Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OHH congratulations to me!! i'm finally updating my dead blog! LOL.
since so many people requested, aiya then i'll bomb u all with a lot of pics ah!! haha! dont complain it's too long k :p

actually blogging used to be one of my hobby. the satisfaction when I publish my post is soooooooooo .... I dont know how to describe. haha.

but I think lesser and lesser people are reading and so i'm like always talking to the wall or winnie (cause she'll always comment xD ) haha! and I'm kinda busy with my studies and so.. BLOG DIED! =D

so u guys must comment more and press on my advertisement more often, I happy, I update! I update, U happy! U happy, everybody HAPPY!! kkk? :p

so last saturday was a very very happy day for me! =D

I was lying on my bed, finally decided to open my text book to study and suddenly su yi called!! she asked me to have lunch with them in time square! it was actually the 3rd time I went to time square within a week! (I have secretly transformed to a LALA due to too much stress. lol. lame la i know)

nottingham peeps are always more important than my books right? haha. so brooooooooom. there I was having my favourite Subway with them.
it was nice catching up with them, updating each other and they telling me how empty their life was without me!! hahaha! jk :p

a pic of me taken by winnie ting beeeeeeeeeee!
when I wanted to take a pic of her, the sales gal was already walking towards us and I'm sure she wanted to say "cannot take picture blablabla" so we faster cabut!

have to leave early cause it was soon kie's farewell dinner that night!!
my teeth model!! cost me a bomb man! 2k+++++++++++++++. byebye angpau money =(
dont worry. I believe i'll earn more money in the future and throw on ur face k? LOL. so action!

Full House near KLCC. what can I say? it was HOOOOOTTTTTT!! =(
I realised girls usually make up and dress up nicely when they go Full House o.o
it's like a tradition already. you can hardly see people with slippers and singlets. haha.

but no point we purposely ban leng leng cause it was earth hourrrrrrrrrrrr that night! x.x
they switched off the lights for freaking 1 hour!! and we have to feed the mosquitoes for 1 hour!

luckily there's a small section with the lights on, so we conquered that place! =D


this pig is a very cool disc holder!

my baby feeding her baby!

the farewell girl doing crazy stuff! haha!


this pi evoney!! haha! we were supposed to take a pic of kissing each other but she just couldnt stop laughing when she saw my kissing face and so...

I was kissing the air for so long without noticing anything wrong! check out my si beh ugly pic with flash light in fb!! haha! I dont have the guts to post it up here cause it's seriously too ugly to show! =(


normal stuff that we do when we meet each other! hehe! me and soon kie look so alike over here!

fuiyoh! looks like micheal jackson a not?! xDDDD

moon walk let you guys see ah next time!


we were trying very hard to look sexy and WILD!!!

but it always turn out to be funny and cute!



SUPER love this pic! i'm gonna drag my bf to full house next time and take a pic like this!!

after that, went to evoney's house and we started doing silly things again.

acting emooooooo :p

playing with the hanger?

look at soon kie's panty?

act like bunny gugu!

the HOT photographer! =)

soon kie decided to stay over in evoney's house and so me and ejin tagged along. ejin has a presentation to do the next day and I wanted to sleep early so that I can wake up earlier to study also but.. ended up soon kie and evoney slept first and me and ejin chit chatted till 4am!!! o.o!!!! lol. I will never run out of topic when i'm with ejin, we're just too afraid that there's too much to talk till we have no time to sleep! =D

I'm missing the girls already! =(
it's hard to gather together like this as everybody has their own schedule and uni to attend.
but my love for you girls will never changeeeeee =))))

ALl the best soon kie!! aka my twin sister in secondary school! will miss you crazy laughter!

muax muax muax!! wa so many wrinkles. lao liao la.btw, my birthday is coming!! lol

this post long leh!! lol. hope this can stand for er...another 2 weeks? xD

wah the sun is getting hotter and my hair is getting so dry and I need to do hair treatment so badly!!
er...to whom it may concern, the RED saloon you always go to still got discount for hair treatment ar?! haha.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

wow my blog is dead. hehe.
went for home charity visit on saturday. Oops. I've forgotten the name of the orphanage.
yerr.. too long didnt update blog very sien and lazy and brain is blank and I dont know what to type. but I was just too tired on that day, when I stopped my car at the traffic light just for few seconds, I fell asleep!! o.o

so this little girl is..er... I cant remember also =(
yer. lol. yaswinieee I guess.

I really felt very lucky after visiting all these orphans. They dont know who their parents are, they have no siblings, no computer to play, no air cond etc etc.

some of them are quiet but some of them are really naughty. only less than 10 years old then kept saying SHIT SHIT SHIT!! =.=
I only started saying shit when I was in secondary school you know? haha.

this little guy got very close with my senior, wen peng after talking for half of the day. He even asked my senior to stay with him. awwww.. when I heard that, I felt so sad =(
they should be very lonely at times.

my senior encouraged him to study hard in the future and come and find him to yamcha together. lol.


went to sunway pyramid after that to celebrate Sylvester's birthday.

This is Sylvester. One of my senior too. The benefit of orientation is that we really got very close with our seniors =)



ok byebye! hehe! wont update my blog so often anymore I guess. So much to study!! =(((

to all my nottingham peeps, I'm still missing you gals all the time ya!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

If you guys are wondering hows my studies lately, nah!!

a pic of me and yvonne doing research! we're finding a way to cure AIDS!! and if we suceed, we'll earn a lot a lot of money and become millionaire and stop studying and throw money in front IMU and goyang kaki everyday!! muwahahahaha!

crap la! :p
just fooling around in the lab.

This is the very super yeng Joanne and Lydia.

Yi May!!

I really have to settle down and start studying!! o.o
works are piling up already. I'm like the laziest person in class =/

I've just chop off few inches of my hair few hours ago! T.T =( :(
so short already =(
I asked the hair stylist whether my hair is long enough to perm. he said okay ah. ideal length. dont know really a not. lol. but after thinking and thinking and considering.. aiya. we must be brave and try new styles once in awhile. if not life will have no life right? so I told him just cut it short la!


missing my long long hair already. so short lor now can't hiao guys first. when the wind blow my hair also couldnt fly dy. Have to take a break for a few months! :p

Sunday, March 7, 2010

FINALLY... 2 weeks of orientation has come to an end =(
it was damn tiring. Imagine that you have to play till midnight and the next day waking up early in the morning to attend lecture. fuiyoh. comfirm sleep in the class. I have never been so tired before. my eyes can hardly open!! o.o

Consecutively 2 weeks of attending activities and planning for performances weren't easy. There were times where our group wanted to give up but with the help of our beloved seniors, we managed to go through everything together. That's why we are like a family now =)

Outdoor treasure hunt last friday. we have to walk from stations to stations and compete with another group.
walaoehhhhhh. the weather that day can kill people. It was also the day which I got REALLY DIRTY!

this game is passing an egg with ur leg to the mouth of the person next to you. lol. gross right? xD

The guys were worse than us. They were forced to dip their shirts into a bucket of er..salted fish thingy! stinks to the max LOL
but we didnt stay away from them eventho I really wanted to cause our leader kept reminding us that we are a TEAM!! haha.

pole dancing.


washing my hair with superb ingredients
At the end of the day. haha.

Dress Code I.
I performed xD ... a very seductive dance. lol.
and the worse thing is.. while we were practising, my dad actually saw it! O.o!!!!!!
the song of the lyrics we edited was like "round balls baby round balls , give your balls to me, squeeze your balls for free" hahaha

my dad walked towards us angrily and.......what happened next I lazy to elaborate la! :p


doing sexy dances with my nottingham friend's bf wasnt easy! LOL

I kinda screwed the performance cause was too nervous o.o it's okay. most importantly is we had FUN! =D

the 2 senior spies in our group!!
there were awesome! they pretended to be juniors, mixed around with us and even attended lectures with us! and they turn out to be seniors from sem2 and sem 4!!! o.o
that's one of IMU's tradition la. haha.

mamak session after every event was a normal routine.

Signature hunt. In order to get a senior's signature, you'll have to do whatever they want you to do. We crawl and barked like dogs on the stage xD


running out of formal wears =(

Track Trip on Sunday!
We walked to the lrt station, sat to plaza rakyat, ate at petaling street, took putra to kl central, walked to lake garden!!!! super super can die.




The day where I got really really very tan and sun burns! 18 years of whitening cream all wasted =((

Telematch! oh btw our group's name is Nine-O-Bites! cool eh?


dipping themselves in a pool of pink water containing chicken's heart, intestines, liver etc etc!

Variety Night. We put in a lot of effort in this and we got 2nd!!


sleepy faces

Finale Night. the theme was beach so everybody tried to dress like we're at the beach.

Meet my new friend Yvonne! People keptttttttt saying we look like twins! where got? it's actually the colour of our hair only!
but she's 1 hot chick. indirectly saying i'm a hot chick too? :p

our group's best dress.

craziest dress.


The dance floor. haha. everybody danced like nobody's business cause it was already the last night =) I have never sweat like raining before even when I went clubbing.

Went to have supper until 3++am and woke up at 1.30pm. haha. I've been sleeping a lot after the orientation.

MEDTCH stands for Medicine, Dentistry, Chiropractor of year 2010 =)
the orientation committee really put in a lot of effort in making our orientation successful.
It's time to switch to nerd mode =( *teeeet* first lecture already killed me. haih.

people always say that IMU's orientation is the best and I have to admit it. I will definitely miss orientation. muaxy to each of them!