Saturday, June 26, 2010


went to visit ejin's booth! hehe! bong chan bong chan, bought a handmade bracelet from her!
cheap & nice!! haha! if you happen to see this before 12am? faster go KL PAC and support ejin! hehe! she really put in a lot of effort in this.

her booth name is BUY or BURN. it means that if u dont want to buy her things, then just burn her booth! LOL LOL. JK :p


okay. I'm going to Tioman tonight with dental people! 3 days 2 nights! hehe! miss me k people! hope I'll have fun =/

What should I do in the bus? hemm.
Dont know why my heart is beating very fast right now.
I dont feel good. I am scared.
I am so kan jiong. I'm scared the sharks will eat me? o.o
I feel that I have left something behind.
is it u..? =/

nobody is able to fetch me to imu later.
If u see a begger like person dragging 2 big luggages along the road, that's me :(


This is a toilet.
You can shit in there.
or even pee.
but I am wondering where all those shits go to? @.@ can somebody enlighten me? Maybe it will fuse with the mud below. Then when u step on the mud, you are actually stepping on the shit. crap.

The sun damn big today. but when I come back from Tioman, I'll turn darker. =(

I home sick already o.o
sry winnie for not going to the movie marathon =(

muax muax

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'M BACK PPL!! I'M BACK!! hehe!
Finally!! my exam is over!
was thinking whether to update about my birthday because I have been sticking my eye balls to the laptop watching dramas all day long.
Right now, my eye balls are like... gugu gaga! @.@ so tired but I dont want to sleep! hehe!

okie la just a quick update about my awesome 20th birthday! =)

The day before my birthday which is 10th June.
We were in class and our batch rep was making some announcements in front. Suddenly, the lights went *puff* off! and a few of my classmates that was holding a cake and singing birthday songs appeared! =D

that was a surprise celebration!

I thought that was it but they actually did a short slideshow for me and our batch rep who has the same birth date as me! hehe! thanks peeps!

the only pic I have on that day.
yea, cream on my face o.o

On the actual day of my birthday, the lecture hall was so empty =(
know why? cause I gave them a 1 day off! haha! just like Agong's birthday? hehe! =)


Some of my closer friends apologized cause exam was around the corner and they might not have time to celebrate with me so I never expect anything on the day itself.

I went to the toilet during the short break in between lectures and when I came back, "PBL Group 8, please meet Ms. XXX after the lecture at room xxx" was projected on the screen.

I couldnt remember whether I was in group 8 or 9 so I wasnt really bothered. Might check it out only if I'm free.

After lecture, Yi May used her iphone to skyped with Ru Jin in UK. Was talking happily to Ru Jin then Yi May suddenly reminded that I have to meet Ms xxx, so okay.

Headed to the room. From outside, I saw that no one was inside cause it was dark.

I switched on the lights and !!!!!!!!
this group of people was already inside with super lovely cupcakes on the table!!

take a closer look. OMGGG SUPER DAMNN KYOOOT okay the cupcakes! how to eat?! lol.

It was kinda like the BIGGEST birthday surprise ever! cause I wasnt really expecting anything. Their acting was just WAY TOO GOOD!

Melissa which is on my left came extra late that morning and she said her car couldnt start when I asked why. She even gave me a BIG hug after the lecture and apologize again cause she has to rush home.


Lilian, on the 2nd right didnt talk to me at all in the morning. Was wondering why was she acting so weird. lol.

Yvonne! was holding her phone and texting through out the whole lecture! another weird thing cause she usually pay full attention in lectures.

Yi May that pretended to stay back to study after lecture.

and other friends that purposely came just for me! was so touched! T.T


Mr. Bra took part in the plan too. lol. he said he was in class.

Regretted for not wearing contacts and dressed up a lil that day =( hehe.
Went for lunch and homey!!

I was already very happy but Mr. bra bra kept saying the night is still young o.o

In the evening, ah bra picked me up and off we go to Sunway Pyramid. I was already suspecting something fishy cause he was texting non-stop again. I tested him and said I wanted to go MV instead but he insisted Sunway.

He brought me to Bubba Gum and then...
TADAA!! another surprise from my nottingham peeps!! xD

Winnie!who I thought that was still in Sarawak climbing tree was there too! lol. she said she flew back just for me??? really? haha! but thankyou so much too! =)

the crewwww..

that made me stand on the chair.
(omg my legs so fatty I must start swimming)

and wanted me to shake my bom bom in order to blow the candles. lol.
the tissue roll was my mic o.o they wanted me to give a 2 minutes speech but all I said was just thankyou thankyou. hehe. too stunned.

I forgot to mention that another surprise was.. my elder, younger sis and ejin was there too!

Few people appeared while I was eating. Stephanie & her boy boy and Chin Lin =)
I was asking whats next? and they said.. my dad that will be holding the cake and singing birthday song. lol.


The most tired person for being the middle person and trying to make this birthday the most happening birthday! =) thankssss

using your mouth to bite the candle out from the cake was one of the nottingham peeps tradition.
(omg how come I have the symptoms of going bald?)

the lovelies that surprised me =)

After this, Mr. Bra was still busy texting!!! lol.
and I got to know that evoney was actually planning something for me when I get home! haha.
but in the end the plan didnt work cause of andrew and dickson?? haha! I have no idea. hehe.
but thanks for the thought!! really appreciate it! =)

(my younger sis just dont want to stop growing!!)


That was how I spent my 20th birthday! a LOVELY day that was full of so many SURPRISES right? xD

not forgetting andrew tan and ru jin for calling me all the way from New Zealand and UK =)
foongyee and winnie from KL too :p
calvin and my sis also for giving me a new bag pack! and inside the bag pack was FULL OF YUMMY YUMMY food!!

I am really grateful to have ALL OF U & U & U by my side!! MUAXXX!!

this doesnt seem like a quick update! lol. such a long post! thanks for reading! and u all better finish reading this cause I spent more than 2 hours updating!! haha.
Live is always full of SURPRISES!!! =)

Sunday, June 20, 2010


consequences of having 3 sisters and 1 brother in a family....
and two of the sisters are facing exam stress! =D



btw, my mom gave us this kiddy dress and all of us dont like it! who wants it can come and grab it! (it has the macho smell of my undergoing puberty brother! LOL)

u can tell it from his growing boobs in the pic!! :p

everybody seems to be enjoying their holiday right now!! no fair no fair! ni no ni no! =(
after exam I'm going to play till my panty fly away!! RAHHHH!!

Why are things no longer the same?
I wish I have a time machine :(

Thursday, June 17, 2010

helppppp! I'm so BORED!!


this pic shows exactly how I'm feeling right now.
2 machos just ffk me =(

They say they couldnt meet me because my present is not ready yet.
You guys ordered dslr for me and it's not here yet isit? hehe. okie. I'll wait =)

my brain is so saturated and I dont wana study anymore =/
how i wish tomorrow is the day. Faster get over it even better!
I want to watch movie!! i havent been watching movies for ages!!
I want to go sing k! I havent been showing off my singing for quite some time!
I want to go swimming! eventhough that's the sports that I hate the most!
I want to hang out with my friends! cause I miss them =(
I want to go shopping! but my wardrobe is exploding!

I feel like creating a blog to sell my clothes! but I'm afraid that nobody will buy them then very xia sui. but worse come to worse I'll just jia jia put there SOLD or OUT OF STOCK to con people that my business is good? hehe!

nothing to type cause my life is lifeless these days.

one thing I'm sure is that I definitely cant be a house wife in the future!
I cant stay still at home even for one day.

lame post. lol. sorry for wasting your time to read all these rubbish. hehe.

I want it but I dowan to :p

Saturday, June 12, 2010

what can I say about my birthday.....?
it was seriously a whole day full of SURPRISES!!
thankyou everybody for making my day!!
I am sooo freaking touched! haha. I've never expect this year's birthday to be so happening!
Promise I'll update about everything after my exam k! =)


people are fixing the floor downstairs and it's so damnnnnnnnn noisy!!
it's driving me crazy!!!!!! @.@

thanks for everything! you're special!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Should I update my blog?! o.o
blogging is sooo time consuming. and I said the previous post is the last time I update before my exam o.o ok lar. this time is really the last time k! hehe!
Everybody around me is like studying every second! eating, shitting, sleeping ! lecture notes are always around them. aiks.

seriously, I feel like kneeling down and knocking my head on the floor 10 times when i meet a doctor!! how the tutttt they can memorise so many things in their small little brain?!?!

Maybe some day I shall invent a machine. Type in the symptoms of the patients, then the disease or whatever disorder's name will appear!
easy right!! haha! in my dreams la! :p
(buti'm not a doctor oh! i'm a future dentist which doesnt require computers!! all depends on my SKILLS!!! )

let me warn you guys to warn you kids. dont take up medic or dentitry course!!! LIFELESSSS! T.T pass this msg to ur next generation to save the world pls.

on the other hand, the number of dentist will decrease in the future and I can earn more :p

I'm at the edge of collapsing =( very stress!! why didnt I just stay in nottingham?!!?!? ARRRRHHHH!!! action lor me!! kept changing!! at first I was planning to study in Taiwan also. haha. another backup plan. but the results came out today and they offered me Pre-U again


sure you guys are thinking what am I doing. kept changing uni right? haha. that's life! =)

My mind is flying to somewhere else already. I'm thinking what to wear to go clubbing, should I wear a bikini when I go Tioman etc etc etc! all plans after exams!!

If anyone could just steal the exam paper for me or bribe the lecturer, I would give them one night!!!! !!!!!!

one night of movie with me!! =)

or another choice is..
eat this vege from my tongue! which means indirectly french kiss! cool?! xD
anterior 2/3 of tongue is supplied by chorda tympani branch of facial nerve! LOL. let me revise yi xia.

I told my dad I couldnt take it anymore and my brain just cant absorb anything and I am so stress I want to give up and why didnt he give me his inteligence gene. All he answered was ...

"told to eat more vege" o.o

If eating vege really can make me smarter I would be eating it for 24 hours NON-STOP!!

Just now I was revising to myself loudly that the heart is located at the 2nd ribs to 5th intercostal space. And in order for girls to check their heart beat, they have to lift up their breast to feel it!

my younger sis heard it and said " mine flat wor. still need to leave it up?"


elder sis said " I think use eyes also can see the heart beating" LOL
(dont know whether she's toking bout herself or my younger sis)

My younger sis is going to participate in a badminton tournament tomorrow and she's so the super kan joing till she cant even slep! and I feel so zha dao cause she can sleep early before PMR and now she's so worried bout this badminton thingy. haha. GUD LUCK anyways! she said if she wins she'll buy my sis a LV bag wor! LOL! means comfirm lose!xD

nowadays, everybody just wants to be Lin Dan. But there's only 1 Lin Dan in this world!!! which is me!! muwahahaha!

ok! byebye! study time!! I hope this yr's bday wont be that bad since I cant really enjoy =(

i'm ok with kukubird now and i hate vagina, cervix and whatever piku!!

can love ever be like a fairy tale?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

ello ello!

people usually say we will enjoy the most during university life.
but how come I am not? =/

maybe studying in a medical school is a different story.
sometimes I wonder. Why did I choose this so superbly difficult course =(
haih. blame my kindness.

I really want to help people.
Relieve them from toothache.
Help them to fill in their big hole teeth.
Make them more confident to smile everyday.

I am so wei da. sacrifice my time studying all these for the sake of mankind!
I just want to make the world a better place to stay.
lol lol lol.

my birthday is so near yet so far.
I dont even have the mood to celebrate. Maybe I'll spend my birthday eating my notes instead of cake


1st of june was Gucci's birthday also! =)
She's now 12 months old! hehe! Nothing much changed just that every part of her grew BIGGER!
she likes to lick her pat pat (vagina) and I really wonder why. Is it normal? or maybe she is trying to hint us that she wants a husband and babies!! hehe!

I want to blog about my wonderful Malacca trip last Sunday with my nottingham peeps!!
but it'll take up a lot of time so ...

sneak peak first k! xD
eyebags very big. I know. Arms very fatty also. I know :p

It was seriously one of the happiest day in my life!

laughter, laughter and more laughter in a day till I was coughing when I reached home!

Thanks for the GPS andrew! Doubt that we'll make it without the GPS. haha. thanku kerxin too for providing some Malacca info! hehe!

and I received my very first birthday present from Winnie Ting Ling Ing!!! =)
I'll use this Gucci perfume to spray on Gucci k? hehe.

I love sarawak people!! it's not because winnie which is from sarawak gave me a present. lol. it's because they are just so genuine? did I use the right word? lol.

please dont get offended KL people. haha. i'm not trying to say KL people are not good. hehe.

This is just sem 1 and I am already struggling like a cat fish. (my uni frens said I look like a turtle? o.o do I?)
wish me luck people! Guess this will be the last time I update my blog before my exam. Miss me ya! hehe!
I want a dlsr drsl dslr dslr dlrs drsl dslr drls dsrl dlsr dlsr!!
I just wont get it right. lol

are you the one?