Monday, September 28, 2009

Another friend left for New Zealand this time :(

It was my first time going LCCT. wow. I think it's further than KLIA. Almost got lost with vishal and kenny cause we were so busy talking talking and talking :)

Andrew and family. His mom was super nice to talk to. Andrew almost couldnt get on the plane because of some visa visa problem. scared all of us!

Group pic. I'm the only girl girl leh O.o haha. Cannot use flickr if not will cut my face away.


My first friend in TAR college. Study hard and become a successful doctor k:)

I very emo lor these days.
U touch me I slap you.
emotional unstable.
I want my mommy!
I hate papayas!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It seems like it was just yesterday since I last met rujin :(
but i just sent her off yesterday lar. haha.
our last farewell with rujin at kaki corner. oops sry yifen.


and ningxin baby too xD have to change my template soon


Woke up super early yesterday.
Picked up ningxin baby and headed to dickson's house.
stole a big big pillow from dick's house to sleep in the car. lol
waited for andrew to arrive and off we go to klia.


wanted to give rujin a surprise cause we texted her and told her we couldnt make it but she didnt check her phone so failed -.- xD

spot rujin in this pic!

we were shivering. I'll be looking very horrible in the pics below with my half asleep face. I thought most of them will be looking very sleepy like me but all of them looked brilliant and even have time to spike up their hair or wear contacts lenses. haha

me and baby ningxin sat at the sofa behind spotting for stewardess and pilots and commented on each of them. haha. I always wanted to become a stewardess because it's very cool to pull ur luggage with ur head lift up high in a group and everybody staring at me :)



arton and qi kit.


rujin crying before leaving with her striking pink luggage :( so heart pain to see her cry while saying goodbye to everyone T.T
I didnt cry but my heart was crying at that moment lor.

goodbye my friend. take care kay! I promise I'll think of you once in awhile! hehehe
I'll miss you very very much! xoxo
oh,forgot to mention jamie flew off with rujin too. good luck jamie :)

the dangerous driver which looks like he has put on eyeliner in this pic xD

Guess what is he doing?

We were playing with Andrew's harmonica on the way home! :)


went to old town to have breakfast and the rest of the day was seriously very very bad for me due to certain reasons which i dont wish to disclose right here :( hehe
but a BIG thank you to the one that brighten my day

my friends are leaving me one by one. next will be andrew tan leaving tonight! T.T
big big sigh with a big big sad face :(

Friday, September 25, 2009

Why am I not feeling happy?
It's just PMS i guess.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I believe you guys should have saw all the pics infacebook so i'm just gonna blog a bit bit bit about Kevin's and Ru Jin's farewell party. Everything went well and i'm missing them already :(
One of my favourite pic taken by bryan!

Ru Jin! you still have 4 days left in Malaysia and we must rock the world upside down kay!! haha!

Kevin :( flew away this morning. Knew him since primary. he has always been a very good friend. I'll take care of ru jin this few days but I dont think you read my blog also! haha!

Dickson and andrew! thankyou dickson for the ride to nottingham and IMU :) and ur mom too for the consultation. not forgetting the WU LALA game you taught us! haha! it was very very fun!! xD Those who lost was asked to drink a cup of soft drink and wasnt allowed to go to the toilet to do ur business.

I drank the most I guess and so.... I pee in my pants! xD I only told ningxin and yeevonne if not everybody will be busy finding a wet spot on my pants!! hahaha


Some lovely tarts made by arton aka jason aka theng. lol


38 foongyee and ningxin.

Then, dropby at Chun Soon's house for his farewell party. He's leaving to Bath,UK also. Ru jin go make friends with him la! haha!

Why is the whole world flying to UK? haha.

Was greeted by his 2 big dogs, er.. whats their name ard? kiki and lala? or rocky?

Kerhuei, chun soon and mah look so cute with their cute pose xD

Went back to hometown for cousin's open house on Sunday.

Played with my favourite baby! He's growing so fast just like my Gucci.

I have 3 more weddings to attend! yeah yeah yeah!! hehe

sorry Jaz! couldnt make it to your Raya open hse. I very wanted to go 1 lor ok!! haha! nobody believe me :p I'm still keeping the crazy video we recorded last year. haha

Monday, September 14, 2009

Guess where did I go this time? :)
I just cant spend a single second at home. haha. So I'll think of doing different things before uni starts. I'm already bored of watching movie and shopping.
my dad is complaining on the amount of time I've spent outside.
tsk tsk.


too free so I went to fly..

ahh cant remember whens the last time I've played this.
what an ugly pose of me playing kite haha

This is my favourite picture :)
Look how happy am I when my kite is finally flying up up up!!


run run run!!

so lucky for me to meet a super kind hearted indian guy that taught me to tie and fly the kite :)

I dont know the name of this place but it's near a highway.
I'm going for the second time to try with a lighter kite.
This time, i'm gona bring food and drinks so i can have a picnic over there!
sounds great right? xD
frensy oh frensy, who wana join me can tell me k :)


Watched this movie with sis the other night. haha.
so what can I say about this movie?
hemm. My eyes were filled with tears while watching. I'm not so sure whether I laughed till I cried or I was too scared xD There are seriously some scenes that made me shout out loud. lol.
but it's nice! go watch it :)

btw, happy birthday alexander chin & andrew's sis! hehe!
I've already gave you the best birthday present on time hor alex? xD

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last saturday was YA lympics day! Kenny invited me to his church's YA lympics and all that I can say is I had A LOT OF FUNNNN!!! :) yipeeee!
but i was totally roasted after standing under the sun for 5 hours! now my arms have 2 super obvious tone colour.

Lake Garden. The place where YA lympics was held. A very beautiful place.

Warm up coach.

My group! Charlie!

We played a lot of games. One of them is putting yourself inside a rubbish bag and start hopping.

so kyotttt xD

another one is jumping over your friend, squat down and the other group members follow on until you reach the end point. Most of us were covered in mud after this game.

caterpillar walking!

There were also treasure hunt, water war and many many more which I'm lazy to think and list down. haha.

MY GROUP!! CHARLIE! hehehe. of cuz lar cuz i'm there ma :p lol jk. I didnt contribute much also. haha

So nice got medal some more! hehe

Like small kid only!


yam seng!!


Water flowing out from Kenny's BIG BUTTOCK! :p



My new friend, Gwen.


Taking wedding shots!


The end! I made a lot of new friends and I really had a great time! thanks for inviting me Kenny! next time call me again ya! xD

Saturday, September 12, 2009

aiks. I've updated this post yesterday but I have no idea who ate this post so i'm gonna type it again.
Finally met up with rujiny before she flies to UK :(
Dickson brought us to small genting to have dinner.
Nice view, nice food with nice people :)

What a coincidence! Me n rujiny wore the same colour of shirt and a pair of short jeans. Just that she looks thinner and I look fatter. hehe!

We can even see genting from there.

Then we headed to fire ball to play pooooooooool.

Dickson's underwear! haha! just to revenge on what he did in my facebook :p

but one thing that we cant deny is that his pool skills are pro! just like his driving. crazy! lol


Didnt manage to snap a pic of rujin playing cause camera battery empty! hehe! but her facebook a lot of pics of her playing pool! xD
Alex, ken and weiyu then joined us and thats all!
ah! i have sun burn!! :(
stay tune :)