Friday, May 29, 2009


i rarely use harsh words in my blog and now i'm using it cause some thing really terrible had happened! x.x is darn considered a harsh word anyway? haha!

my pre-exam stress syndrome (PESS) is back again!

I was supposed to have my biology and maths paper today so I thought of being a good girl by sleeping early the day before so that i would have enough energy and concentration to think.

Went to bed at 11.30pm, cant sleep. So okay, was thinking maybe still not used to sleeping so early as I've been sleeping around 2++ am these days.

2 hours passed, eyeballs still as wide as fish ball O.O

and my heart was beating like crazy. I could feel the blood flowing fast in my body. Was feeling so hot! So i took out my body brace and slept without it for the first time after 3 years + !!

4 hours passed. started to panic. scared I wouldnt be able to wake up in the morning. woke my sis up and called her to massage and tickle me. keke. thought it would help but no sign of feeling sleepy.

It was already 4am in the morning. not much time left for me to sleep. so i ran to my dad's room and told him what was going on. This is not the first time so he wasn't so surprised.

I slept in between my brother and dad. brother kept telling me not to be scared bla bla bla but changing a different environment to sleep didnt help too. All i was doing at that time was revising in my head how sperm fuse with ovum and how to use a pregnant kit hahaha!

My dad helped me to massage my head and after he thought i was fast asleep, he actually went down to cook something for me to drink o.o some herbal thingy i think. SO SWEET RIGHT <3> c i give two sided love so powerful.

can u imagine how frustrated i was at that moment!?!? ARGH!! how i wished i could disconnect my veins so the heart would stop beating!! and reconnect it at 7am >.<

so the conclusion is... I didnt sleep the whole night! not even 1 second!!



so sad la haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

T.T please dont give me a Banana for maths la!! i beg euuuuu

actually I was thinking whats the use of studying so hard?! I dont really know since when I actually turned into a nerd and was always aiming for the best. I wish i can change from being a nerd to a hot chick instead? hahaha i'm tired of this kind of life. and my dad told me not to be a dentist and go for something more relaxing. >.<>

easiest way is just to get married and goyang kaki everyday la! lol. lelong lelong who wana marry me?!

jkkkk! =P

counting from now, i've not closed my eyes for more than 24 hours!! am I manly? i dunno who told me not sleeping was considered manly d. hahaha! 4 more papers to go and i TELL U GUYS!!! i'm gonna ENJOY MY LIFE TILL THE MAXXXXXX after this!!!!! trust me!! kakakaka. I chose A levels cause I didnt know what i would want to be at that moment and now the course has come to an end and i'm still clueless.

superb la.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

sorry people for being so emo in the previous post! haha! i've deleted it anyway so if u guys havent read it then too badddd. haha. dont worry i've never thought of commiting suicide. just tried a few times but failed so i wont be trying anymore xD hahaha just kidding laaaa... i love myself, i still wana get married and have many babies and feed them with milk lol omg haha.

guess what i'm holding? >.<


these are my latest pins! cool right?! xD
i look so yucky without my fringe O.o

it's so much more convenient compared to those normal pins as you just need 1 second to stick it on your head and your fringe wont fall =)

you can even use it as a decoration when you go out! lol. looks so stupid >.<

and the most important thing is......

you wouldnt need an umbrella when its raining cause it makes your fringe fly up and protects your face hahaha


censor my face a bit cause too ugly d. haha. i hate my side view angle. so fat like hippopotamus x.x

so people! go get it now! its cheapppppp and niceeee and usefullll =)
you can get it from jusco or sasa.

guys can get one for themselves too cause i've realised guys nowadays have longer fringes than girls o.O
tsk tsk tsk.

ah i'm so lazy and my finals are so nEARRR that i can even smell them from here
lu lala lu lala

Friday, May 1, 2009

my IMU interview SUCKS TO THE MAXIMUM POINT laaaaaaaaaaaa!!
ok i seriously didnt do well in this interview. If you've read the post about my ireland interview, it was way worse than that so u can imagine how bad it was xD they kept shooting me with weird weird questions that left me smiling and showing my grey and green braces.

I dont think they will offer me a place but the fees are like SOOOO SUPER OMG expensive so maybe i would consider another course also. how about stewardess?! xD
can wear sexy uniform and show marine france bodyline! hahaha
i just like the way they carry their luggages in groups while walking out of the airport. SO YENG O.o

oh. and thanks to those ppl ...... lazy to list them out for smsing and asking me how was the interview =)

went over to ningxin's hse last night for bbq. The pictures are all from her blog but the captions wont be the same cause i'm lazy to put any captions teehee xD

2 weeks of study leave but i'm spending them like 2 weeks of holidays! >.<

the weather is FREAKING HOT!! time for dental check up. argh.