Thursday, July 30, 2009

you guys must watch this!! haha!
actor : my sampat brother again
director : peter sha


this is my favourite!! he purposely take off his clothes lol xD

Monday, July 27, 2009






this is a must listen song!! =)

and this is a must watch drama! haha! The Little Nyonya! I have been watching this drama day and night. 9 more episodes to go!!

i wonder who created PPS! That person must be a genius! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

wooo~ my sister is a part time model! =)

no la. actually we were taking pictures for my dad's online business.
don't think I want to put mine. my face looks very the fat compared to my sis's. hehe.

she wasn't feeling very well. so she did this constipated pose xD
take picture half way go vomit O.o

can you see the difference? haha! she looks soooo thin! give her 1 kick also can break her bones!

showing off our foreheads >.<

Then, went to Desa Parkcity! a very nice and romantic place =)

my carbonara. the yellow thing is a raw egg yolk O.O so yucky!

That's all! spot the difference in this 2 pictures!! haha!

looks thinner right? :p

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm starting to like my job. Just for the time being la. haha! Everyday, something funny will surely happen. Today, a lot of kids in a class were complaining the room stinks! but a teacher and I were having flu so our nose were blocked and we didnt bother them. The teacher only asked one of the kid to remove the dustbin from the class. haha! Then,when another teacher came in, she shouted " WHO SHIT IN THE CLASS!" only we realised one of the kid poo in his pants! this time was worse because he wasnt wearing any pampers!! xD EWWW to the max!! lol
pity the kids, they have been smelling shit for 1 hour!! hahaha

my younger sister is having fever, sorethroat, cough and running nose!! >.<
pharmacy or dentistry, who can decide for me? :(

I miss doing homework and studying!
I've been asking homework from my brother and sister to do. haha.

Friends don't let friends talk to ugly guys :p

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ru Jin's surprise birthday party!!

it was actually like a pot luck. each of us brought our own food. Me, foongyee, biiangsheng, yeevonne and kevin bought a chocolate indulgence yummy cake but something bad bad happened to it. xD

a lot of yummy food!!
but we have to wait for ru jin to come so we were staring at the food for like 1 hour+? lol
nvm la. birthday girl dai sai 1 marrr haha

TADAA! haha! I made a sudden brake on the way to rujin's house and the cake flew off from the seat behind and ended up like that. haha. sry people :P

took some photos, chit chat, see toad jump while waiting. lol

biiang sheng fat hao-ing hahaha

hiding when rujin arrived. but she already saw us when she was standing outside the door. the door was opened but the lights were off so she thought there was a robbery.

the first thing she said was "oi! why are you all here!"

group pics

happy birthday ru jiny! hope you enjoyed the party.

this hottie chick was the only one that was in the same class with me for 5 years!! can you believe it?! so i think we were meant together. haha. we started to get very close since form 4. we were TALL but we still sat in the first row. haha. our favourite hobby was pinching each other when we were sleepy especially during Pn. Normah normah eh's period. she was the one that looked like little foot right? xD
if you want to know how to grow tall, ask her! when we were in form 1, her height was like.. till my shoulder i guess? and now!! fuiyoh!! same height! haha! some people said she ate appeton everyday xD even though we didnt go to the same college but when we were stress, we often sms and give each other encouragement. For example, she'll msg me "die la!! today's physics paper very hard!" then i'll reply "yalor! mine also!" haha! it was kinda funny cause she was taking London A-levels exam and I sat for Cambridge A-levels exam few weeks before hers.
sadly, she'll be leaving to UK this coming September. I'll really miss you very much. I'm also glad to have you as part of my life =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

haha some sampat pics!
new pyjamas from elder sis.
she just got back from bangkok.
we've quarantined her for 1 day.
surprisingly i'm the one that got the flu.
i've just worked for a week but i've already taken a day leave! haha.

i look like a pregnant lady.

looks like my sister has cuckoooooo xD

do you know that my sis's hobby is playing people's armpit with a tea spoon? O.o
guess which sis? haha!
and isit true that your amrpit itch when the armpit hairs are growing?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

PICTURES TIME! =) Italiannies!

Italiannies again! haha! in the afternoon, 8 of us only ordered a pizza and carbonara but we still didnt manage to finish it.

At night during andrew tan's birthday dinner, fuiyoh! look at what they ordered. lol.

the birthday boy! =)

must try the tiramisu!! very very the yummy-licious!!

Didnt really know many of his friends but all of them are nice and funny.

tiring yet fun :)
today is my first day working as a teacher assistant in a kindergarten near my house and how lucky am i to get a chance to change and wash a small little kid's buttock cause he poooo in his pants!! lol