Saturday, June 25, 2011

YAY!! I went to Jay Chou's concert in Taiwan!! :DDDD


LOL. Crap. Jk lar. I dont think he had any concerts recently. Continue reading and you'll know! :)

woopsy. I havent been updating for such a long time. hehe.
kinda sien dy larr. dont have the ohmmm to blog lately. I'll close down okay? (faster stop meeee :pppp )

Just worked for educational fair in MV today. sooo tired. have to stand for the freaking whole day. Yimay & I got there late and the supervisor was mad at us I think. She actually called me to reach 1 hour earlier but I act stupid and reached there 45minutes late. lol.

but she was so rude okayyy. When we reached she straight away mumble to her colleague "what time are they supposed to be here huh? why so late."

HELLO! i'm just in front of you and I can hear you =.= haha.
she asked us sarcasticly " you all cant find the place huh?" (imu booth is the first booth over there so big and obvious so fake lar her)

we gave the lamest excuse in the world. Jam. hehe.
After that she was like eying on us all the time. Blek. We didnt really bother cause we were working WITHOUT being PAID!! Argh! Student Ambassador what to do.

During lunch we asked her permission to leave and she suddenly raised her voice 8 octave higher "HAR? you girls havent eat HAR?" LOL.

Overall it was okay la. Yimay and I took a long lunch break :p having our own sweet time eating slowly and shopped awhile. MNG is having SALES!! hehe.

we went around the edu fair, ate free food and collected free samples! WEE!


We did some free skin test too. She said my skin needs moisturiser and gave us these. Apparently, I heard her telling everybody their skin needs moisturiser. lol. but Yimay said Cetaphil is a very good brand! her dermatologist recommended this too.

Talking about free stuffs, I got more free stuffs on Tuesday!! WEE WEE!
After having lunch with my friends, we saw the 8tv van outside IMU. I quickly hopped there, played some games and we won CLEO and some other magazines, notebook, 1 Red Box voucher, lotions, poster of Idontknowwhatfunkykoreansinger and......



It was really easy to win! They asked some very easy questions like :
When do you use minyak angin?
When do you not use minyak angin?
Who loves 8tv?
Who watches 8tv?
Who watches 8tv while bathing?
Name a host from 8tv. lol.

Their questions were all very farni. Nobody actually wants the poster (poorkoreansinger), when they asked "do you think he is cute?" we answered NO! they said yea!! u're right and faster push the poster to us! haha. just like trying to get rid of the poster.

So thursday, 6 of us went to Sunway Amphitheatre to watch the Magical Musical happily! :)

So sad lar. It was. THIS EMPTY. haha.

But we were happy! cause we upgraded ourselves from the rm100 seats to the rm250 seats! :p

Actually it was not bad la. Quite good! :)

I loveeeeee the effects okayyyyyy. SUPER DUPER ROMANTIC & NICE!


Fire eater. woohoo. yeng.

"Under my umbrella. ella. ella. eh eh eh."
Those blue circles have glow in the dark effect. coooool.

My eyes are swollen again. I DONT KNOW WHY!! it must get swollen every month! super irritating shyttttt! I looked like crap. So censored :p

this reminds me of sth very funny. I was reading today's newspaper and I saw someone scribbled on the newpaper on some "figures". I thought maybe my dad was just trying whether his pens were working a not and I asked him during dinner just now. He said he read the article and got so angry of those people so he scribbled on their face? LOL!! so funny! I didnt know my dad will do things like that. haha!

We didnt eat dinner so I was super almost die of hunger at that time. Went to Murni! WOAHHH! Heaven. Super nice food! slurps! Roti Hawaii and Mee Raja is the must tryyyyy.



After eating, there was this cat on top Toh's car. Super funny moment too. He was like "Miaw! come here miaw" pointing to an area actually instructing the cat to come down?? lol

he tried everything but the cat kept doing different poses on his car. He went into the car, started the engine. Cat still sleeping on top. hohoho.

In the end the mamak guy pinched the cat's skin and carry it down! EWWWW! and he uses his hands to make roti hawaii for u and u and us!!

WOKAY! super long post to compensate for not updating often. hehe.

I will end this post with my very vain pic! hehehe!


NAH!!! see my eyebrows which is growing like weeds right now!

arrrrrrr have to wake up early to work for IMU's Open Day tomorrowwww. :(

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