Friday, February 27, 2009

This is what we usually do during break time xD lol lol lol YOGA!! to clear our minds!

after swimming =)

Guess what is my brother doing?! lol lol lol again.

putting fake eye lashes!! hahaha!

side view! haha!

cute right? xD He was too boring and he wanted to try fake eye lashes =.=

But because of these funny people around me, I'm feeling better =)

my heart is still bleeding...

keep bleeding keep keep bleeding. lol

i wonder whether you sing to her every night just like how u usually sing to me?

love is really blind.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

yong's wedding dinner

Yesterday was another wedding dinner of a cousin of mine! SKY! it was aweeesome! Alot of celebrities attended the dinner too :P i'm glad this dinner made my mind busy so i would stop thinking of some stuffs.

The only picture with the bride and bridegroom. but it's incomplete. haha. my dad was the skillful photographer =.= my dress was sliding down! hahaha

Andrew Tan!! know who?! he's a singer! everybody was grabbing the chance to take a picture with him! =) yerrr but i dont look nice in this picture! My eyes are half opened lar!! I wana take again! but have to queue up lerr.. lol. I dont like flash lights :(

you see. no flash light makes people look nicer.

yeejin where are you? this picture will be prefect if u were inside.

cousin & cousin's gf, cousin & cousin's gf and 2 angels behind :P

my new bf! hahaha! so lame =.=

another singer! i forgot what's his name again! heheee! my sis spoiled the pic! ish!

the baby i love to disturb the most xD

my cousins are so handsome right? hehe! i would go after them if my surname isnt sha! keke!


besties forever =) thankyou so much for being such good listeners. the best thing in my life is having both of you as my cousins muaxxx till faint kay =)

I think we will still be attending another 2 or 3 weddings this year! lol. so happie! we will be getting more and more angpaus!

tata everybody! :) i'm okay already. thx =)


Friday, February 20, 2009

u were once someone important to me.
but you no longer are.
you've hurt me so much that I couldnt find a reason to give you another chance.
we've been through so many things but you chose to walk that path.
you said our names will never look complete if they didn't come together.
cause of you, I've been crying for days and skipping meals but you never knew.
I wished I could rewind everything and return to the happy moments we used to spend together.
I said I can move on by myself, but that is just a lie.
I wanted so much to get revenge so that you can feel what i'm feeling now.
But hatred is a curved blade that the harm we do, we do to ourselves.
The old lonely darkness has taken a seat alongside me.
I'm so used to it by now, making room for it like the way you make room for a commuter on a crowded bus.
I'm drowning in my own sadness and nobody knows it.
There's nothing left for me to reach out for, no lifeline that can carry me to the shore.
There will be no one that can ever replace you.
but you've changed and I have to accept that.
all I can do now is wish you good luck.
I love you.

sorry for the emo posts these days! haha! i'm really going through a very tough time! I think i've lost faith in love. but i'm sure i'll be fine in...10 years time? lol. abit long. oh God please tell me how to get through this. YUCKS!! I hate guys that like girls by judging on their looks! SUCKS MAN!! i not cute merrr? :p :(

p.s really wana thank all my college friends for cheering me up lately, playing games with me during recess. haha. and also my cousins n U n U n U! u noe who u r =)
i know she's HAWTer but when we were together, i really love you with all my heart <3
i hope she can do the same too =)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

something really bad happened today.
but its okay! cuz i still have my friends =)
we went to the gym today to work out!! BUILD MUSCLES!
jk la! just trying to make ourselves to sweat so that our blood can circulate better and we can study better! xD that's what ee von said la keke!

running running....

ker xin and me =)

can u see there are badminton courts behind us?
yes! we can see ppl playing badminton while running! cool rite? xD

i have no idea why these pics are all upside down! I rotated it ard =.=

thorng thorng! yeah..that's her name! very unique rite?

cutie ee von!

group pic! haha! i spoiled de pic xD
ok time to bathe! we were tired but we enjoyed alot!
thanks to all u for being there when i really need u guys =)
muax muax muax!!! haha
next monday we are going to swim! yeah yeah! who wana see?! =P

thanks to u too egg haha u noe who u r xD

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I thought this year's valentines would be lonely, but it wasn't!
yeap. i'm single now if most of u are wondering. haha.
today, I've did something that I couldnt belive that i've actually done it! lol. can't tell :p
and thanks to the 2 women down there for making my valentines more interesting! haha.
we can talk the whole day without stopping!
i'm so tired now and my lips are hurting. haha.

thanks for everything <3

wondering why single stil got rose isit?
haha! yalah!!
i bought it myself la xD
just kidding.
yer not funny also.
ok la! have a nice day!

Monday, February 9, 2009

for gurls only x)

cute sanitary pad packaging??

Look closer...

there are actually marshmallows inside. lol.
yummy! :)

And this is really a sanitary pad! Special?? It contains some herbal thingy and it has some cooling effect that makes you feel like burning! hahaha. actually it's just the same feeling you get when u eat a mint-flavoured mentos! keke! my auntie gave it to me but i don't find it in KL.


YES! it can make ur boobs bigger! haha! but that's according to this brochure laaa..

duno whether it works.

before and after! xD
so big difference right!

it has 2 yummy flavours for u to choose.

If i'm not mistaken, 1 packet actually costs rm28.80 but there're only 4 cookies inside.

and it says that u need to eat 2 cookies per day to c de difference!


Try it n tell me kay! keke!