly which day it was. erm. I was SUPER DUPER SLEEPY LIKE HAM! so I got yvonne's permission to sleep in her room. Took her keys and off I go. It was the second time I went since she shifted to a new unit.

pressed 14, walked out the lift, turn right and straight headed to the last unit.
I managed to open the gate with her keys then I proceeded to the wooden door.

The key fit prefectly well but I had problem turning it. I just couldnt turn the key right or left. So I thought maybe this door needs some pushing while opening. So I kept pushing and pulling the door. like REAL HARD!

I was super sleepy and I really wana go in and lie on the bed so badly!! first attempt failed so I called yvonne to ask her do I need any special technique to open the door or stuff but she didnt answer :( called 2 other frens but nobody was near yvonne.

So I continue pushing pulling kicking the wooden door, trying to use all my energy to open it.

and SUDDENLY!!!!
a guy opened a door and asked
which means " May I know who are you looking for?!"
from his tone, I can see he was quite mad at me.

then only I peeped inside the house and OMGGGGGGGG. that doesnt look like yvonne's unit at alllllll. Obviously, I have walked to the wrong unit and opened the wrong door. hahaha.

but I asked him,
"eh!! this is not xxx meh?"
man : "no la! it's at the other end!"
me :"but how come I managed to open your gate with my key??"
man :" huh? u can open my gate?"
me :" ya!!!" then I demonstrated to him somemore. haha.

i quickly apologized and ran away like chicken! xDDDDD

so that was HOW SLEEEEEPY I WAS! hoho!
was laughing to myself non-stop after that!!

I didnt have time to wish you guys,

thanks for all the surprises and sry for ditching u on that day! :p


I'll update more about all these again when I have time! I really hope I have!
Next week timetable is a DISASTER!! plus it's orientation week for the coming 2 weeks! :D
kap zai kap lui time! Wondering who will be the lucky one to be my buddy!! hehe!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

ahhh. have been so busy recently.
super lack of sleep.
moral classes are really driving me crazy!! @.@

it's Valentine's day tomorrow!
so how are you peeps gonna celebrate?
I'm gonna go up up up to genting with a bunch of friends since i'm single and semi-available.

happy birthday to Calvin Ong too! :)
I always tell him so not "dai" cause his birthday is just one day before Valentines and he'll only receive one present for 2 occasions! hehe! hope you enjoy ur 21st! :)

will update about what I wana update when I have time to stick my butt infront of the com.


Saturday, February 5, 2011


ELO ELO! hows ur CNY people? :)
mine was expected. quite bad. I guess :(

swollen eyes on cho yat. so very lazy to take pics.
the best less eyebags pic so far from ejin's camera.

hemm. What can I say?
least pics taken this year.
least days stayed in hometown.
least time spent with cousins :(
least snacks, drinks and games.
didnt get to play any fire crackers cause I was feeling sleepy all the time.
cny clothes all simply dig from wardrobe and assume none of my relatives have seen it before.
first time spent new year with both sides of grandparents.
stucked in the jam and took 7hours+ to travel from penang to kl. butt also chao kan!

lastly, cny with an incomplete family :(
thats the part which ruined my whole cny.
bahhh. i dont like rabbit year :(

I hope your cny was more happening than mine :)

gonna go back to uni soon. suckkkkky.
please bear with me. cause I am emo. and I have valid reasons for being emo :( I already try my best to look happy. must be understanding kay?


are there any rules saying no emo emo during cny? cause I feel weird for being emo when everybody is happily celebrating cny. hehe.