Thursday, March 17, 2011

OHNO OHNO! super busy these days! Actually sem 3 should be a very relaxing sem but I've made my life so miserable by joining Student Ambassador which took up all of my weekends! :((((

gonna attend a 3 days 2 nights Student Ambassador camp in Perak tomorrow!
The what-to-bring list include sleeping bags, mosquito repellent blablabla! O.O
and the company which planned our programmes and stuff are called The Jungle People O.O!!!
I really hope we are not gonna stay in the jungle which we need to set up fire to keep snakes and bears away from us! O.O x2.

nah a cute pic of me during the Slumber Party last last friday I think. Just in case anybody misses me cause i havent been updating for soooo long! hehe!

guess whats that on my head? :DDD

another cute one. haha.

a hiao one.

and another eating super yummy crab in Klang! hehe

lastly, a hero that donated blood but accidentaly donated extra 50 ml and almost fainted luckily i gave him CPR! xD

really hope this camp will be worth my time and I cant join Dental Cup and I'm gonna miss Volleyball finals and charade ohno super sad lor i tell u!! and i'm soooo lag behind in my studies so stress so stresssss.

scared I'll get home sick eventho it's just 3 days :/ byebye. bobo. u take care okay.