Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My freny was complaining "My life sucks man!"

Me " I dont even have a life right now."

sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh.
how to finish up sem 1 and sem 2 notes in just freaking 2 weeks tell me somebody please tell me :(

On a lighter note, I had an AWE-SOME weekend! :)
Spending few hours in Old Town with bra doing wasting time things like playing Counter Strike, Nottingham friends came over to have korean BBQ in Ampang and we chatted till 12am in my messy but cosy room and I celebrated ningxin's birthday with secondary peeps on saturday!

These are things that I've never been doing for a very very very long time. I havent been laughing out loud for quite some time. seriously. Theres no time for us to gossip and chit chat in uni.

I'll update on those events if I'm free. I've already uploaded all the pics and they are in the draft rusting. lol.

How I look before I go out to WET!!
wah my room really looks very messy. hehe.


and this is how I look when I turn into a completely nerd.


I'll start doing stupid stuff just to make myself stay awake and study study study!
I fell asleep 3 times today while studying and I have to slap myself to wake up wake up! :(

Life is so miserable. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I went to see the dean yesterday.
It was another gloomy day for me :(

She didnt believe my explanation.
I cant believe she can be so unreasonable too.

All she said was choose my friends wisely next time.
and all I wanted to tell her was I should choose my university even more wisely at the first place.

Give me another chance I die die also wont enter this uni.
I regretted for not staying in Nottingham,
I regretted for rejecting Ireland's and Taiwan's offer.
I regretted for not going to Monash too

we always have so many regrets in life.
Nothing can be undone and the only way to make things better is live life to the fullest.


I'm gonna study harder!
enter the dean's list!! and let her see my name again again and again!
haha! say easy lar! lol.
In order to get in the dean's list I have to get A and A and only A!

I'm a rocker yooooooooooo~


i miss eu i miss eu i miss eu
hemm...when are you going to propose to me?
hahahahha. sry. brain rosak. tutttt tutt.

Friday, October 22, 2010

We'll cross the bridge when we come to it.
suck up week.
had 2 days of exams and it's all screwed up exam.

I cant believe we paid so much and they actually screwed up our paper.
It was supposed to be a Sem 2 paper!

In the end, half of the questions are from SEM ONE!!!!
I have totally no idea where did it come from!
I was swearing like never before during the exam.
I kept flipping to the front page to check whether I got the wrong paper!!

we studied like mad cow and nothing is tested!!

I stood so strongly when it hit me.
but another hurricane hit on me again.
How am I continue to stay strong?

my blog has became a place for me to complain instead of sharing my happiness :(
I wan my happiness backkkkkk!

medical school... is not just like any other universities.
Dont enter.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My entire day had gone nowhere but down hill.

today is really a very unlucky day for me.

How should I start talking about it?
First, my hotmal account was hacked or whatever. My email is blocked now.
Then, I was bitten by a mosquito for the whole night and I was busy scratching my whole body instead of sleeping.

We thought things will be okay if we stayed positive.
but. I got a warning letter from my uni today.
I was bloody pissed I would say. and frighten at the same time.
the dean is so gonna screw us just before the exam.
I was cursing and crying for the whole day and I realised things just didnt get any better.
I really dont know when and where did I learn all those bad words. LOL.

I didnt really get any warnings or demerit during my primay and secondary school days.
I remember the worst thing that I was involved is being bullied so badly by a guy and there were once he pushed me down the stairs and it was witnessed by a prefect.

Of course both of us were dragged into the discipline room.
The discipline teacher blacklisted his name and mine in another book for not telling I was bullied.
those were school days.

Come on lar. we've grown up and we're now in universities. why must u still treat us like babies?!?! o.o
the same sentence again. I hate my uni. sigh.
and i really mean it.

I wasted whole day crying like a baby after class and my sis suddenly informed me that my dentist appointment was just 30 mins away.

I faster rushed home and it was a lil jam and I really have the urge to empty my stomach lol and cars kept cutting my queue that really made me wanting to KNOCK THEIR ARSE!!!

After that I received a text msg from my dad telling me I hav 2 summons for speeding!!! and it's freaking rm600 in total!!! Things are worse than ever man oh man oh man.
(I just got home and checked and I had 3 summons in total. I'm so sry papa :(((( )


just like when there's a handsome guy standing in front of u, how can u resist to not run forward and take a look at him? aiyoyoyoyooooooo.

When we reached the dentist. oh how classy was the toilet. but when I asked for tissue paper they gan gan tell me "NO TISSUES PROVIDED!!!"
so rich yet so kiam siap till this extent.
i'm gonna throw my pad inside to block the whole toilet bowl nxtime!!!!!!


what my sis said was right.
This is life. I guess.
Dont just see things from the surface.
The adult life is always so the complicated.
You will never predict what is coming after you.
and it's not just being whack few times by your teacher will solve the problems.

I was really very down at some point. I wanted to quit my uni so so badly.
exam is just next week and so many things are happening now.
then I think again. it's all these small little things that happened in my life made me stronger.

I cried when I got my 1st summon.
and now i'm getting my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th. I was brave enough to face it without a tear. LOL.

I believe in the future when the same shits happen again, I'll be able to overcome it :)

you might feel pain when u first play the guitar but after awhile you wont feel anything when ur dead skin started growing. hehe. good example?

thankyou for supporting me all the way and seeing my ugly crying face and playing so hard just to win...


this for me! xD
does it look gold or silver to u? :p

we'll stay strong :)

I just need a break from everything right now.

Friday, October 1, 2010


我很想... 很想...






The last sentence means "sorry to all the bananas for typing this in chinese and make you guys cant understand. haha"

but sometimes things read in chinese will have more..
what do you call that..
F-E-E-L ! xD

OMG!!i just google translate this!
damn funny!
I'm very surprised that they actually translated 媽的 as damn which is very accurate!
u can try it if u're too free like me which i'm not very free actually cause a lot of tests and exams are around the da bian corner!

Lastly, all the best to you Calvin Ong!
Have a safe flight and come back with an ang mo gf yea :)
Take care and keep in touchhhhhhhhy.

I just realised each and everytime when my friends fly off, it actually affected my mood a lil