Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another random post with random pictures! :)

Spotted my neighbour trying to pluck his mangoes from his mango tree!
He's very smart! Wore a green shirt to camouflage himself! lol.

A clearer pic to spot him.

A moon in the afternoon.

uVision to reduce eyebags.

Gucci has new clothes! =D

whereas bananas in my house have chicken pox. geli right.

Abnormal eye on a saturday night.

My super messy study table which shows how busy am I with my studies.

Waiting for you girls to come back and sing k with me!!

New juniors. Orientation was tiring.


Last but not least....


He's back! :)

GOGOGO! go watch Grown ups! a very funny movie!

I cant believe I actually need to go uni on a SUNDAY MORNING?!?!?!?!!!!! TUTT uni!!
Pfttttt. CPR practical exam tomorrow. wish me luck!

"Where your treasure lies, there will your heart be also” Matt 6:21

Friday, August 20, 2010

blog is so dead.
blogging has become one of the alternatives for me to release stress!
WOAH damn stress nowadays.
kept feeling nauseas till I also suspect that I'm pregnant O.O
lol. the sentence above is just a joke.
sometimes, we shouldnt take things too seriously.
this is life :D

Try to make a diagnosis by looking at the pictures below.
what illness or disease do I have?



Duno leh!
This is how we are tested during exams.
we go from stations to stations by looking at very awful pictures and u have to answer the questions.
very kan cheong 1 lor! =((((

the answer is ...
I just played volleyball!

Yer. so dilemma.
We have this IMU cup which is like a sports day in uni.
I was dragged to this track and field training.
I told the captain I can try.. only try to run for short distance since they desperately need ppl.
He said ok.

And the 1st day of training we were asked to run from uni to the bukit jalil commenwealth park
very far ok.
the next day I've decided to quit. lol.
had muscle aches for 3 days? even had trouble climbing the stairs.

Yesterday was dragged again to volleyball practise.
My house dont have enough people to form a team :(
how sad. lol. IMU have so many students but all nerdssss :p

I really enjoyed the session very very much =D
the redder my hands get, the syok-er I am!
but I really dont have time for training and stuff so I..
quit the nxday again :(

I get so easily irritated nowadays :(
I dont know why.
Do u?
Pointing middle fingers and scolding vulgar words had became my daily routine.
A joke sentence again larrr!

Some random pictures to share.

A random day, everybody felt like drinking bubble tea so 2 of them kindly took down our orders and bought 2 boxes of bubble tea!! =D
how nice.

This is just part of them.

green bean facial mask.
smelly and I dont see any difference after doing it. hehe.
should try red bean the next time.

This is a friend of mine. His name is TOH!
He is good in almost everything.
Sports, studies, musics and everything nice.
just that he has this very very bad habit since young.

my goodness. I wonder how all his da bian come
so lack of fibre.
we forced him to eat 1 vege and he put in inside the dimsum and ate 2mm only =.=

Let me share some pictures with you guys about the website I'm currently working on :)

Everybody say " hello papa!"
This is how I look like before I look like a human.

and this is how u guys look like! hehe!
I look better right? :p

Melissa told me the other day "we can go fishing next week!"
I stunned awhile and think what she meant.

Know what?
New batch of medic students are coming in next week!! =D
kap zai kap zai! hehe!
but I prefer to kap leng lui.

this means orientation is coming and I smell FUN! :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

omg sem 2 is seriously one hectic sem yo!
I dont even have time to breathe.
I can date my notes everyday without going out man.
everybody around me is sick including myself.
I had super bad flu that made me rolled on my bed for the whole night few days ago.
I've used up boxes of tissues, sneeze and sneeze till I realised the diameter of my nostrils increased too? o.o
and now I have a super duper sorethroat which makes me feel like a needle poking me whenever I swallow my saliva.

I have this friend that has 5 ulcers in her throat. ouch.
thank God I passed my theory CPR exam.
pratical exam coming yo.
I need someone to let me practise on.
are you willing to? :)
why is the number of people that think I should choose pharmacy increasing?
is it a sign that I should change back to pharmacy again? lol.
nothing special happened lately.
time to work on my website assignment.
wana know what is it about?
we need to create a website about how gorilla evolve into humans.
how cool huh?
I wonder how this relates to dentistry.
dammm. am really busy.
kthxbye. learnt from dicky the dickson xD

1 more week and u'll be back! =D

Thursday, August 5, 2010

OMG! I have this super bad post-INCEPTION dream!
I was kicked back to my own bed room and started sleeping alone for 3 days already.

The small lamp beside my bed is always switched on until I was half asleep, I'll then off it.
I'm a coward I admit. I dont have the guts to sleep alone since I watched a ghost movie few years back.

While sleeping, I had a dream. I was kidnapped and this stupid guy wana ..............tutttt....... me! =.="" no idea where this comes from. super tuttttttt! i was screaming and screaming and suddenly I woke up and realised it was just a dream.

I wanted to faster get up and run to my sister's room but I just couldnt move! I can actually see that I was in my room but it was very dark. Then I saw this stupid black monster floating in front of me! omg damn scary.

and I forgot how. I woke up again.
understand what I was trying to tell? LOL!
I was like in the movie INCEPTION!! haha!
a dream in a dream in a dream which I thought I was awake but actually I was still in another dream! LOL!

In the end, I hugged my blanket and pillow, ran to my sis's bedroom and knocked at the door like siao po!! Today, I told ppl that I had this nightmare like Inception and everybody gave me a =.="" look.


aiyoyo. this saturday still need to go uni for CPR blablabla class. a very tiring and busy week! but it's good that can keep my mind off things!

me and my new sucking baby bottle from yvonne! =D

it's only Day 5.
I have so much to tell.
but when can u sit down and listen? :(

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kah Ern

I miss them :(
sometimes I still wonder, what will it be like if I stayed?

Some VIPs birthday all fell on the same week which made me stressed enough to go crazy. lol. kept digging ideas on how to celebrate with them. lol.
and this will be the same for the coming few years. aiks.

28th July- Yvonne's birthday.

30th July - Bra's birthday.

another 30th July - Sis's birthday.

Yea, they have the same birth date.
If u're me and you can only choose one of them to celebrate with, who will it be?

busy timetable next few weeks @.@

xXxXx - lessER words lar! happy? :p haha.

21 days......:(