Sunday, December 28, 2008

frustration to the max!!
shalt i drop that freaking physics? some one please give me an answer!
this issue has been bugging me since... May!! x.x
is physics really soooo important? Why does it have to be the hardest science subject?!
can you believe it there are still only 8 people left in my class trying to cope with physics.

boredom to the max!!
2008 is coming to an end.
have i completed all my resolutions?
i've spent most of time studying like a mad machine. i'm the lean, mean, studying machine! haha!
A levels is really tougher than i thought. Should have chosen some design courses instead. I'm actually quite fond of interior designing =( but many have said that entering this field cannot guarantee one a good living, not unless you are famous in the field.

recently, i've been busy reading eclipse! haha! steph! i got it! xD but I borrowed it from a college friend of mine la. I find the book quite...erm.... boring >.< that is, compared to the last 2 books in the series.

okay. i've been getting fond of posting crappy posts here! haha. before this, I could almost take an hour for each post. I'll check the grammar, spelling and even the punctuations!! lol! but i dont care la now. cuz as far as my nuffnang points are concerned, not many are reading my blog! haha. i've only earned 50 cents. oh no so sad. =/

hmmm.. wonder what will I be doing during this new year's eve? Last few years when i was still an innocent girl I used to sleep before 12 so i never really experienced counting down to the new year's day. in the past, i'd lie down with my siblings and we'd countdown earlier by an hour cuz we really couldn't take the sleepiness anymore xp

next year, i must.....
-perm my hair hehehe
-improve my guitar playing skills! i'm still having some trouble reading tabs.
-have more fun instead of studying
-get a new bf! hahahahaha jk la!!
-decide on my further course of education
etc etc....

a random pic that I like =)

oh ya look at my header! hahaha! so small! I editted it all by myself and I only used 5 minutes! xD
Guess i'll have to wait for my lovely yeejin to come back from HK before i get a new header =)

Friday, December 26, 2008

where are you?

it's been ages since we've last spoken to you.
even wishing you a merry christmas seems to be an impossible feat.
why can't you just be an ordinary mother, one that asks her children how was school and everything, instead of staying thousands of miles from us.

staring down the telescope of years at the ways things used to be.
you never attended any concerts of mine and never even collected my report cards.

everytime i hear a familiar lullaby, i wish i were deaf.

that's because it reminds me of you leaving us when we were in kindergarden.
it's was the lullaby that helped us sleep at night.
you weren't the one who told us bed time stories.

there've been countless nights, nights i've been hiding under the blanket crying.
my tears are like a dripping faucet that i can never shut off.
how can you possibly survive at a place so far without any close relatives by your side?
don't you miss us?

I always envy some friends of mine whose mother would scold them for getting bad grades.
at least they have mothers who care for their children.
you never ask me about my college, my results, my life.

when pa brought us all out for a dinner or outing, I never feel happy because there's someone missing. a screaming empty hole.

one that you should be filling.

browsing through the photo albums, I can hardly find a picture of our complete family.

we really miss you.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everybody! =)
so sad.. It's my younger sister's turn to have chicken pox!
I hope it wont spread to me!! Look how happy is my brother! playing psp without his chicken pox anymore! haha.

GO GO power rangers!

Some pics from yiwei's friendster! We had a christmas eve party at her house. It was FUN! i'm starting to miss them ... =(

The cute yi wei!

Can you believe it?! Kah Men's sister baked this!!

We were happy! but..tired too! haha!

Group pic!

haha this jaz kept playing with ppl's slide phone! tsk tsk tsk =P

The green tea cake jaz & steph baked! Not bad!

I don't know how many bottles of sparkling juice we drank but i remember we drank ALOT!

Playing indian poker? I think that's the game's name!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Last few days kevin and ru jin wanted to give us a surprise so.. they picked us up around 6.30 and brought us to.. the look out point at ampang! =)

we wanted to watch the sun set but the sun was at the other side of the restaurant! =(

Reading the menu..

ru jin and kevin discussing what to order.

The waiter was kinda weird. haha. we ordered alot of food. i think it was a full chicken and a pizza or sth like that. but the waiter stunned us by saying that we shouldn't order so much cuz the full chicken is more than enough for all of us! zha dao. haha!

so i laughed xD and andrew was stoning as usual.

But the chicken was really HUGE and the rice omg it was as tall as the mountain we climbed. haha! really a huge portion!!

so sweeeet rite? =)

KL night view! so beautiful! enchanting! dashing! wonderful! marvellous! ok ran out of words d xp

well, it was really fun meeting these lovebirds again. we had a lot to catch up on and i'm starting to miss them already =(

btw, this place is the perfect place to bring your lovers for the perfect date! hehe! it's a really romantic place. and the view is just breathtaking, especially at night. and the food is pretty yummy too! ;) i'm sure it'd be a great spot for marriage proposals! hehe!

ok that's all!
have a nice day! =)

OMG!! oh no oh no as i was just starting to type this post, Ee Von told me that our A levels results will be out next monday?!?!? NOOOooo! I really really hope she got it wrong! cause I always assumed that our results will only be released around April?! heehe! so much for a few months of enjoyment! I...I...I'm scared! =( I heard that this year, people who were born in the year of the horse are destined for bad luck? haha! so many of my friends would carry some sort of amulet with them during examinations. I didn't believe that until the real As exam. sigh. The first chemistry practical paper i sat for was a complete, utter disaster! Most of the apparatus weren't in good working condition. I kept screaming at the lab assistant cuz the suction tubes weren't working properly!! imagine the frustration and tension i was experiencing at that moment. And guess what he called me to do?! He said "use your mouth to suck the pipette la!" He kept repeating it but of course i ignored him O.o I thought he was joking but after the friend told me that she actually used her mouth to suck!! hahaha! I really did very badly in the next few papers as i had lost my confidence. AHhhhHhhh! so for my physics paper, I borrowed Andrew's amulet and i ended up...........

Not finishing the paper.




oh mannn.......

What I think I can do now is pray and pray and pray and... I really dont know what else =(

I think i'll have trouble sleeping for the next few nights.

Ok lar enough of complaining.

Some pictures of me and my sisters' and brother's first oreo cheeeese cake!

All the credits to miss sha yee jin! She taught us how to make this yummy cake! hehe!

Isn't it cute?!? =-)

The cotton candy yee jin bought.

Too bad we ignored it while busy making our cake so it started to harden! It was hard like a rock! xD

I thought the cake was quite yummy. it tasted just like the cakes we usually buy from secret recipe! hahaha! just that...

My sis & I had a stomachaches after eating the wonderful cake. =.='''''''''

I gave Andrew's family a quarter of it and his dad woke up and lao sai in the middle of the night! oh no man! haha!

sorry uncle! xp

Monday, December 15, 2008


wow this holiday is becoming waaaaay toooooooooo meaningless! what have i been doing all this time?!?! certainly nothing meaningful! I didn't even have a chance to go on a trip!!! argh! frust man! can anyone recommend a job to me?! i'm so sick of this boredom that lunch doesn't even attract me anymore despite my rumbling stomach.

This is my family picture! oops! why is BOO inside? haha! Boo is actually my ex cambodian maid. My dad gave her the name Boo to make it easier for us to call her. There was once when my brother tried to scare me! he shouted "BOOOO!!" and my ex maid said "yes?!" hahaha! so that was the end of BOO BOO games in my house. from then on, we had to scare ppl by shouting "RAHH!" Boo helped me in my moral project last year as one of our family members. haha! let me tell you guys a story! She was once a very nice maid. because she doesnt understand English, we had to use sign language to communicate and I couldn't tell her off becuz she could not understand a word thgat was coming out of my mouth! imagine the frustration! However as time went by, she changed into an annoying maid! wow! if u called her to do something she'll pretend as if she couldn't hear you. And if she heard you, she'll make some kinda freaky cicak sound that goes like "tsk tsk tsk" before she does whatever she was told to! what a horrible maid!

oh! look at her hair! it was longer than mine! i believe everyone knows that when a new maid comes, they usually have short hair so as to be presentable. Maybe due to my mom's absence, nobody bothered about her hair unlike Andrew Tay's mom, who cuts her maid's hair and made her maid cry in the process! haha! How lucky my ex maid is. I didn't mind her having long hair but the problem is she steals our pins, rubber bands and uses alot of shampooooooo! She spends more of her time looking into the mirror she stole from us instead of doing her job. sigh....

Not forgetting that she loves my sister's perfume! she wanted to buy the exact identical perfume but my sister didn't want to smell the same as her so she bought a different scent and said that the perfume was out of stock. BUT!!! my maid didn't want to accept that other perfume!! talk about de cun jing chi! she kept on smelling the perfume and shaking her head! waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! sigh sigh sigh! so my poor sister haad to go back to mid valley again just to change the perfume.

Even though she has many negative points that kills me just by thinking about it, she still has her plus sides. She gave me comments when i couldnt decide what to wear. Surprisingly, her taste was not as outdated as i thought. She was also a fast learner as she learnt some english words like "cook! bathe! eat! wash! cut!" =)

ignore my post if you want to, as i have been too bored and I have no idea why i am talking about my ex maid! heeee heee! She just popped up in my mind when i was browsing through the photos! Now i've another cambodian maid and her English and cooking is good! I wonder...if she will eventually evolve into another cicak maid in the future?! xD I'm laughing like a mad cow as i'm typing this! mooooo~ haha!

okay...i'm bored again.... =( I should have went to the library with yeeeee zhennn... sien ahh! save me somebody!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Throughout the holidays, i've been taking free guitar and drum lessons from Mr. Andrew Tay! hemm..I realised all my posts are kinda short but always filled with pictures. why ar?! duno la. haha! okay so this is a video of andrew tay playing his super ex drum!

Oh ya! we had a secondary school friends gathering two fridays ago. I really had a great time meeting and catching up with these buddies of mine =)

My poor little brother is having chicken pox right now. what a pity. he complained that his chicken pox are itching like mad and that he's having trouble falling asleep. INSOMNIA! poor little kid. so being the loving sisters we are, me and sis helped him put on some calamine lotion xp

tadaa! our work of art! xD

haha! we had to censor his underwear. however, it doesn't look very well done so we used a Usavich chicken to cover his underwear. haha! poor little brother, he's clueless that i'm doing this! haha but very cute mah hor... =P

Can't do this to him right now or else i might cause his chicken pox to explode! haha =P his lips and some private parts are full of chicken pox too! poor fella =/

say hello to usavich chicken and frog!

Btw, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY MEI HSUAN! This is a present for u! I'm sure u'll like it =P drum roll!! ................... Another cute video of my brother! haha! i realised i'm in love with my brother! lol. i'm addicted to recording all the cute things he does xD