Friday, December 31, 2010

ELooo people! Long time no see! hehe! I have so much to update but dont know where to start with.

It's new year eve today. but I'm sitting in the tv room blogging myself with the TV on :(

younger sis having party outside.
elder sis went out.
brother and dad fell asleep :(
as well as Gucci.

but it's ok! at least I had fun with my siblings before this!

just gonna post up some pics tat I like since I've posted all in FB! :)

woke up so damn early man! and I have to drive all the way to Shah Alam. and maybe I was too used to snatching iphones? lol. we were snatching for the bike too when they just open the gate! hehe!

Really love the place. full with super pretty plants?



the snow house! damnnnnnnnnn cold. wah my bro so yong sui over here! :p

lol lol


this reminds me of ah winnie leh! hehe. we used to do this.

O.O guess they were angry tat it was too far. hehe.

picture of the day!!! xD
sis thinks her arimpit is smelly but bro thinks otherwise! hohohohoho!!

The best part was people were looking at us!! :D but we still did it.

What can I say about this trip? hemmm. Words couldnt express how much fun we had together.
We were finding a time that 4 of us could be free. but it seems to be so hard. younger sis finished spm in the mid of Dec. Then my brother started attending camps for the next few weeks. Then I went to trips with my friends too. Finally TODAY! which is also the last day of 2010! we finally found time for each other.

Our initial plan was to go to Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh, but too far :( then we changed to Sunway Lagoon. but we find the entrance ticket is a bit too exp. especially when we have to always times 4. lol. and I remember spending most of the time queueing the last time I went.

At last, it was the agriculture park in Shah Alam. I must say that it's the perfect place to hang out with your family. It would be better if all of your family members know how to cycle! hehe!

My parents are really very busy people. But I am lucky enough to have so many siblings beside me. I couldnt imagine how lonely would a only child be :( thats why I wana give birth to 4 babies in the future. I hope I really can!! hehe!

hemm. Recalling what have I did for the past 12 months.
- Making the most important decision in my life. Shifted from Nottingham to IMU. Regrets? more or less sure got 1 larrr. lol.

- Going through the toughest exam in my life.

- Making sacrifices and handling issues about friends.

- Endure what IMU have done to me. lol. argh.

- dyed my hair twice xD

brain a bit jam now. will add on if I remember anything! :)

so.. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!! I hope it will be a great year ahead for all of us! :)

I love all of u ya!! hehe! eventho i'm not sure who is reading this! hehe.

p.s. why guys cant aim properly while pee-ing?! and why cant they flush the toilet? LOL! I just saw bubbles (wee wee) in my toilet bowl and stains of wee wee again around the toilet bowl. oh man . . . . . haha. I believe it was done by one of my sis's guy frennnny.

but.. one of her friend. is. so. quite. leng. chai! hehehe! *shy* too bad he's just a xiao didi. lol.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Bao Bei :D

haha peeepooo!
meet my new little xiao baobei!! :DDD


but it looks so dirty and old hor. lau beh camera.

Just got it yesterday!
oh man! what an experience queueing up at the wee hours of the morning.

woke up at 6.30am (earliest during my whole holiday)!!!
grabbed a shirt and kept knocking the door to ask my dad to rush to klcc and queue for iphone 4!!! RAHHHH!

my fren told me the time when he queued, they only give out 20phones. so I was so paranoid! and my dad drove super fast too! lol.

when i got there, there were already 4 or 5 people scattered around the maxis door but no queue yet. so I faster rushed to the door and I WAS THE FIRST!!!! wahahaha!!

so happie!!! :D like super happy lor! hahahahahahah! then only those scattered people kan cheong and faster queue behind me.

it was just 7am at that moment tik tok tik tok and maxis centre will only be open at 8.30am! MY GOODNESSSSS!

dad and sis were in the car resting. 7.30am, dad came down to teman me! both of us were like wee wee wee!! we are the first! and he kept saying wana buy 20 iphones and force them to giv extra rm50 only sell to them =.= super =.======== but still so cute de daddy! :D

8am! guard finally opened the door! wah I tell you! the scenario was like...a group of very hungry pigs rushing to get their food! we all followed the guard.. and he lead us to another door!

ohman. super kiasu people. everybody kept turning around to look whether people and following behind us cause we were worried we got to the wrong door.

the next second, we were standing at another door, but it's something hotlink hotlink station! O.O
so weird!!! and only 6 people followed me and the stupid guard! lol.

so I faster ran back to the door i first queued and!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there are already 16 people queueing up!! SUPER KAN CHEONG!! I tot angmoh very friendly so I asked one of the angmoh whether this is the queue to get iphone 4. he said "duno" wahhh dulan him lor.

den I queued behind him. but the more I think the angrier I got! I WAS THE FIRST LEH!!! I CAME SO EARLY OH!!!!! the stupid guard brought us to the wrong place! what if each of them buy 2 iphones then I dont get 1! then I have to come another day! NOOOOO!

so I went to the first person queueing there, I told her,

me "hey miss. Is this the queue to get iphone 4 blablablabbla?
aunty " yea" bushuang face. i think she was too action cuz she was the first but tat was my place!
me "can u let me in first? I came at 6+++++am (Exaggerate a bit :p) and I waited very long. but the guard suddenly lead us to another door."

aunty "then i'm sorry. I cant do anything."

i kept begging and begging and she asked me how many iphones am I buying?

I said 1? den she said ok la ok la. but she kept telling her fren "wah this girl ..tut tut tut tut" when she knows I am listening! 8 PO MEN!! :p

the other 5 people that went to the wrong door also came back. they saw me cutting the queue so they queue behind me, means making another line! LOL!

and the stupid angmoh!!! he shouted "EH!!! queue la!! dont cut queue la!"

then some dabian ren followed" yealah!! queue la! we also queue very long!"

wah! it was damn scary! like they were starting to fight.

den.. the hero saved the day!

my dad came out =.=

and explained very nicely and slowly. LOL!!

ok. typed till very tired dy!! in the end, I let the aunty first, I was 2nd.

and the thing that made my dad and I almost fainted was......!!!!

after settled everything, my dad suddenly remember he was an elite member of maxis! which means kinda like VIP.
and the promoter said we nonit to queue! just walk in anytime and can get an iphone straight away!! WAHHHHHHH!! gek siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

3 hours!! 3 hoursss of waiting and queueing and fighting and pleading!

On the day I bought my iphone, I bought 4 new shirts for it!! hehehehe!


after buying, I really feel very very guilty! LOL! im not gonna change the cover EVERYDAY! O.O I see my friends changing them like after 1 year? or maybe few months? guilty :(

if you wana buy! i can sell to you cheap cheap ah! haha. the closer you are to me, the cheaper it is! hehe!

couldnt leave my baobei at all for the moment O.O ohno. I always complain iphone users kept online-ing no matter what are they doing. and i'm doing the same now! ohnooo!

我真的希望 我可以 自己 繼續地走下去....

Monday, December 27, 2010


我們分了, 没关系 。 這不是你的問題, 是我沒那個福氣 愛上你。


誰還在乎 一起, 傻傻說過的 那些話。


Saturday, December 25, 2010

er. I dont know what to update. because most of the pics I have already posted in FB!
today is the 25th! and it's Christmas people! :D

I'm gonna share with u my ugly, darkest moment in my life! Ho Ho Ho!


si beh ugly! i dont even have the guts to put them in a full pic! put them side to side so it looks slightly smaller! haha!

Seriously, I really DONT KNOW. DONT KNOW why. when I looked so ugly with my teeth flying in different directions, te bie a lot of guys chase! haha!
but now.. not even a single ant.

I can always walk around in school thinking I am not bad samo! LOL

Looking back all the pics before I had my braces on really make me wana cry T.T xD
I look like an indonesia maid that ran away from home man! dont u think so?

I still remember very clearly when we were playing 大風吹 few years back, they 吹 people with bao yaaaaaaaaaa! T.TTTTTTTTT
hahaha so hurting!

Promtay pic. My make up skills still suck as ever. Cant even draw a proper eyeliner.

But it wasnt that good too when I just had my braces on. I extracted 4 teeth and everytime I have to edit edit a bit to cover those holesssssssssss.

but now.....

I can smile as wide as I want!! :DDDDD
see so confident!

So dont ever hesitate to put on braces if u have a bad teenage year with bad teeth! :)
all the pain is really worth it! hehe!

I think er those that have my fb account knows there was a small countdown party held in my house last night! so I lazy to elaborate ah! hehe!

Group pic.


and the photographer. hoho.

and thanks for coming ejin eventho 99% were SBU-ians! LOL

Last but not least, Merry Christmas everybody!!
profile pic


I havent blog about dong zhi and my tang yuen! o.o how? lol

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Historical State again.

WULALA! I'm back from KUANTAN!
MIA for so many days. Was so boreddddddd in Nov but suddenly so many things to do in December! hehe!

I have been to Malacca for. er. 3 times this year? Malacca is good. with good food and stuff. but one thing I dislike is the HEAT!! Maybe it's just me or what. but I always feel the days in Malacca are always scorching HOT!

but this time it's different! cause it's a 1 day trip with the BRA! xD haha

Thank God he had GPS. if not we will be so lost.

Dropped by A-famosa to look at the gajah.

and the camel. whats camel in BM?

Then we went to the crocodile farm. lol. he adores animals which I dislike :p
He likes to go to the zoo but thats one of the top 10 place I wont go.
but I still went. ahhh. i'm so wei da.

poor deformed crocodile. this crocodile is hunchback.

This poor crocodile lagi kesian :( no tail :( how to swim.

poke turtle.

boo him. always show bu gan yuan face in pics. lol.

see the face so bu shuang again!

see the smile so fake! xD

see simply lick glass.

Ideal smile :p

oh my eye bags.

ultraman. vs.

power ranger. hoho.

yay. we are extra smart. we knew Malacca is always hot and we brought extra clothes to change!

At night, we went to the pasar malam! I LOVEEEEE the pasar malam!

I've never bought so many things in my entire life from pasar malamSSS.

I bought this. to put my earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings :))))
super happy!!
Have been hunting this for ages!


it's only rm30! cheap? hehe.

and 2 super cute pencil boxs! I have been changing pencil box so often! O.O but they are too cute!

and a pendant in a high heels shape. and 2 pants. 1 for bro and bra. and small little clips.
so satisfied! :D

It was a very happy happy day! thankeuuuu so much to the B-R-A!! hehe!

btw, I wana show off my wall stickers!! hehe!!

So pwettie right? xDDDD
got it from Tesco in Kepong. and it's only 4 for rm10! :)

Christmas Christmas Christmas is coming!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

I wanted to update about my super ugly yong sui till can die face + teeth before this. but I suddenly feel like playing Tower Stack! :DDD

Facebook game! haha! so addictive! can go try! but when the bricks fall I'll get super grumpy like pms xD

Have been using 2 hours+ to browse through most of my old pics and picked some to upload. so tiringgg boooo

will be back after I've finish playing the game, bathe, go yumcha with cousins etc etc etc

In the mean time, look at this pic first. and tell me whats wrong. wakakaka.
I've been so hardworking updating my blog everyday! hehe!


kawaii neh? :p

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jasmine's 21st.

We celebrated Jasmine's birthday yesterday! :)
at Kaki Corner.

Look how happy she was. yoyoyo.
Happy 21st smexy Jasmine KAKA!

The chicken chops in Kaki Corner are always one of my favourite. but theres always this very weird smell over there. smells like.. dead rat? O.O


We smile :)

We pinch.

and we zha zha ZHA!! LOL

The pictures taken yesterday were all in bad quality :(
It was too dark. and I was stupid enuf not to on the flash light.

we played mafia! a pic snapped with the flash light on.
So much clearer.

Jill's husband must be a lucky guy! cause her sleeping look is so....BEAU DAI FUL! WON DAI FUL! :)
ah kuan, urs also not bad. xD

me leh? xD

winnie looks like she was having a headache. She needs honey I guess? :p

We wanted to make her look as if she was naked. hehe. but we accidentaly saw a very deep longkang that can actually allow lots of lots of fish to swim in it :DDDDD

polaroid camera!

but this is how an expired polaroid film looks like! xD
still....artistic lar. hehe.

Jasmine wrote this. It's in japanese. I think she meant something like.. thankyou everybody. I love you all. esp kah ern. hoho.

Group pic. oh mian. I look like a .... transgender in this pic O.O

A few more months later, all these lovelies will be flying to Notthingham campus in UK :(
I couldnt imagine how my life would be like without them.

It's really sad just by the thought of it.

but if all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't jump with them. Because, I would be at the bottom to catch them
read this somewhere.

if you all are flying to UK, I wouldn't fly with you. I cant be in UK to catch you. haha. no money yet! xD But, I will always be waiting here. waiting at the place that we found each other! ya?