Monday, November 29, 2010

aiyo. while waiting for my drama to load slowly like super slow motion turtle (the last episode of No Regrets), I'll just update my blog to make time pass faster la.
Getting bored with FB :( nothing much to see too.

Just watched Megamind today! :D
WEEE!! it's a very funny and nice movie! I'll rate it 8.5/10. hehe!
while Harry Potter.. hemm.. I still find it very draggy just like the previous episode.
I'll just give 5/10.

Bubble tea. I guess thats what makes me still awake right now. 1 sip of bubble tea can make my eyes open dua dua liap till 4am! Dont know whether thats a good or bad thing though.

Ah bra looks as if he has caries!! haha.

Mine not so obvious.
Look at this 2 pictures.

Can you see the difference of the size of the face in different angles?
The upper one looks thinner right.

Turn your head 10 degree and it makes my fat looks fatter.

Ikea meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat balllllllllllllllls!
Have been hearing people telling me how nice are these balls!!!
O O O O O O <--- meat balls! hehe!
okie lar. but seriously very filling!! bite till my jaw chao kan!! serious!!

OH! my all time favourite triple play!! Whenever I go to Chilis, this is a MUST order! :D

Super full!

Thanks for making my day not so boring! I've bought stickers to stick on my wall! they're beautiful! and it's just 4 for rm10! I'll snap a picture and post it here after I stick it and tidy my room! :)
oh my, it has been I duno how many thousand weeks dy after my exam and my room is still in the same condition. or maybe worse

I've been spending most of the time looking for dramas to watch. Real bored. but I dont want to go back to uni too. nehhhhh nehhhh poooo poooo.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

oh mian. dead blog. lazy to update.
actually I prefer posting up pics in FB than writing so much crap over here.
are there ppl reading all these? :(
i'm like talking to the mosquito beside me. LOL.


A highly recommended storybook to read! :)
I wana watch this movie too!

I got very emotional at times while reading this.
I felt like going into the book and use a knife to cut their kuku bird.
damn evil. I mean the characters in the story. not me :p

I kept searching part time jobs from
Saw a job which u're asked to be a model for ppl to shoot. and u can earn up to rm150 in 3 hours!! thats a lot okay!! O.O

but they didnt mention whether it's shooting with or without clothes o.o

ok lar. byebye. sien.

cousins and friends. pls get married. I wana ban leng leng and attend weddings. haha.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Do re mi.


I usually pay rm4 to swim but this time when I go with my siblings, they charged us rm3 each.

Youth (13 - 17 years)
RM 3.00

Adult (18 - 54 years)

RM 4.00

The moral of the story is mix more with teenagers? hehe. So you'll look younger.


spot us :)
this 8 po removed her braces today.


Younger sister will be sitting for SPM the next day but still so relax to come out and swim and eat super yummy frozen yogurt with us! yummeee! :D

I wish I can always be so relax like her.

All the best JOY!

JOY to the world.. lalalalala.
Christmas is around the corner! :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sneak peak again! :DDDDD

wild? sexy eh? the photographer is our oh so cutie sha ejin again! hehe!
just helping out with her project! xD

We did work together? last year. lol.
This is the post.

Click :) this smiley
I was still so chubby.
All I can say that my cousin shoots real nice photos! :D
Fat face also become sharp face.
Can find her to be your photographer for your wedding in the future!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I just slept for 3 hours + last night and forced myself to get up 4am in the morning!!! O.O
I was very reluctant to get up because I was sooooooooo sleeeeepy!! but I'm not those ffk ppl! haha! and I dont get to meet my nottingham babes that often so I dragged myself up, brush up and off I go! :D

omg the journey to nottingham was torturrrrrrrrring!!
I got 3 speeding summons all from the highway to nottingham. so I was scared dy and forced myself to drive at 90km/hr!! omgggggg. the highway was so so so empty at that time but what to do? :(

Reached ah winnie's hse at 5.30am, force the contacts lens into my very dry eyeballs and tadaa!! to Broga hill!! :D

It was still very dark when we reached.

The scenery! ahhh. breathtaking! It's very cooling up at the peaks!
I'm not sure whether the 3rd pic is the sun rise? X.X
I didnt see the sun rise but the sky just suddenly went POP! BRIGHT!

Journey to the 1st peak! hehe!

Suyi loves stones! @.@ haha

she wants to take a lot pics with the stonessss.

she asked us to kiss it but she didnt do it herself! hahah

met sophia and the gang up there! :)

no idea what is the michelle (on the left) doing. LOL. thanks for coming kahmen! I know u came for me! xD

People that are not afraid of heights.

People that are afraid can only stand on the group and look upwards :p

Everytime when I look down KLCC, I'll still shiver a lil.

Group pic! c;
ah finally a pic of winnie? lol. poor little winnie the pooh wasnt feeling that well so she jaga 1st peak for us!

There was 4 peaks! and we managed to climb to the 3rd! it's not because we were afraid of the very steep 4th peak, it's because we wana save the best for next time! hehe!

On the way down. Team work is what you need. So dont go hiking with people that dislike u! lol. if not they'll push u down!

I slided down with my butt most of the time. The advantage of having big butt with big surface area. slow & steady!

Hungry! eat grass? or Jill said it's a flower.


Sharing Rocky!

3 hours+ of hiking and finally we're at the end point! :DDD
Good job everybody!

went to Cheras to have dimsum! super yummeh and super full! Let me tell you what I hate about most KL ppl!! even they've finished eating and you're just standing right beside them staring at them bushuang-ly hinting them to leave, they still got the face to stick their butts on the chair, chit-chat and enjoy their chinese tea!! :p argh! so inconsiderate!

The 2 besties that made me feel sooo warm when I was still a newbie in nottingham! hehe! and both of them are from Miri thats y I love ppl from Sarawak! of cuz ah bai aka kah men u too! :D
Broga Hill1

It was really a great Haji for me! Thanks a lot peeps!! you girls made my day again! muax muax muax :)
thanks for the pics Jasmine and also those that lead us up!

Next station - water fall in bikinis? xD

I think broga hill is a nice hill to go hiking? xD it's not that hard.
Compare to Bukit Tabur in melawati. my goooooooooodnesss. That one can kill ppl. lol. I almost die there! xD and I will never go there again. haha. I think I blogged about that in my very 1st post! hehe!

omg i'm so hungry right now i want to puke O.O

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Random pics again! c:

Mix chips + porridge is the new love! :)

A little huge bunny that will burst anytime in Desa Park City xD

My bruise few weeks ago O.O
those bruises just appear out of no where O.O O.O O.O
and it's not only one. it's 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.......
I still remember a pharmacy told me I might have leukemia!! piiiiiku da da li her!!
made me cant sleep for few nights counting the days I can still live before the blood test result came out.

so much that I can even draw a best fit line on my leg! physics!! lol

a random sticker I saw somewhere!! hahaha! ben 10!!! but why on earth the girl beside is PREGNANT?!?!?! xDDD and the girl is ben 10's sis isit?
bad influence on innocent little cutie kids!

ohno!! Gucci's birdy came off!! so longgg. haha. roughly 18cm I think.

and Gucci is looking for it! keke!

Jk lar. Gucci is a female and thats actually a German sausage that costs rm5!!!

I finished 1 korean drama in 1 day!! hehe! watched till neck pain.

This is funnneh!! There was 1 day my maid cooked fried chicken. I went to the kitchen to see whether she kept any of the chicken for herself because we wanted to leave some for her and I saw this!! xD

This is how my maid hides food! lol. The most dangerous place is the safest place so I guess the most obvious place is the safest too? xD

but it's dangerous to the chicken cause it will fall anytime! lol.


Went to KLCC today :) went to the Go Mobile Expo but I couldnt make up my mind which phone to buy yetttt :( hemmmmm.

cut my lolo fringe too. can u see the difference? if no then byebye rm8.

Life's great without books and lectures and piku unis right? :)
ahhh how nice! I want to go for a trip!
Gotta go eat tong sui with sisssys!! yipee yipee yaya!

Friday, November 12, 2010

WEEE!! i'm happy today and yesterday night!! hehe!
watched RED last night with ah bra zai and Takers this afternoon with dental peeps! :)

Both of them are nice. RED is funny! Takers is about a bunch of thieves stealing super huge amount of money $$$$ and I must say that they are all very smart! I guess in reality it's the same too. theives are smart but they used it in the wrong place?

I wana watch Unstoppable soon!! woohoo!

Most of the eating time with dental peeps were spent talking about how bad is our uni!!!!
lol. and lecturersssss too. lol.

life is so great after exam!! no need to face stupid notes anymore!
but i automatic woke up at 6am today! O.O

my syok sendiri pics when I was drivingggg. lol. hehehehe. shy.


I finally look like a human again.
Was a zombie for the past few weeeeks!

super jammmm in the evening. I hate driving on Fridayssss.
Jam jam everywhere jam. peanut butter jam!!
but who cares? I have plenty of time to jam!!! haha!

let me tell you guys a xiao xiao de mimi.
I'm taking out my braces next month!!!! YEAH!! hehehe!
happy for me? xD

Thursday, November 11, 2010

the last paper was a DISASTER!
read my lips. real disaster :(
sigh sigh sigh.
Luckily I couldnt manage to wake up at 5am this morning to study.
Cause nothing I've studied came out.

this world is so unfair. Hard work doesnt always pay off. Luck is what I was lacking.
I am disappointed. very timmmm.

or maybe I'm just aiming too high all the time which leads to disappointment all the time.
Oh well, I've learnt my lesson.
study smart and aim lower next sem.

pftttt. ok enuf.

FREEDOM is what I have now! :DDDDD
I guess my holiday is roughly 1 month? :( so short!

To do list during the holidays!!! :)

1. cut my lolo fringe. super long like banana already. Thinking whether I should redye my hair again? the black roots are out.

2. get a new phone!!! yipee! the phone I'm using now kept shutting down itself! *annoying* I wana get a dslr too if possible :( but where to get the $$$$$

3. read a storybook.

4. see more green trees or grass or whatever it's green. my power increasing like nobody's business thanks to my notes.

5. exercise!! I need to swim. backache :(

6. ENJOY!!!!! and watch all the series that my sister have been watching.

7. be a good girl and do all my house chores and learn how to cook something besides frying a lousy egg.

8. go ikea! I just feel like going there! i love to see nice furnitures! :) Then I'll think of my future house! hehe!

9. eat all the nice food and sleep like a pig! Need to get rid of my dark circles.



Super disaster also right my room? haha! I just throw all the notes on my bed and the floor when I'm back!! I dowan to look at them ANYMORE!!! I MEAN IT! GRRR!!

oh btw, the blue bag on the right. it's not just any other ordinary recycle bags. cause it worths 3k =.=
including the things inside lar. lol. thanks to my wondaiful uni again for forcing us to buy dental stuffs!

I saw our lecturers interviewing coming dental juniors today and I really wana go in to tell them "DONT COME!!!" haha


nah handsome boy! hehe! thanks for supporting me all the way! He was even stresser than me cause I have to tell him how stress am I everyday! xD

I'm free now and now it's your turn! kekeke!

facebook pictures of the person u're viewing kept popping out at the side these days. I wonder why?

saw this pic and it made me smile! :) hehe! I look like a pig beside a dog.
see the way I sit!
I'm the man YEAA!!! I'M THE MAN!!
let bygones be bygones!! YEAAAAAAAAAAA! O.O

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OMG! i just realised my previous post is the 200th post!!
happy 200th bloggie! :)
didnt expect this blog can last so long! hehe!





ALL MY NOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha!

5 papers down!! 1 more to go!!!! cant wait seriously!
yesterday was the worst night ever.
slept at 12++am and have to force myself to wake up at 4am to study till 8.30am to sit for my paper!

WHY? because of inconsiderate uni like mine quarantine us for 4 hours the previous day!!

sien. tomorrow another 4 hours =.=

sometimes I prefer just go in and sit for the tutt tutt exam rather than locking us in a room and torture us! O.O

I realised that the dark circles around my eyes will be reaching my nose in no time. no time.

Maid went back today :(
but she'll be back in 1 month time :)
shit. how am I going to survive without a maid?

that was just a joke ok! I can do house chores and fry eggs myself!
but guess u'll see me with ugly clothes for 1 month cause i'm just gonna wear clothes that can just throw in the washing machine! keke!

shud I sleep or dont sleep now? :/
I'm so HOT! as in my body is burning.
lack of sleep and water I guess.
Havent been drinking much water cause I dont want to go the toilet! >.<