Sunday, November 30, 2008

WOW! It's the last day of November already! Time flies! guess what i've been up to after my exams?Well....It's TWILIGHT!! haha! i've been spending most of the time lying on the bed reading the twilight series. the movie was just alright compared to the book. why, you ask? that's cuz they cut all the kissing scenes in the movie!! (except 1) WHAT IS THIS?! where is the love?!?! xp

I'm so in love with Edward right now! how i wished my bf was a vampire too..hehehe..hohoho..

for those who know me well, you guys should be aware of how often i switch idols! similar to how i change clothes! xp

but for now..marry me Edward! haha! can i join your vampire family plssss

Talking about exams, they really send shivers down my spine. i have a really major pre-exam stress syndrome. the day before SPM i didnt even get to sleep and ended up going to the clinic the next day after my paper. my heart was beating non-stop man..haha! like boom-boom dance music! but everybody's heart beats non-stop right? xD but seriously, mine was so loud and fast! so the doctor gave me sleeping pills =.= heee..

And before my A-levels exam, i've actually been to 3 doctors! haha! including a plastic surgeon xD (she's actually wei guang's mom la =P )

btw..HAPPY BIRTHDAY KER XIN! haha see i remembered your birthday! =P you told me your birthday will be during the holidays so most of us will forget right? wonder how u're doing in Melaka now! missing me? =P (why blogspot cannot put smilies?)

muaa..ker xin & khai ying =)

khai ying has left to Indonesia or India to study medicine. sorry i can't really differentiate these 2 countries yet hehee

oh..and why hasn't anyone clicked on my nuffnang yet?! haha! click la! =P

Saturday, November 29, 2008


It was a Monday, and it was 7 in the morning. As agreed earlier, we met at the college carpark, hoping to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. so much for that =\ by 7 the sun was already shining up high in the sky. oh well... next time, maybe.

so what were we doing at the carpark at such an early hour? me, andrew, vishal, daryl, kenny and a few other college mates were going to climb the highest peak in Malaysia : Kota Kinabalu. Many had done it, but we wanted to be the next.

Fast forwarding to the hike. by the time we had started the journey for a rough 5 minutes, i knew instantly that i had regretted my decision to join this aCtivity. the trail was really steep, it was inclined at like, 70 degrees most of the time xp haha! really xing ku man.

the entire hike took about 4 hours to complete, and the scariest part of it was probably the lack of safety measures. the higher you climber, the greater the fall. no barriers or ropes to hold you in, except the occasional rope to help you get to the next area. honestly, it really freaked me out. according to amelia's mom, who sort of acted as our guide for the trekking (nice lady btw), a college girl had recently fell from 1 of the dangerous spots. she had somehow swung too hard on the rope, hit her head on a nearby boulder, released the rope, and rolled down the hill a good 300 metres!! imagine that!! by the time she was found, her body had multiple fractures and god knows how many broken bones. oh, and her head was split wide open too. x.x

anyway, by the time we were done with the hike my knees were already covered with bruises and cuts. trekking is really too hardcore for me, and i've decided that i'll never step foot on a single mountain trail again! haha! my body ached like mad the next day, even sitting on the toilet bowl was an impossible task! so readers, be warned!! haha!

alright i'm signing off now, be back soon! =)

here are some photos for u guys to imagine how steep is the mountain okay? xD
and i look awful in all the pictures! haha! i was very exhausted mahhhh =P

Amelia's mom took this picture for us when i told her i wont be coming here again! haha!


climbing! can u spot me?! xD

nice scenery!

haha! my eyes are so funny here cause i remebered calling Amelia to edit my panda eyes for me so it ended like that!

argh..i have more pics but i'm tired of pulling the pics one by one!
oh haha!i guess u all should know this is not kota kinabalu laaa after looking at these pictures xD
its bukit tabur at melawati! hahaha!

Let's move it!

So... i guess this is another 1 of my attempts at blogging! haha! except this time, my aims will not be as high as the previous effort. I've learnt that blogging really is a time consuming activity, so readers be forewarned : the main reason I decided to create this blog is to curb my boredom during the holidays! i do not plan to update often, only when the mood comes along for me to share my views and thoughts with the rest of the world xp so if i were you, checking back once a week is more than enough xD

oh and another thing.
when classes start again, my 6th sense tells me that life is gonna be real hectic! so, we'll c how it goes then. lets just hope that this blog doesn't join my list of abandoned blogs xp

till then, c ya! =)