Saturday, March 21, 2009

I came across this article today about a taiwanese artist. he divorced his wife after some scandal regarding his wife and another guy. so sad. and they've actually been together since they were 17 years old! so i guess they've loved each other for about 20 years??!!

This made me realised that people can actually forget the promises that they've made to each other, the happy precious moments they've spent together or how long they've actually been together when they fell in love with another person. sigh. so sad. I was actually waiting for him to come back. I know i'm stupid. haha. from what I see now, he's having the time of his life, so i guess it's impossible and so I gave up. wish u 2 good luck kay =)

Dun worry this wont be another emo post. haha.

i was teaching my brother to write an essay yesterday about his visit with his school to the mini aquarium. He wrote that his favourite fish is bubble fish because "i find it very cute because there is a bubble like thingy outside the fish eyeballs". I didnt understand what he meant by bubble like thingy so i asked him and ..

he said "really one! when you see the bubble fish you'll surely feel like bursting the bubble! " haha! so me n my sis was curious and went to search for bubble fish O.o

we burst out laughing when we saw this!

SO CUTE!! xD I didnt know bubble fish exist until yesterday. haha!

I believe everyone will feel like bursting it with a needle! wakakaka :P

front view! hahahaha! so funny! but ugly also! xD eh yeevonne, go buy this fish and put inside your aquarium so I can find one day and burst the bubble! hahaha! I wonder what's the bubble for? anyone knows?

today is the last day of our one week holiday! so fast! and i think i've studied quite hard? haha! stress stress stress >.<

Friday, March 20, 2009

today i heard a very disheartening news from my cousin.
A mate of his taken his own life after receiving his SPM result! O.o
Yes indeed he commited suicide for some disclosed reason.
But the twist is that he scored with flying colors!!
Perhaps due long-term of studying pressure has taken a toll on him?
Making this big decision is really.. almost not possible for an ordinary homosapien eh?
my cousin also said me that uses a microscope when he's doing revision for biology!
but when I was in form 5, I think I hardly touch any microscope before! just memorise everything that was in SUCCESS! hehe!
Well im not writing too much on the deceased now! because i'm afraid that dont know. haha.just inviting eerie feelings to myself xD
So a piece of advice to you people, though im a nerd who studies everyday, at least i keep my smile wide (even though i'm with braces now :P -gigi besi haha) and think positive all the time :) haha!
so u ppl dont stress out on studies! take a break once a while, like munch a bar of kit kat stuffs like that! xD
That's also the reason why i'm online again! :P

Just in case you guys miss me! heres a pic of me! muwahahahaha! Do i look COOL?!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's only the third day of holiday and i'm starting to miss my friends already =(
nobody to chit chat with me for the whoooooooole week! imagine just how much i'm gonna miss them after A levels! so sad T.T

So i attended an interview yesterday for an Ireland university. Cork College University i think.
As some of you know, i've been busy applying for these kinda stuff randomly. yup, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, even engineering. You name it, i got it. haha.
I didn't manage to answer many of the questions XD who cares la. cause..
i'm too hot to care!! LOL! jk :P

But it was better than the UK phone interview cause they didn't ask any science questions x.x
I think i answered all the questions in a very funny manner which made me laugh all the way. haha.
Here are some of the questions they asked and how I answered.

them : so what are the skills you think you have to become a dentist?
me : errr.. I play piano, guitar and cello which make my fingers strong?xD
them : ohh.. other than that?
me : I learnt dancing? ballet and hiphop before? hahaha (eh this is true k! dun believe i can show u guys next time xD )
them : there's nothing to do with your hands.
me : but body coordination mah.
them : =.=' okay... anything else?
me : I like to go jungle trekking, climb mountains? (HAHAHA! actualy i've only climbed bukit tabur before and it kills man! so i promised myself I wouldnt go climbing anymore =P )
them : O.o so you do enjoy reading? what's the lastest book you've read?
me : twilight.
them : tell me which character u like the most and why.
me : (thinking very hard for the names) Edward? because.. he can fly very fast! LOL! (I don't know why i said that! hahahaha )
them : ohhh.. I guess he has nice teeth too cause he's a vampire right?
me : yayayaya (smiling)

them : if you are the ministry of oral health, what would you do to raise awareness among ppl about the importance of oral health?
me : (so hard right! so i said i dun understand and they repeat the question again so i have more time to think! haha smart right?! :P)
them : (repeated using simple english....)
me : put more oral advertisements in facebook and friendster?! LOL.... (i've been busy checking my facebook these days thats why =) )

and many more lame answers la. I wasnt prepared for the interview la. haha. and almost everyone was wearing a blazer O.o I think I need to get 1 too. oh rujin!i saw ur frieny Yi Mei! hehe! i just hate interviews mannn...
while i was waiting for my dad, I played with this in the toilet. alot of people were staring at me also. haha but who cares again :P

so cute! haha! just put your hand there and.. TADAA!

looks like cheese right?! it made me so hungry so after that I went to secret recipe with dad and sis to eat CHEESE CAKE!! yummy!! =D

I promise I wont go online so often anymore!! cause I have to study study study!! If you guys see my online, scold me kay!! then i'll go offline and study xP wont be updating my blog so often also cause i THINK i will be spending most of the time studying hahaha

Friday, March 13, 2009

sooo.. I finally have some things to blog about! xD
after class, we went to celebrate vishal's birthday! =)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VISHAL! stop growing kay! cause you're tall enough haha

the second from the left is vishal! he's a really nice guy!! I like him sooo much! haha! I think everybody loves him too! he's also a maths genius.
oh!oh! and he's TALLLLLL! 192cm O.o

only bought 1 piece of cake! lol

the incomplete group pic >.<>

me and both of the kerS! ker-huei & ker xin. hehe.
ker-huei is the most joyful person i've ever met. you can hear her even u're 10km away?! O.o LOL! you're surely laugh when u hear her laugh xD I like to be around her too cause she makes ppl happy =)
wow ker xin's face is so sharp and thin compared to mine! I think it's time for me to slim down! hahaha! JKJK! If i slim down again i bet ru jin will be the first to scold me :P
lalala. lazy to elaborate on this. haha.

we were asked to pause 1 minute to take the pic +.+

Let bygones be bygones.
Is it that your heart is saturated with dark feelings of pickiness and is that your wish to break one's heart repeatedly?
If you would want to make a bold decision, be the man of you words.
If your're unable to accomplish this simple task,
save your pride and stop lamenting me with your incompetentcy, i wouldnt care.
You have brought me into this predicament,
where a death-knot is formed,as i am on the verge of untying it,
please dont pull the ends tore-tighthened it.

As simple as playing with fire would take down a skyscrapper.
By means of time, the fire evolves into a blazing flame;
forgotten the little spark who created it;
spreads throughout the innocent building that is on the brink of collapsing,
no point of return is to be observed.
Analogous to our situation now,
you have took a deep wrong step,
and the hope for reunion has fly away.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

do you know that I can forgive,
but never forget
what you've done to me.............?
I need a shoulder to cry on =(

Friday, March 6, 2009

eh eh eh i forgot to include this part in the previous post! haha! this friend of mine looks like a korean actor! OMG OMG OMG rite?! haha look at the pics and you will know who O.o that's also one of the reason that made me so crazy over him the last few years? hahahaha lol lol lol

I stole this picture from his blog =P hope you wont mind kekeke


FUIYOH! muscles! yer but look at his...breast? hahaha

Biiang Sheng is still single and available! haha! If u want to know more about him, visit his blog hahahaha :P eh i so good help u promote ur blog! i want a special post from u during my birthday oso kay =P

Thursday, March 5, 2009

hey hey happy belated birthday biiiiiiiiang shenggggg XD
i wana update my blog but i have nothing to update.
i feel like laughing everytime i look at our pics haha
so cute right? thanks for adding colours to my secondary school life =)
you'll always be my good boy friend?i mean as in friend. i mean..u know what i mean? haha i also dont know what toking I but u're some one that I can share my problems with la =)
wow my face is soooo fat! looks like it will explode anytime.

kekekeke =) wish u all the best in becoming a successful badminton player like lee zhong wei! haha!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It was a tiring day yesterday, yet very satisfying =)
All started with my daily routine, waking up 6am in the morning, preparing myself to set off to college, nothing typical in writing these so lets move on.After continuous lecturing for 3 hours on Saturday, my spirits went down..

Fortunately, i felt revitalized as my 2good pals, ee von and kerxin will be hanging out with me with The P class hotties! lol lol
Despite the irritating traffic jams, they took a hefty time in trying to break the ice by making humourous jokes xD

So our destination, MID VALLEY , appeared as a wonder of like for us since it had been some time we were here. First and foremost, book the movie tickets! It was a difficult task to choose between the 2 shows Street fighter ora singaporean comedy. At our first impression Street fighter sounds kickass to the guys , so it was a sound objection to watch the comedy. So be it.. However things turned out of our expectation!!

The plot for the movie itself is too typical and the movie doesnt resembles the original flavour of street fighter. Worse part in it would be the bloodied content. Whenever a fighting scene is witnessed, no doubt there will be blood splattering, head dislocated from the neck, breakage ofhuman body parts n stuffs similar to grinding your head with a chain saw.

Our next activity, to the bowling centre. Wow im 19 already and havent learn that the bowling centre in MV is like a nightclub! so we did play as a 5 men game.. out of 6 of them, 3 already returned home due to exhaustion.

the wall paper of the bowling centre. cool right?

i did not evenpossess the strength to carry the lightest ball, so i had no choice but to squat down to roll the ball, unfortunately this technique aint working at all.

our scores xD all very low la! haha! ee von was the highest =)
can you see alot of 0 0 0 0 0 0 ? =P

Our final destination of the day, to have a light meal at Secret recipe before heading home!me and kerxin odered a cheese cake.

time to say goodbye to midvalley! after a loong tiresome day, we head home, and guess what the driver entered a wrong exit that leads to somewhere opposes our desired destination. haha after enduring the pressure of being partially lost somehow he got it right.. bout 7.30pm, i step my foot on my residence front gate.

overall, it was fun! thanks for asking us out =)

arent we adorable? lol

went to the idp fair today with kevin, rujin and sis. nice to see you guys again =)
tired tired. time to study!!