Monday, June 29, 2009

yo people! you guys wont believe what i did the whole day >.<

cause i was having a high fever and a very bad headache this morning, so i was forced to lock myself in the room.

isolating myself from my family =(

quaratined in the lonely quarters of my room.

so lonely and sad.

i had to wear a mask for the whole day which made me feel very uncomfortable and my sister even used dettol to wash every thing that i had contact with =(

cant put the blame on them though. elder sis is currently sitting for a major exam and younger bro and sis still have to attend school.

i went to the clinic but the doctor said i better stay at home for 2 days and see how things go. how do they actually test for the virus H1N1? >.<>

sigh. 2 days at home!!! what should i do?! I've been going out everyday since the last day of my exam.

i've just finished watching a hong kong drama, Just Love 2 and now I have no idea what to do T.T

don't run away when you see me kay! haha! cause i myself believe that i'm free from H1N1 but none of them believe me. lol.

my dad even called the insurance company to ask things much he can claim if his daughter dies of the virus...?? lol. i'm not sure but he really did call the insurance company.
oh mann.....

i really hope i can get well soon!! i wana watch ice age 3 on wednesday!!! haha

Saturday, June 27, 2009

some random pictures >.<

sissy brother with my new hairband. I didnt force him to wear that.

accompany dad to gleaneagles in the middle of the night with my face full of oxy xD

saw a cleaner wearing a golden watch that night.

guess what is this?! lol. the latest mask :P

mom being isolated after coming back from china. haha

after she was allowed to come out, she dressed up like aladdin.

my maid continue to watch tv like nobody's busniess when i caught her watching tv =.=

what a random post. haha

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day! =)
we decided to cook for our dad instead of eating outside cause he wasnt feeling well these few days. how sweet of us right :P
outside food too oily and too much ajinomototototo tsk tsk tsk
but our family of nerds dont really have any cooking experience so we chose to cook something simple and nice.
spaghetti. hehehehe
just boil the spaghetti and heat some sos from the can and everything is ready to eat! so easy!! xD is that even considered cooking?! haha!
actually it wasnt so easy laa. when we left the spaghetti for like 45 minutes, it hardens again and we have to pour hot water in each of our dishes to soften it >.<

yes didi, u are the next ingredient! haha!

look at my younger sis's new hair cut! haha! like a light bulb! *ding* (switched on the lights) hahahaha look at her over excited expression with a bit bloated face xD yer so bad! haha! actually my face is always bloated too hehe. genes problem.

i think we spent more time taking pics than cooking.
got bored and started eating banana! banana reminds me of chun soon xD xD

holding the banana like holding a racquet =.=

my dad enjoyed the meal and thats all that matters =)
we love you papa!
i miss my black hair. lol. leg so itchy, ntg to do at home then go dye hair ohh >.<
next, i'm gonna curl my hair and fix extensions and become rapunzel. muahaha!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

was sooo bored at home so decided to dye my hair today!! haha! so random! i just cant sit still at home even for a single day!

my usual hair stylist, benny kia kept suggesting red for me but I scared red will be too "kua zhang" so i chose brown! but he said brown not nice blablabla bleh bleh bleh so at last he said he'll just decide for me and i said OK!!! AH!!! Y DID I SAY OK!!

still so happy! cuz i dun even know what colour he chose yet!

the outcome!! got difference anot?! haha! no lar of cuz! cuz this pic i took a month ago =P
the real outcome!!
YER!!! i dont like it la! blablabla!! i wan red la!! yer yer yer! it's dark brown with abit light brown highlight! ok la! not happy no mood to blog la!! byebye! haha eyebags so big like hippopotamus!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Part 2 of redang trip! Apart from the pictures, now is the time to blog bout the trip! I can tell you guys it was totally awesome! That was my first time to Redang and realised that the life on an island is incomparable to that of our houses. The sceneries there were extraordinary and looked alike to those beautiful island we watched on discovery channel! The coconut trees there also are taller than those infront of my house! xD
can see some ang mo sun bathing with their bikinis just placed on top of their breast! lol

At night, we stroll along the beach. The sensation of being blown by sea breeze was invaluable.The feeling is so much different from putting a fan infront of ur face =) Also, there were glowing sands on the beach. It was so darn beaultiful haha! Its hard to describe here. You guys have to see it on ur own.

The other activity we did was playing beach volleyball! My frens were fooled cause they saw a gold medal at my frenster pictures that they thought i won in a volleyball competition. But the secret is i photoshopped it haha!! Every serve i made doesnt reach across the net. My best record on touching the ball was 4-5 times haha. It got bored after a while.That explains why we did ballet dancing afterwards

One of the interesting activity here was snorkling. we were equipped with a transparent goggle and a tube that allows u to breath when ur head faces down the ocean bed. It was a must for us to wear a life jacket so it makes your butt floats when you're looking down xD The first day of snorkling was horrible coz i havent had enough experience on it and ended up drinking alot of sodium chloride :P It made our throat ran dry. don't ever let the sea water touch ur beautiful eyes if not you'll feel exactly like pepper spraying into your eyes!! hurts man! :(

I shared a room wif yeevonne,kerxin and sonny. Guess what, on the second day already our room was messy like hell! Thanks to who? To me lo! Coz i kept on choosing which clothes that are nice to wear and throw them everywhere xP I brought around 10 shirts and 10 panties haha! I was so scare that ill have insufficient attire to wear but ended up only wearing a panty on the last day kekeke..

I miss everybody so much right now =( why dont we repeat sem together again?! haha!
Part 1 of redang pictures!! i'm not gona write any captions! haha! i'm just gona spam this post with alot alot of wonderful pictures!!! =) enjoy people!!