Friday, November 27, 2009

but I havent been studying :( I've been playing too much and now after staring at the book for 30 minutes? I'll walk around, play facebook, sms, eat, slap Gucci (i thought after slapping her she'll vomit out the 1k i've spent to buy her! haha! i know you ppl wana call SPCA again :p)
I wana go shopppping so much eventho i'm officially broke!
next monday theres gonna be a mock exam but it's not important so nvm lurrr! hehe
and 1 thing that made me very very angry was .. I saw people leaving some comments for my posts and I pressed publish and the comment was gone and i'm so angry because I didnt get to read :( post again can ar? lol

KAH MEN the sandwich board for the cervical cancer campaign! haha! she's gonna kill me if she sees this :p
I'm still thinking whether I should get my vaccination a not o.O it's much cheaper if I do it in uni.

There are so many trees in Nottingham just like Tarc :)

Happy belated birthday winnie winnie! :) what a cute name right? another new friend of mine from sarawak!!

When we go shopping together, she never never tries on any of the shirts so I asked her WHY WHY WHY? Dont you need to get some new shirts for chinese new year?
And she said that she doesnt celebrate chinese new year but she celebrate err Gawai if i'm not mistaken and they wear things made from leaves? so sexy and so cooool! If there's a chance I must go celebrate with her also! hehe! I wanna be sexy! haha


some pictures of my cousin's wedding :)
Su Yi (or Ying? oops! ) & Rocky! <3
super super loving couples!


My always loving babiesssss!


My family! yer younger sis so tall spoil the pic! hahaha. should be DO RE MI from eldest to youngest marrr... and she looks like as if she's not wearing anything! :p
and my mom's hair looks a bit like Gucci again! haha! sry mommy!



After the dinner, we went back to the room and took some really really cool pics!!

This is so cool! We used our handphones light to draw in the dark! haha!

rainbow :)

can you read it? BITCH!! haha! yea! ME!! :p



DURIAN!! DURIAN!! but I dont like DURIAN!

went sing k till 3am again last night. oh no oh no.
so unhealthy lifestyle! haha! but it's always fun to do things late night right? hahahaha byebyeeeee
study study study! siennn sien sien!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Have you ever lost more than rm500 in a second?
If you want to experience the pain i'm experiencing now..
throw rm500 into the longkang and you'll know how I feel!
T.T U.U :( =( still got wat sad face to show you guys how sad am I?!
yesterday was a very very very very unlucky until can die that type day for me!
early morning when I just woke up and wanted to take my phone from the desk, I accidentaly stepped on my sis's laptop! my leg hurts so bad but I didnt care and continue to slep! until when I was on the way driving to uni, I received a text msg from my sis asking me did I step on the laptop cause THE SCREEN CRACKED!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I almost knocked a car when i read that msg!!! Y the screen so very the fragile, I'm light as a feather and it just crack like nobody's business! she said when you open the laptop, you'll even see my beautiful foot step on it!! TTTTTTTTTTTTT.TTTTTTTTTTT wthhhh
dont ask my why on earth i put my laptop on the floor because I dont know lalala

and my dad is not gonna pay a single cent for it and i'm so sad and it's gonna cost a bomb and it's more than my 1 month salary and i'm so damn sad because I have lost my hard earned salary so easily and u guys wont know how hard to earn money from a kindergarten including cleaning the kids butt (this is da bian colour! haha!)and i wanted to use the money to buy a new watch and shoes because my watch no more battery but I dowan to change the battery and I wana buy a new one because I have been using the watch since form 4 and I think it's time to buy a new one and I'm so so sad because I can only depend on the clock hanging in front my class everyday but most of the clock are not working and I'm very sad again and yesterday my phone battery died and I couldnt contact my friends for 2 hours and need to hang around uni alone and the trip we planned to go was cancelled because too many ppl are going and I have to run in the rain and it was so cold and I was stucked in the jam for a few minutes on the way back from uni but it's ok because this morning I was stucked for 40 minutes and it wasted my petrol and time and my heart aches and I feel like dying and I dont know why this post has so many ANDS but I dont care because I've lost few hundred bucks in something very stupid and the laptop is wat stupid ferrari and its so hard to find it to replace the cracked one and so damn expensive and I just found out my hand phone screen has a tiny little crack also and whats the point of living when everything is CRACKING!! ok! byebye!!!! i go cry first!!

thanks for reading this if u happen to finish it! haha! and if you guys know any cheap com shop that will give me a cheap price pls contact me! your help is much appreciated! LOL!

on the same day, my elder's sis's laptop was back from repairing if not I wont be typing this.
let me share a wonderful poem with all of you eventho i'm very very sad!
no sleep, no wake up,
no wake up, no step,
no step, no crack,
no crack, no pain,
no pain, no gain,
no gain, no out!
most importantly is....
NO FATS, NO CRACK!! hahaha! xD
ohno so funny!
should i start from no mommy, no me? no me, no buy laptop! haha! so lame!
ok la! so many words already! continue typing nobody wana read already! byebye!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ohnooo i dont have class today and thought of studying to catch up the 3 weeks which I'm still left behind. haha. Instead, I've been sleeping throughout the whole day!! blame the weather!! :p so cold and nice to sleep! I believe most of you have done this which I did more than 3 times today. haha. I always tell myself that "okie I will just close my eyes for a few minutes and then continue to study" but once you open your eyes, you will realise that you've slept for 1 hour @.@ Watched a very touching movie, Jack in Star Movies that made me cried. Its about a small little boy which his cells divide 4 times faster than normal people. So when he's just 10 years old, he looks like a 40 years old adult! so pity :( go to school also let people laugh! Go download and watch it if you're free :)

oh! and I find this lyrics very true in a I forgot which song,
true right true right? hehe! you might put a lot of effort in a relationship but it doesnt guarantee it will have a nice ending. this in not an emo post arr! :p

I've sat for ISAT yesterday and all I can say that it was a DISASTER! lol. I always know that my IQ is not very high but I didnt know that it was that lowwwww! I think I could only answer 3 to 5 questions out of 100? :( was seriously ini mini maini mo-ing for the calculations questions. hehe

Find the similarities in this 2 pics!! wahahaha!

SEE! Gucci's hair is growing! haha! so stop saying I abuse my dog or what! xD LOL

okok bai bai! I dont know how to do my report :(

Saturday, November 14, 2009

woohoo! I really had a lot of fun this week!
Wednesday after class, went to eat the famous Kajang Sate with Dick and Andrew. It was also my first time seeing a GPS xD so excited when i heard the voice talking and giving us directions. hehe.

At night, dragged by Dickson to watch The Mist Hunt catwalk competition in Mist Club. I dont look nice in all the pics because SOMEBODY said nobody will look at me SO.. I didnt need to make up and SO... I really didnt!! haha! ARGH!! who go club never make up 1 worrrr :(

the camera shy Dick and half GPS Andrew. I really need to change my blog skin!

I'm the third party!! yeahhhh!

Ning xin!! u look like a pregnant lady here! haha! sry baby! xD


If my baby takes part in this competition sure win!! xD (with 5 inches of heels lar)

A new pose to hide my TRIPLE chin.


voting voting..


the participants

he looks like a pity little doggie beside the road. haha!

:) I likey them!

His face so red o.O


HAHAHAHAH picture of the day!! ningxin baby was begging me to delete!! but I said NO NO NO!

the crowd.


My cute dancing move which nobody knows how to appreciate! haha! Everybody kept asking me to stop dancing cause it was way too funny =.= they thought their shuffle very geng wor LOL
Dick taught me a new dancing move that night which was putting ur hands on ur head and start smelling ur armpitssss!! WAHAHAHAH!! try it now! and my sis had a better suggestion which was also putting your hands on your head but smelling the armpit of the person opposite you! So it's like 2 people smelling each other's armpits!!

my always loving baby ningxin!

My ex baby and current baby!! hahaha!

OH OH! and we saw this car parked outside the club. So special right?! who actually have the guts to print ur pic on the door of ur car?! I hope the owner of this car wont see this. LOL
1 more thing!! when we went to sing k on friday night we saw this car again!! haha!

Slept at 3++ am, woke up at 7+++ am and attended class until 5pm which was really really the super exhausting!! I looked like a walking zombie that day, hair sticking out in different directions, eye bags as big as my butt! LOL! but who cares la! xD
Most importantly is I had fun :)

I must clarify that I dont go club so often la. lol. this is only the 3rd time i went to a club and everytime I go there's a reason behind it! :p
1st time - curious about how a club looks like. haha! so everybody must have their first time right?
2nd time - sat luin so baby ningxin asked me to tag along with her to hunt for yummy guys!! but ended up no guys ask for my number also LOL most of them also not my cup of tea so nvmmm~ I dont want you, you dont want me!! :p
3rd time - wanted to see models and cat walks so that I can learn from them to improve myself xD lameeeee

Friday evening, another favourite baby of mine, ejin texted me and asked whether I wanted to go sing k. As you know singing k at night is very the expensive lorrr. so our plan went on and off, on and off, on and off untill 12am when I was about to sleep, sis's BF finally found a very cheap place to sing k! LOL! sorry ah baby ningxin we went without u but promise to go with u again after u come back from Hong Kong if i get a BIG BIG souvenir k! :)

SO off we headed to SS2, a place called Fun Box i think. Sang from 1++am to 4++am and I actually reached home at 5am!! wahhh my maid also woke up already!! LOL! but something unhappy happened that affected our mood a little but who cares again! cause I'm lazy to explain over here! haha!

closing his eyes and enjoying my lovely singing!!
my hump! my hump my hump my hump! LOL!

A pic of muaaaa and ejin in the middle of the road at 4++am in SS2!! so blur! photographer with lousy skills!! hahaha!

woke up at 12pm the next day and went shopping at Bangsar with uni friends!! too busy hunting for clothes and have no time to take pic! hehe! weeee~ I bought 2 dresses so did su yi! we promised to come back another time cause we still have too much to buy! hehe!

ok lar i am SO SO SO the very sleepy and tired. I havent been sleeping well for this whole week. I really dont want to be like a nerd as I used to be! hehe! we must enjoy life right?!
Tomorrow my baby ningxin will be leaving to Hong Kong so have a safe journey and miss me ya!! XOXOXOXOXO

oopss i forgot to update about steph's birthday celebration!! next time lar! hehe! actually now theres facebook and we can get most of the updates from there so why do we still need to blog? cause we are too freeeee! hehehe!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

ohnooo.. i've abandoned this blog since I started uni. haha! what to do? late 3 weeks have to catch up with a lot of things and create new bonds which I'm definitely not good in :( I cant even remember 10 of my classmates' names. Just like friday morning, when I was in the computer lab, a guy suddenly sat beside me and greeted me good morning. Then I was like.. wow. nottingham ppl are soo friendly :) they actually greet ppl they dont even know. After trying to figure it out for a few minutes only I recalled that kahmen actually described this guy that looks like him. Then only I realised we're from the same class =.= argh I still cant fit in my new uni lar :( sad sad sad.

So I'm just gonna roughly say what I've done during the past 3 weeks. I didnt stay at home and study all day and all night lar. haha. so no life. That's also one of the reasons I chose pharmacy cause I thought it would not be as stressful as medic or dentistry course but it turns out to be VERY STRESSFUL also :(

look at the piles of books I actually have to refer to @.@
all mine ah. I didnt borrow from my sis just to take pic xD


24th Oct
Went to sungai congkak to celebrate baby ningxin's burfday!! er a bit outdated la i know. hehe.

We brought a lot of food! but ended up bringing most of it back. haha.



we played wuu laa laa game in the sungai also. haha!


30 Oct
went to kenny's-church-friend's house to BBQ!! had a lot of fun playing taboooo and mafia!!
when kenny's group was supposed to guess the word BIOGRAPHY, the guy told kenny " a subject that you've studied" As we all know, kenny is VERY GOOD in biology! and kenny actually answered "3 A's!!" MY GOODNESS!! made me laugh my ass off!! What has 3A's gotta do with the subject? :p haha! dont angry ah kenny! i just find it very hilarious!! xD it made my day actually :)

31st Oct
went back to my primary school, Lai Meng with cousins and junyuen. Ate chicken rice, chit-chat, nothing much to talk about cause by the time we arrived, the carnival already ended. haha. it was the 80th anniversary celebration if i'm not mistaken. but it was nice meeting jun yuen again.


pic stolen from ezhen's blog.

1st Nov
WOW! time flies when I actually wanted it to pass slowly :( it's a new month again. This means that christmas and new year are around the corner :)

did some studying and suddenly received a call from beloved cousin ejin to help out on her assignment. haha! that's the sneak preview thingy on the previous post.
I know most of you guys find it very funny! haha! but that's art ok :p only ppl that know art will appreciate the pic and my face xD and the water canister xDD
a fun experience :)


actually the main point of pouring out the water like this was because ejin wanted to capture the movement of water flowing out la!! ppl kept asking me why am i watering plants in the middle of the jungle =.=

this is ejin's garden btw

was drizzling thats why my hair was wet.
IMG_0681 copyiii

blow yi xia hair :p

laugh la laugh la!! haha!


finally a pic of me smiling :) wasn't suppose to smile hehe

"sao gong"!!


and my pay for that day was a buffet dinner in Nikko hotel!! YIPEEE! so yummy! haha!

eh I realised I didnt take any pic with the mighty photographer! so I have to post this pic ejin!! hahaha! with her haiwaiian pants :)
just look at this pic and you'll know how caring she is xD
that's also one of the reason why i love her so muchie!

7th Nov
BBQ againnnn with uni classmates and celebrate my new friend's birthday!
some pics i took from fb!




meet my new friend SU YI!! :) she's a super nice fren!! u noe larr.. if u join a class in the middle of the course, still new n fresh haha especially without attending orientation, u'll feel so so lost. but suyi actually made me felt so at homey :)
without her, I wouldnt be who I am today! haha! lol so kua zheong... xD


Today is Steph's birthday too!! happy birthday my sweetie!!

this is the nicest pic i can find of you already! haha!
wahh u made me soo hungry :p
no need long long post for you la. 3 words will do la hor? I heart u! <3 haha!

wow this is such a long post but I still have a lot to say xD
I still havent talk about my china trip!!
click here if u wana read more. haha!

neh neh bluff u only la xD I dont even know how to do those click here and the next second u'll fly to another page hyperlink thingy! haha!
since this is such a longgggg post, I suppose i'll only update after 2 weeks again :p
blogging is really time consuming!! lol
tata cuties!