Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do you still remember this profile pic of mine in FB? hehe.
I think I posted a sneak peak fewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww months ago and now I'm finally blogging about it!! hehe! you can tell how old are these pics because I was still with braces :P


It was a photoshoot done by my beloved cousin ejinsha. Her project was to take a BREATHTAKING picture. and I was soooooooooo proud that she asked me to help out! LOL.

A Sunday morning, we woke up early and got to the park nearby. There were a lot of ppl jogging and exercising. Most of them were Malays and I actually change behind a very skinny pokok. hahaha.


too bad my face was too round and yongsui. especially the just wake up face with dark circles around my eyes. I'm sure she had a very very hard time choosing a breathtaking pic. hehe!
we tried a lot of different poses. different angles. to get a perfect pic.

and I find this pose the funniest! hahaha. I have no idea what I was doing. I remember ejin asking me to pull my skirt isit? rite jin? it was ur idea hor? LOL.


keep pulling. keep keep pulling xD
haha looks so funneh.

Of course there were some smiling shots too! :) I never look good when I dont smile. hehe.


ejin always has a different or rather special sense of fashion. this makes us argue all the time when we go shopping together haha.but this outfit is nice larrr :p

nehhhh second dress. hehe.

Trying to act like an innocent girl playing with the I dont know whats the name of this long grass. O.O

This picture gave me a "I wana run away to a far far far place" feel ! :)
Looks like I am running towards Shell? xD

SAO GONG! hehe! this is the skinny tree I was talking about xD
In the end, ejin chose the first pic but her lecturer "shakes head" not breathtaking enuf. haha. but we still had fun shooting together and she treated me paparich after that! hehe!

My beloved coussie, ejin sha is really a great great photographer and designer! :) Please look out for her picture when u're reading the newspaper because her picture will pop out anytime! hehe! I'm so proud of you coussie!! :D muax! I'm sure u're gonna be a famous person in your field in the future!

I had a great time with my 2 coussie today! gona blog about it in the next post maybe?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What did I do the whole day today? lol.

Woke up and watched drama stream stream. omg internet super slowwwwwwwwwww. thankyou so much Calvin Ong for giving me the link to stream gossip girl! :D hehehe!

Watched halfway, phone rang and it was ningxin babe. As usual, "sat luin". haha. so we went out for lunch talk talk talk... comfort comfort comfort..I think I've comfort her for 7 hours LOL. we did nothing much but just lay on the bed and talk. I ran out of words to comfort her and so we googled " what to do after you break up".

the info really made sensed. one of them was listing the bad things of your ex. and she really did =.= lol! so if you really have no idea what to do, just google anything. hehe.

played around with the webcam. this webcam is so cooool :D
it can sense ur face and all these gadgets will follow everywhere if you move your head.

Dont you think I look sooo kyoooot? xD


This is scary.

haha toiletbowl hair suits her.

Pirates of the ernieland.


Check out my brother's one! hehe!

I've been watching House too. omggg I dont know why I just find it very scary especially when I see patients shaking and showing sorts of weird symptoms. Love love drama is only what I like :)

That's all for today! I'm freaking bored.
Hope youre feeling better babe!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

OHMIGAWD!!! why OHMIGAWD?! cause I wana cry so badly right now! T.T
I have been searching high and low for Gossip Girl since this morning!
Tried youtube, megavideo, eztv, PPS blablabla everything that I could think of but still...failed :(

I'm very noobie in downloading dramas and I'm so sad I wana watch so badly!
I used to use PPS to watch but I guess it's banned? I cant even watch America's Next Top Model I'm so sad!! WHY?!?!

took my 2nd HPV jab this afternoon. it hurts compared to the 1st jab i dont why but the doctor said maybe because the immune response is responding.

Had "yu tao mai"=fish head noodle with lilianloves and yiling after the jab this afternoon. slurps. thumbs up! :D

on the way back I feel soooo sienzzzzzz thinking that I'll be all alone again when I got home. pfttt. I want a holiday :.( but everybody seems to be busy with studies and work :( and I dont have much friends I'm such an antisocial. lol.

I'll just talk about the IMU ball la since I have ntg to do and I cant watch gossip girl which made me emo for the whole day T.T

:) thanks for bringing me there bra. hohoho.
I was thinking since it's not my ball, I didnt really dolled up. just some mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadows. thats all.

and u couldnt believe I only made up my mind on what to wear 30 minutes before leaving house @.@
so last minute.

When I arrived at the hotel and saw the girls, only I regretted kao kao for not putting much effort. lol. I didnt know BALL = LONG DRESS. not short sexy hiao po dress like mine. I look like as if I was going clubbing hor hehehe

matthew which was the helper that day. poor helper only get to eat 1 McD burger :(

jiecong again :O

superb pretty kah men and her dear :D


The food was nice :) maybe the portion wasnt big enuf only? hehehe. chicken oso smaller than kenny roger's chicken. but I went to kenny roger's few days ago and they've got a new menu which means the price went up too but I dont know why the size of chicken shrinked. lol.


People that sat in the same table :)

I guess this is the nicest shot gua? there's nicer one but photographer lost it soooo sad. actually not very sad if compared to i cant watch gossip girl. lol.

okay la enuf pictures. I just randomly uploaded some since all are in FB.

oops I forgot to show u guys the prom king and queen. let me search in FB. hemmmm.

This is one of the prom queen finalist.

Every prom queen and king have to perform man. lol. so kan cheonggg xD

I like his performance. cause can see his body! haha! and I voted for him. super muscular man O.O

There you go! Prom king and queen dancing! hehe! DAMN NICE LOR THIS PIC T.T

closer look. Both of them are from pharmacy :)
the guy used to beeeeeeeeee one of my cousin's 菜. hahahah :P

Best dress.

One of the performances. lol. magic show. it was hilarious.

Bra and his friends wanted to go clubbing for afterparty and no idea why last minute changed their mind and we went up to genting O.O casino. lol.
u guys must be wondering with such a cute and young look how did I managed to sneak in rite? lol. At that moment I've changed back to my casual wear and removed my wake up. yeaa. I was stopped once and I went to another entrance. lol. I purposely changed back to my dress again so mafan. the guard still stopped me. but he said he let me in but I'm allowed to play the jackpot only =.= lol. who cares la. The only thing I did was sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

you cannot believe what time we came down from genting.
8am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. no more next time pls. I feel like dying the next day.


On the day after exam I went to watch Fast and Furious 5 with my batchmates. and all that I could say is...

seriously if not YOU WILL REGRET xD

Other than 3D in the cinema, there's 2D now. lol. it means HD. and the screen was really clearer compared to the normal ones. :) COOL.

yimay is going US tomorrow :(
dental friends are going Kraby soon
medic friends are still on study break T.T
nottingham friends still having exams
38 gang tooooo.
and the worst is The Bra's exam is coming soon.

Nobody to play with meeeeeeeeeeeeee booooooooo :<
should i get a job again?
I just received a msg this afternoon asking me to work as TOLL FLYER?!?!?!?!
omg so diulian!! haha! means when ppl pay their toll and u have to stand there and give out flyers before they close their window? so annoying! lol.

bibobibobibo. how to fully utilise my holidays?
maybe I should start studying sem 4 stuffs. hemmmmmm :/

Please give me a call if anyone wants to play with me!!! :D heheeee

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey there! I'm finally back! :DDDDD
ahhh. Semester 3 officially ended yesterday! woohoo!

I have tooooooooo many pending posts seriously I dont know where to start. I havent get all the pictures for every events so I guess I'll just blog about INTRODUCTION OF IMU NEXT TOP MODEL first? hehe!

You guys must have been wondering why how when did all these started when pictures of weird looking me popped up at my facebook profile. lol.

and it all started with this very simple picture of mine! :)

Try spotting whats wrong with me in this pic :p

So my uni, IMU organised an event which is called IMU Next Top Model (IMU NTM). The concept is just similar to American's Next Top Model. and the winner will get to be in the front cover of our IMU magazine and free shopping vouchers!! :DDD I wasnt really into it but as a student ambassador, we were compulsary to join, I dont know why O.O so during the last day of application, I was thinking like....hem oh well. Just give it a try since my life is always filled with books only :)

It's very easy to enter this competition. Go to the booth, snap a picture of yourself. They will upload it in facebook and you ask ur friends to start voting!! hehe!

I think the first round there were er 60 contestants? i'm not too sure. the top 20 with the most likes will then go to next round and start photo shooting!!

Here are some of the pics from our 1st day of photo shooting! :)

it's supposed to be just light make up and trying to produce nude picssssss :O

laugh la laugh la. I know my eyebrow is like sinchan!! lol.


i was so so sad i almost burst into tears when I saw my eyebrows were like that i kept rubbing it and it turned out a bit better? hehe.


but I must say our photographer KJ Lee done a very very good job!!!
some other contestants pics!!

Simply gorgeous!!! can fight with American's Next Top Model right? :D


I havent get to see mine yet. hehe.

This is the best part! haha! couples pics!!
I must warn u this is 18SX 18PL whatever. lol.


fuiyoh! U couldnt believe all these are medic students right?! got tattooooo leh. it's real ya. not photoshopped. haha.

I'll ask bra first whether he minds if I put my couple pic here! haha!
cause u all will be going like......OMG!!!!!! haha! i'm serious :p

It's something like Edward & bella! LOL.

The second day was formal wear shooting! :)
I dont loook like myself at all in all the photoshoots pics! @.@ lol.

there were more decent and nicer pics but photographer chose this :O
so yonggggsuiiiiiiii. slap me.

My cute little junior, Jie cong trying to imitate my sexay poseeee! LOL!

and this is our beloved photographer KJ Lee :)
his mom is a taiwanese too!

And this was during finals. catwalk. hehe.

okay I very lazy to update dy! I'll talk more in the next few posts!!

Stay tune!