Tuesday, September 28, 2010

super. lifeless. these. days.
I feel like getting married again!!
MARRY ME PLEASE!! i beg u! I wana have babies and burn my piles of notes to feed the baby!!

it's 1.20am now and i'm still studying @.@
cause I took a 2 hours nap just now.
sien lor.
I wasnt that sleep actually.
I woke up and saw my notes beside me then very sien again so I forced myself to sleep.
then I felt guilty and started studying like mad cow.
I bet I cant sleep later.
byebye. lol.

"Dont let beautiful moments pass by"
but nothing is beautiful to me right now except myself. hahahaha.
siao liao larrrr.
gud nite people!

studying pharmacology these days reminds me of the days in nottingham again :(

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I. today. is. sad.
did. something. wrong . I.
guilty. very.
did. not. the. guts. have. to. apologize.
turned. away. I.
papa. said. too. no.
sorry. really. I. am.
guess. but. you. never. will. this. see.
irresponsible. me .is.
hope. you. and. your ****. fine. will. be.
forgive. me. oh . pls.
repeat. never. will. promise. again.

try to arrange the words into a proper sentence if it doesnt make sense. lol.
there's nothing to look forward these days :(

I wish... tommorow is my birthday? ehe.
but birthday sometimes can be just like an ordinary day.

Maybe I prefer Agung's birthday.
cause it'll be a public holiday :D

My previous post was too short.
blame the sister! she was watching drama on another window on the same laptop =.=
so I was attracted to the drama. hehe.

I forgot to mention that..
my mom actually said that "I'M PREGNANT" to cut the queue when they were in Shanghai Expo! lollllll.
so funny and yeng right.
surprisingly, they believed her and she has been using that excuse for 3 days =.=
can try that next time if you have a kinda big tummy. keke.

She's the coolest mom among all the mommys! hehe!

I have to stop updating blog and concentrate in my studies.

seriously, why cant my uni be more efficient and update their notes on time?!?!?
suan lar if u didnt want to print it for us.
honestly, I hate my uni. sigh.
5 more years. I shall endure.
I promise to myself. myself only ya. that I will...
I will try to build an UMI medical university in the future!! ARGH!

miss the long hair eventhough ppl dont think I look different :p
look at the wonders of contact lens that made my pupil looked so BIG when it was just a size of a little guli few years back! xD

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why just read and run?! I can check your IDD or IP or I also duno what address and find out who read and run yea!
jk lar.

nvmla. I'll just share the pics! :)

This is the pavilion of Brasil and USA.
ShangHai Day 21i

Finland with leng zai + Belgium + Switzerland.
ShangHai Day 12i

Polska + France + Netherland.
ShangHai Day 13i

ShangHai Day 22iiii

ShangHai Day 14i

ShangHai Day 15i

Lastly, our beloved.....

1 Malaysia O.O
er. nice? hehehehehehe.


Lam Fung, Hong Kong actor in Malaysia's Pavilion promoting Ali Cafe?!?


I have totally no idea what this picture.....

and this ....
O.O O.O O.O!!!!
resemble? LOLLLL
cause I thought Malaysia is kinda a conversative country?

My younger sister who lost her baby nail due to too much walking. ewww.


This is how my skin looked like when I was back from Kevin's farewell! =D

a closer look. hehe.
We played the WU-La-La game again and those who lost have to be scribbled by others.

I had A LOT A LOT of FUN that night! :)
thankyou and byebye kevin! will see you next summer!

I chopped off 1 and a half inch of hair but nobody realised!!

Friday, September 17, 2010




up? LOL.

broke my ...

specs!! xD

LOL. myself. haha.

yer. I was studying like mad cow and my specs kept sliding down :(
because nose a bit flat with 2 big holes :(
so I was too pissed, straight away took out my specs, wanted to bend the sides so it'll get tighter and stick to my face.

but I accidentaly broke it instead T.T

but it's ok.


cause I'm gonna stick it back with gum! If I'm gonna make a new pair of specs, it will surely take up a whole day.

There's no SUN at all today.
Therefore I decided to eat SUNdae icecream! hehe! lame?

this is the new lime flavour sundae icecream.

I dont like!!
it tasted like.. lime dish detergent.
but my sis likes it.
it depends lar actually.

for people like me who always do house chores and wash my own dishes of course will get sien of this flavour xD

and this is the new CHEESE flavour french fries.

Friday is a NONO day to study too :(

WEE to kevin's party now! :)
it's a farewell party so I shud be sad hor :(
it's a potluck party btw but i'm just bringing 1 packet of chipsmore? xD

my sisters are back from Shanghai Expo! Is anybody interested to see the pics? ;)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

OMG OMG!! my hand so itchy. I have nothing better to do so I go change my blog template.
I thought it needs a new look so......
Everything is so unorganised now! O.O
I want my old template back. sad.

Few days back, I was so sick of my notes and so I randomly texted bra..
"can we have McD for dinner?"

Bra replied " of course panties! "
(fyi, I'll turn into G-string when I get horny!! lol)

so BROOOOM . . . . picked me up and off we go! :D

On the way we thought of trying something that we dont usually eat.
so ah bra brought me to kepong and he said "why not we go to this western food restaurant. I can give u 50%!"

panty " HOW COME?! 50% off for everything?"

bra "YEA! cuz I am the boss! I didnt want to tell u that I'm rich at the first place if not you will eat up all my money $.$ "

I love monehhh! hehe!

so we went in.


When I opened the menu, to my surprise!!
Everything was really 50% off! they stated the reasons for that too.
Because they dont provide you air cond. lol.
and thats if you order a drink for each person lar.
and this offer is only during normal days. Public holiday and holiday eve no discount!

What a smarty pants restaurant. They raised the price of every food then they say give you 50% off. Trying to play around with our minds! :D

but the food are indead slightly yini mini moor cheaper than other western food restaurant.

My fish & chips!! it tasted a bit herbal?

Ah bra's lamb. woah.
he looks like zai zai over here. haha.
guess whats the symbol on the left side of his shirt which is your right side now? xD

it's 5K! hehe!

our drinks!
I TELL U!! the shake over there is a definite absolute must try!
(btw shake is me! hehe! SHA Kah Ern = SHAKE! )

we ordered strawberry shake and orange yogurt drink. the yogurt drink is just the dutchlady yogurt drink lar. hehe. but yummeh too!

arghh. I'm still very sad over my changed template!!
My chat box was lost but luckily I still found it back. but there's a big big gap in between I dont know how to remove it.

Please tell me this is nicer than my previous template if not I'll be very sad and close down the whole blog and shakableshandy can never never be found :(


ohhhh! i almost forgot to tell you guys the name of the restaurant right. hehe. in case you guys wana go there too.
it's 水霸王 SBV restaurant. I think?
around kepong area! if you really really wana go can ask ah bra! :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Today (or to be exact, yesterday? hehe. it's 12.40am already)... is Alexander Chin Wey Xin's aka Zephyrrr (I still duno whats that) aka xxXxxXxxXx BIRTHDAY!

I promised to write u a post so stop asking branded shirt from me! haha!

I cant deny that this friend actually helped me went thru the hardest moment of my life. He is lame. very lame :p but that cheered people around him :)

He was once very emo and cry baby. LOL. but from the way he talks now, I can see that his puberty period is over? xD he has grown into a macho mature man.

He likes to act like angmo and talk in angmo accent, very irritating! lol. and always thinks he speaks fluent chinese.

We had gone thru a lot of wind wind rain rain (translate into chinese), but that indirectly creates an unbreakable friendship bond between us!

I'm glad that I met you friend! without you, I wouldnt get such wonderful results for my A levels Physics! haha!

Happy 20th birthday Alex!
Stop ai mei-ing with different girls and hunt for a future wife instead! lol!

I purposely choose a yong sui picture of yours :P

After my exam only we go yamcha lar! keke!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday is really a BIG NONO for me to study O.O

Last Sunday went to play kite with my siblings and this week spending the whole afternoon and evening TRYING VERY HARD to study.

super sien.
cant even concentrate to finish up a lecture note.
kept rolling left and right on my bed. hoping something interesting will happen.

Had a small gathering with my 38 gang again yesterday!
We went Chilis for dinner!


yiwei's oh so seducing face as if she's saying "come eat the fries babe" LOL


38 ppl xD

evoney was saying "I like icy mooncake"
me "ewwwwww"

I personally dont really fancy mooncakes.

my all time favourite!!
it is a SUPER MUST to order this when u go Chilis!
finger licking good till you keep licking and licking and it still taste good? o.o

This is not bad too.
some tequila something fish something steak?
I cant remember.
but I remember the price. hehe. RM 26++






I dont like KLCC's guards!
u lift your legs up and cross it while sitting on the bench, they blow the whistle!
u step on their oh so precious grass, they blow the whistle!
u try to rest and lie down on the grass, they blow the whistle!
u dig ur nose, they blow the whistle!
u try to get closer to ur partner, they blow the whistle!

but there were 2 ang moS kissing and hugging like nobody's business beside us!!
they didnt blow the whistle! =.=
I think they were enjoying watching them too.

forget it. I wont make out in a park also. haha.

it was a very relaxing night :)
they helped me released out the stress that was hidden in me for ages!
I felt so good after that. even the back aches that was bothering me for few months was gone! lol.
miracle huh.

thankyou girls.
love ya all!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Finale Night. The last day of orientation.
Theme that night was - Back To School :)

and I've decided to dress like the true me! NERDDDDDD!

The beauties in my batch.

Vishal came back to visit. I miss him!!


I look nicer with nerdy specs no?

The couple playing. hehe.

Kenny the hamsap. yealar yealar ur group won the 2nd place lar! :p
but he wasnt sporting enough. Didnt dress up!! lol.


My pretty junior.



Selamat Hari Raya to all my malay friends especially Jazmina!
Hari Raya is just a super normal day to me :(

Both of my sisters flew to Hong Kong this morning :(
and their next station will be Shanghai. soooo nice.

but it's okay... cause me and bro just ate a LARGE pizza all by ourselves!! xD


Smile like us everyday, keeps the doctor away! :D

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I don’t know how to express my feelings right now. Confused? Lost? Mixed feelings I can say.

Dentistry is a busy course. Everytime when I have insomnia, I’ll lie down on the bed with my eyes wide open thinking.. what if I stayed in Nottingham with a bunch of playful friends that fool around with me everyday. Will life be better? But what is done is done right. aiks. The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see. Forgot where I read this from.

I am poor in managing my time. I’m a nerd. Wasting even 1 second would make me very guilty and that leads to the me today, which is someone very impatient. Every day after class I would lock myself in the room and only concentrate on my studies. Without realizing, I have neglected people around me. I always turn down invitation from friends and families for outings and yumcha sessions. I often forget to reply text msgs too. I’m really sorry about that. And when I’m in trouble, 1 question always pop out in my mind.. who can I turn to? Studying everyday makes the bond between us weaker and weaker. dont u think so?

In the end, I am always alone :(


I’ve been very busy with orientation these days. I hardly see my parents and siblings. When I’m home, everybody is sleeping. When I’m awake, everybody is out. (This is what we used to write in our secondary karangan about materialistic parents right? lol. didnt know it can be applied on me too)

My bro and I even used fb to communicate. How funny huh? Lol. My mom was still at home when I left to uni yesterday. This morning I got up and received a call from her. She asked me to go Shanghai Expo along with my family during the 1 week raya break. Being a nerd, of course I would like to fully utilize my holidays to study. I kept screaming and yelling on the phone that I want to stay and study. Then I asked her where is she. Why not we talk when she get home. The next sentence I heard was “I’m already back in China.” At that very second, I was overwhelmed by guilt. I don’t even know when she flew back as I was too busy with my own stuff :(

Now I am finally free to watch a movie that she wanted to watch so badly but she's back to China already.

yea. Imu is indeed full of nerds. but I must really find a way to get out of this trend.


I feel obliged to attend every outings. I really hate this. So what if I get As in every of my exams when my life is so miserable? You tell me. In the end, I’m still a loser. I used to be very cheerful. U poke me, I’ll still smile to you. But now.. you poke me and I’ll cut you into slices and eat you up. Scary huh.

Despair weighted the air, pushing me down with more pressure than before. HELP ANYONE?


my lovely family.

ps. this is not an emo post. Just wana express my feelings. it's not meant to be read tho. haha. thats why the words are small :p


The only cute little creature that will never leave me no matter what happen. hehe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This was how my brother looks once upon a time. haha.
fatty fatty!
so round.
He was always the fattest in our family.


But after snatching food with him for a few years..
He turned into a skinny skinny!
and me.. a fatty fatty!


Happy 14th Birthday Zhe!
Dont face the computer everyday.
Study hard!
Be polite!
Share your snacks with us!
Dont eat it while walking back from the Lrt.


find your true love but cannot be prettier than me!

this is your birthday present.
dont ask from me anymore :p
I'm very busy!
and my pi uni started charging us to park at their stupid carpark so I'm even poorer.
ask from yen and joy xD
or else u can kindly ask pa increase my pocket money! $.$
treat u play badminton when september ends!