Friday, June 17, 2011

yay! ah bra is finally coming back tonight! :D
FYI, he went to Sabah with his friends! without me! It was sooooooooo cheap! If i'm not mistaken the flight ticket was only rm99! and rm30 per night ONLY?! and he didnt bring me along :(

bad braaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. must reduce his cup.

I asked him to whatsaap me some pics everyday so I can see the places he has visited and how Sabah looks like! :)

The first day he whatsaap me pictures of sceneries?!?!?! i screwed him so badly! hoho. because there wasnt any pictures of him inside!

This looks like genting to me.


The 2nd day only he "sek zhou" a bit. started sending pictures of him and friends :)
he went snorkelling and exposed his body.

sorry, I have to cover his nipples and belly button. hehehehe.
Dont worry bra, I drew 8 packs for u so people wont think that ure skinnny! hehe!

I guess he was showing off a shell which looks like nothing to me? LOL.

3rd day

4th day 5 th day and he's coming back with souvenirs for me and me and me! yay!! hehe!

enuf of BRAS! my eyebrow :( still not used to it. sigh.

I got lots of comments from my friends.
Some said I looked uglier and uglier :( but I agreed.
Some said I looked like as if I did some surgery to my eyes? O.o
Some think I make up everyday.

I googled how to make ur eyebrows grow faster and the only way is to put serum and comb it everyday. Same principle applies to ur hair I guess. Comb it more often then it will grow faster! hehe!

It's gonna be Father's Day tomorrow! hemmm. How should I celebrate with my beloved papa?
My papa is so cute! he went to the 100yan shop the other day and he bought all these for us. but he said he doesnt now what are all these for. Lol.

Still, it's so sweet of him! :)

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